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Underwater Camera With LEDs
The Pioneer is a high-resolution, CCD camera with six integral, high-intensity LEDs. It provides a cost-effective solution to general underwater viewing observation, down to 4,000 m ocean depth, measuring 53 mm diameter. Bowtech Products Ltd.
Buoy for Acidic Environments
Made with titanium fixings and acid-resistant PVC/HDPE components, the monitoring buoy has specialist connectors for the electronics canister, giving it corrosion resistance at low pH levels. The protective central sonde tube was shortened from the standard length (1.8 m) to 70 cm. OSIL.
Smart Reverse Osmosis Watermaker
The Sea Xchange XTC series is an automatic watermaker with mechanical redundancy and embedded Smart Touch Integrated Intelligence Control software. It has an output of 2,271 l/day to 8,328 l/day, making it ideal for boaters needing larger volumes of water. Dometic Corp.

Waveform Generator
With higher-frequency ranges, increased memory and a color LCD, the 4075B series offers six new models that directly replace the previous 4075 line with single- and dual-channel 30 MHz (4075B/4078B) and 50 MHz models (4076B/4079B). Two additional single- and dual-channel 80 MHz models (4077B/4080B) have also been added. B&K Precision Corp.

Five-Parameter Weather Station
Combining five of the most popular meteorological measurements into one package, the Met Station One allows for efficient and accurate comprehensive weather monitoring to be added to any existing site or new installation. Stevens Water Monitoring Systems Inc.

Electric Fin Stabilization
The electric stabilizer can eliminate an entire hydraulic system. The initial model E-525 is available with a 7.5- or 11-kW AC servo motor drive and is designed for fin sizes ranging from 1.0 to more than 3.5 m2 for vessels typically 35 to 50 meters in length. Naiad Dynamics US Inc.

VGP-Compliant Lubricant
Shell Naturelle S4 Stern Tube Fluid 100 enables ships entering U.S. waters to comply with the revised 2013 Vessel General Permit. It is made with fully saturated ester base oil, which offers the best resistance to hydrolysis and oxidation. Shell.

Multispectral Airborne Lidar Sensor
Titan incorporates three independent laser beams at different wavelengths, with a combined ground sampling rate approaching 1 MHz. The sensor includes full gyro-stabilization compatibility for point distribution and a programmable scanner for point density increases at narrower FOVs. Optech.

Virtual Surveying
Now operating in the Gulf of Mexico, the Office Assisted Remote Services provides services to dive vessels for their self-mooring and positioning needs. It eliminates the requirement for a surveyor to be present on board vessels, delivering savings in both costs and time. Fugro.

Reusable Subsea Mats
Environmentally neutral subsea mats consist of an aluminium or stainless-steel frame and a canvas covering. Weighing 47 kg in air and 30 kg in water, the mats are placed and removed within minutes and do not harm the seabed or sea environment during use. SETS Ltd.

Expanded Range of Ship Protection
Because space and weight present limiting factors on any platform, an anti-torpedo capability has been integrated into MASS. Existing launchers can be equipped with the upgrade kit with no need for modification. Rheinmetall AG.

Anti-Fouling Coating System
GLOBIC 8000 is a new hydrolyzing, self-polishing, anti-fouling product that fits between the existing GLOBIC 6000 and GLOBIC 9000 anti-fouling systems. Its nanoacrylate technology binder makes it particularly effective for slow-steaming operations. Hempel A/S.

Thermoplastic Elastomer
The Dynamic Tethers wave protection system replaces chain and rope mooring. It incorporates an energy-damping bellow that acts as a shock absorber, which delivers high-load and fatigue resistance. DuPont Performance Polymers and Technology from Ideas.

Advanced SCR System
A complete dosing-control, fluid-handling and catalyst solution for selective catalytic reduction aftertreatment, the system enables large engines to meet EPA Tier IV and IMO Tier III regulations. It is designed for high-horsepower engines. Tenneco Inc.

Rub Rail
Featuring a new fender profile, Sphaera is made of stainless steel co-extruded with rigid and shockproof PVC. Sphaera is lightweight, with the look and strength of solid stainless. MATE USA.

New Features for Mariners
A redesigned Crewtoo website has been launched, aiming to welcome shore-based professionals alongside seafarer membership. Upgrades include more user-friendly news pages, a crew resources page, and recommended products and services. KVH Media Group.

Small Vessel Tracking Service
The Advanced Class B Satellite Enabled AIS enables low-power AIS transceivers to be tracked from space. Small and inexpensive devices, which can be easily installed on small commercial and leisure vessels with a battery-powered unit, can now be tracked by the existing satellite constellation. exactEarth Ltd. and SRT plc.

Marine Propeller Modeling
PropCad 2014 is a software that provides automatic preparation of 2D design drawings, 3D offsets, thickness classification reports and CAD/CAM data. It has moved to a table-driven interface that allows users to quickly enter and modify data in their designs. HydroComp Inc.

App Available for Android Devices
The NavNet Controller app, which provides TZtouch users with a wireless remote control for their TZT9/14/BB systems, can now be used with an Android phone or tablet. It provides on-screen cursor control, chart panning and a chart-zoom feature. The app is available for free. Furuno U.S.A. Inc.

Customizable VSAT
Sealink offers high-speed VSAT for communications needs on board a vessel. Sealink features speeds up to 20 Mbps and up to 30 voice lines. Secure integration with offices onshore provides reliability for business-critical communications. Marlink.

Marine Engine Gasket
Engineered to reduce leaks, the 3500 gasket kits keep fluid within the engine. In order to address various customer needs for different applications, the kits are arranged by serial number. A computer-based ordering system will help to save costs. Caterpillar Marine.

LED Light in Compact Housing
The Power Beam 3000 heavy-duty LED floodlight features a widespread beam angle of 40° and a light output of 3,100 lumens. It consumes 43 W of power. Operating with multivolt 9 to 33 V DC, advanced electronics provide illumination and lamp protection under voltage fluctuations. Hella marine Inc.



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