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Underwater Drill
Battery-powered Fix Drill can be operated by divers at any depth to 50 m and is mounted on a stand that is clamped to the work piece by high-powered permanent magnets. Weighing 6 kg in water, it can be used for a wide variety of repair and construction tasks underwater. Miko Marine AS.
GNSS Reference Receiver
PolaRx5 is a next-generation Global Navigation Satellite System receiver for precise scientific and geodetic applications. It offers 544 hardware channels for robust and high-quality tracking on all major satellite signals that filters out both intentional and unintentional sources of radio interference. Septentrio.
Towed Directional Sensor
Designed to be towed from low-propulsion AUVs and other small USVs, the M518 is a lightweight, low-drag payload, The sensor has the capability to detect surface ships, submarines and marine mammals by being set to shallow or deep for optimized detection performance. GeoSpectrum Technologies Inc.

Self-Contained ADCPs
The SeaWATCH provides higher power operation with lower frequency and state-of-the-art acoustic Dopplar technology. Surfaces are flat and form acoustic beams with characteristics equivalent to conventional piston transducers, but use half the frontal area, volume and weight. Rowe Technologies Inc.

Propeller Design Software
PropCad Premiums features supplement existing capabilities of PropCad with additional capabilities for the manufacture and inspection of marine propellers. These include: a floating network license, scan converter, geometry transforms, pattern corrections, and CPP interference check. A new premium licensing option has been created to access these features. HydroComp Inc.

Long-Range Current Profiler
Signature55 is a dual-frequency profiler that uses broadband processing and modern electronics that include a host of new features, including a complete Ethernet interface. Designed to be mounted on buoys and offshore platforms for online applications, this instrument has a verified range of 1,000 m in the open ocean. Nortek AS.

Hydraulic Vibrocorer
This system can be used as a sediment corer or can easily adapt to allow integration with subsea vehicles. The use of hydraulics opens the system up for use in very deep water in conjunction with a seabed hydraulic pack. It can be easily assembled dockside or in the vessel itself before deployment. OSIL.

ROV Headlight Upgrade
SeaOtter-2 and SeaLion-2 ROVs will now come with high-intensity LED lights on the front and rear of the underwater vehicle. Each light will produce 2,200 lumens, enhancing the picture quality and extending the lifespan of the light. JW Fishers Mfg.

Sonar Data Processing App
The updated Qimera 1.1 has several features, including new file formats, capabilities and controls, workflows (including Qimera Live), analysis tools and a new home for existing QPS tools. These provide a smooth and streamlined workflow from one application to another. QPS.

Thermal Runaway Suppression
The world’s first-ever fireproof lithium-ion battery system manages safety at the cell level. Suited for renewable energy to grid; grid-based systems; industrial marine; port machinery; commercial transportation; data center UPS; defense and homeland security; island; and other grid or remote community applications. PBES.

Diesel Transfer Pump
A rugged, self-priming, 12.2 GPM reversible flow pump with bronze gears, the UP14 maintains a reliable, constant pressure, perfect for continuous duty cycles. It also has a nickel-plated body and stainless steel shaft. MATE USA.

Access Lift
Reaching a height of 3.5 m, the Atex is powered by a preloaded gas spring and gear system, making it battery and motor free. It offers an alternative to traditional podiums and stepladders while reducing the risk of a fall. VISTEM.

Drain Waste Collection System
Eco-Trap is a system that allows for the removal of settleable waste solids in Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS). The center main drain handles primary water exchange for the RAS tank while a smaller integrated solids drain provides an in-tank means for fast and efficient removal. Pentair Aquatic Eco-Systems.

Cylinder Coating Protector
Anti-corrosion laser cladding enhances the service life and reliability of high-functioning cylinders. It protects cylinders in demanding saltwater applications and harsh operating environments, reducing the cost of unplanned maintenance and downtime. Eaton.

Inverter and Charger
Freedom HFS is designed to provide dependable and lasting mobile power with a larger output power capacity, faster charging rate and minimum battery drain. The addition of the true sine wave allows users to operate sensitive electronics (laptops, entertainment systems, etc.) without interruption. Other features include smart battery logic, which allows users to manage battery usage, minimize drainage and restore the battery even when completely drained. Xantrex.

Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat
The RHIB 1050 is a 10 x 3.35-m multi-mission vessel that can serve as an independent platform or as a support for a larger patrol vessel. It can reach speeds up to 50 kt., with ergonomics being a strong theme throughout the design. Damen Shipyards Group.

Vector Signal Generators
Cost-effective USB-connected portable RF signal sources offer frequency ranges up to 2.2 GHz (VSG2G1) or 6.2 GHz (VSG6G1), frequency sweep, frequency hopping using I&Q modulation, and arbitrary signal generation. Power is delivered via a USB connection or an external battery pack. Saelig Co. Inc.

Acoustic Positioning, Nav System
Smaller, lighter, more durable and accurate, HiPAP502 is designed to support performance and safety of offshore support, survey, subsea construction and scientific vessel operations. The third-generation specifications will deliver better angle accuracy with improved range capability to 5,000 m and feature a stainless steel cabinet that is less temperature sensitive. It also uses new low-power transceiver (LPT) boards with better filtering and signal processing providing an extra 5 to 6 dB more sensitivity. Kongsberg Maritime AS.

Super-Large Chart Folio
Users of iSailor can download new maps that cover Western Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and the offshore waters of the southern Pacific Ocean. The compendium is available for purchase in iSailor both for iOS and Android users until March 31. Transas.

Hydrographic Surveyor
Using synthetic aperture sonar (SAS) technology, SoundPix has been designed to work with AUVs, USVs and conventional survey launches. It integrates SAS signal processing with the data processing and mapping application CARIS Onboard to enable ultrahigh-resolution and 3D mapping of the seafloor. Kraken Sonar Inc.



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