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Dedicated A2004 Commercial Autopilot Controller
Works with Radar, Sonar, ECDIS Displays

September 13, 2017

Simrad A2004 is a dedicated autopilot controller for vessels that do not require SOLAS Heading Control Systems but benefit from an autopilot interface backed by Continuum software. It includes automated turn patterns with low-speed, high-speed and a user-configurable work mode. A large aluminum rotary control dial enables quick but precise steering adjustments, while dedicated keys offer instant access to steering modes. All built-in controls are designed for use with wet or gloved hands in commercial settings such as fishing vessels and work boats.

The A2004 also supports a wide range of Simrad autopilot remote controls and steering levers. It offers autopilot control via an optional AD80 or SD80 interface module, with a single thruster set to engage automatically below a user-defined speed threshold as well as support for specialized heavy-duty rudder feedback units. It is compatible with the latest generation of radar, sonar and ECDIS displays.

The color LCD panel is optically bonded to its protective glass covering, eliminating the possibility of internal condensation. An ultra-wide 170-degree viewing angle means key autopilot information is visible at a glance from anywhere in sight of the display.

SOURCE: Simrad

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