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Waterproof Underwater Laser
The SEA BEAM is used to scale unusual objects, fish, reefs, artificial structures and mechanical fixtures at depths where divers cannot explore or the cost is too great. It shoots two collimated laser beams 75 millimeters apart that an ROV can view by camera. Laser Tools Co. Inc.
Updates for Beta Version
A backscatter for bathymetry data has been added to SonarWiz. Multiple simultaneous grid-type file generation, also for the bathy module, makes QA and review faster. The beta version is free for all customers with a current license agreement. Chesapeake Technology Inc.
Anti-Static Lifejacket
With a compact, low-profile design, Kru is a versatile jacket for work crews. It offers buoyancy of up to 275 N high performance and is available in both manual and automatic inflation choices. The fabric gives more abrasion resistance than traditional lifejacket fabrics. Ocean Safety Ltd.

Sonar Tester
Controlled by a DSTS-5A/2C computer, CHIRP is a solution for testing, design and evaluation of depth sounders. The DSTS-5A/2C emulates bottom echoes as well as fish echoes and allows the user to vary depth, reply level, period, pulse width and fish arcs. BBG Inc.

Acoustic Zooplankton Fish Profiler
The Profiler can monitor the presence and abundance of zooplankton and fish within the water column by measuring acoustic backscatter returns with ultrasonic frequencies. It can collect continuously for up to one year. ASL Environmental Sciences Inc.

Compatible Laser Scanner
The ULS-500 underwater laser scanner is now compatible with the hydrographic data acquisition, navigation and processing software QINSy. The QINSy suite can be used for various types of surveys, ranging from single-beam surveys to offshore construction works. 2G Robotics.

The Athena can be used in long-baseline and open-sky environments, as well as under heavy canopy and in locations with scintillation. The engine delivered 50 percent better performance in user tests matched against competitive systems. Hemisphere GNSS Inc.

Hydrostatic Pressure Vessels
With a pressure capacity up to 690 bar, the standard pressure vessels can readily simulate hydrostatic operating conditions at 7,000 meters of ocean depth. Customized or bespoke vessels are available. MacArtney A/S.

Fuel-Monitoring Software
With a built-in geo-fencing capability, DataLog can automatically track fuel used when transiting through an unlimited number of geographic areas. The software can be set to correspond to various tax rates and regulatory authorities. FloScan Instrument Co. Inc.

Offshore Patrol Vessel
A new generation of reconfigurable offshore patrol vessels (OPVs) features a Sea Axe hull shape. Unlike other OPVs, the command-and-control center is located directly behind the bridge. The multi-mission bay can be equipped with modules, such as counter piracy, counter-drug operations, and search and rescue. Damen Shipyards Group.

Cavity Monitoring System Redesign
The CMS V500 introduces a live video feed and cable-free operation to the system. It provides a solution for scanning dangerous and inaccessible cavities. The sensor head contains an internal battery for improved ruggedness. Teledyne Optech.

New Tools for Cable-Lay Software
Three features are being integrated into the power cable modules for the submarine cable-lay software, MakaiLay, and its desktop simulation sister product, MakaiPlan Pro. An option to use the cable departure angle, a shape calculator tool and a heave analysis tool have been added. Makai Ocean Engineering Inc.

Linear Position Sensor
Built to last for at least 20 years, the Offshore LVDT sensor can be fully exposed to seawater. The sensors are hermetically sealed and rated up to 7,500 psi to perform accurately when submerged in the ocean for indefinite time periods. Macro Sensors.

Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge
Single-echo and echo-echo modes, both using twin crystal probes, can assist in obtaining measurements in areas of extreme corrosion or back wall pitting. The range features A-scan and B-scan displays, hands-free units and sequential data logging or comprehensive data logging. Cygnus Instruments Ltd.

Dive Sonar, Navigator
ARTEMIS is a handheld underwater computer that incorporates target detection sonar and GPS navigation, and is designed to assist divers in locating objects on the seabed. The console has a 3.5-in. color display. Blueprint Subsea.

Doppler Velocity Log
Developed to meet the needs of surface and subsea vehicles that require performance navigation over a wide range of water depths and seabed types, Syrinx employs full linear signal processing. Syrinx can be used on its own or as part of an integrated navigation system. Sonardyne International Ltd.

Lightweight Camera System
The Cineflex ULTRA is a compact gyro-stabilized camera system that can be customized with high-definition 4K and 6K cameras. It incorporates a geo-pointing option that enables video overlays, system and lens metadata. General Dynamics Advanced Information Systems.

Cybersecurity Product Portfolio
Human and machine learning have been combined in the SureView solution to address cybersecurity threats. The suite of products can operate independently or be integrated to provide a full spectrum of enterprise security. Raytheon Co.

Digital Radio Signals
The ADMIRALTY list of radio signals is now available in digital format to make it easier to search and update. All six volumes of ADRS now form part of ADMIRALTY Digital Products as computer-based applications. United Kingdom Hydrographic Office.

GNSS Solution for Drone Market
Providing high-accuracy GNSS positioning with low power consumption, the AsteRx-m UAS offers centimeter-accurate position tagging of images at less than 600 mW. The GeoTagZ software suite compliments the UAS board. Septentrio nv.

Vessel Crane
Ideal for commercial and recreational vessels, the E Series crane is available primarily in a 1,000-lb. model with a 1,500-lb. model available on special order. Light and quiet, the E Series 1000 features low-profile aluminum construction. Steelhead Marine.

Reel for Water Applications
The Little Giant LG series weighs 9 to 13 lb. and is 10 and 5/8 in. in height. The compact structure can be mounted on any vertical or horizontal flat surface. It is equipped with a continuous radius grommet design of bearing grade. Coxreels.

2015: JAN | FEB | MAR | APRIL | MAY | JUNE

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