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HD Video Camera
The HD Multi-SeaCam video camera builds on the same rugged design as the original, with a 6,000-m-rated titanium housing and scratch-resistant sapphire port, while providing SMPTE 292 M compliant HD-SDI 1080p/30 video output in a 106.4-mm-long, 48-mm-diameter housing. DeepSea Power & Light Inc.
Bidirectional Pressure Controller
With the ability to precisely and rapidly control mass flow rate, volumetric flow rate and absolute pressure of gases in two flow directions, MCD-Series bidirectional mass flow and pressure controllers have a flexible, dual-valve design. Alicat Scientific Inc.
Sensors for Tough Environments
ELS-1150XP Series electro-optic, liquid-level sensors are designed and approved for hazardous environments. At 2 in. in length, these compact sensors are candidates for monitoring the small, pressurized vessels found in oil, gas and petrochem environments. Gems Sensors & Controls.

Protective Case for Cannon Camera
The FG16 Housing, specially designed for the Canon G16, is ergonomically designed, fully functional and features labeled controls. This shock-resistant housing protects the G16 camera from damaging elements. It has been depth tested to 80 meters and is certified to a maximum depth of 60 m. Fantasea Line.

Software for Vessel Analysis
Submarine and SWATH performance analysis have now been made available in NavCad, including new definitions for submerged hull form geometry and the prediction of resistance and hull-propulsor interaction coefficients. This new extension for NavCad is the first of several focused modules to the standard prediction framework. HydroComp Inc.

Mobile Mounting Bracket
A mobile transducer mounting bracket is offered for the SeaBeam 3030 multibeam system with a spatial resolution of 3' x 2'. Normally, 30 kHz systems can only be installed while stationary, but this mounting bracket makes it possible to operate a 30 kHz system in a mobile version. L-3 ELAC Nautik GmbH.

Security Camera System
A quad band GPRS camera system for site security and asset management, the static, low-power system is capable of sending a still-color (2 megapixel) image via MMS, email or by FTP to a browser or a customized website. OSIL.

Digital Compass Solution
The HMR3601 has three axes with 0.5' typical heading accuracy and unique gyro stabilization to reduce effects of magnetic disturbances. It is tilt compensated to ' 80' pitch and roll range. Honeywell.

DL24 Acoustic Modem Configurator
The UVS Acoustic Modem Configurator takes the hassle out of configuring Teledyne Benthos acoustic modems by saving time and money and reducing the risk of error. UVS Pty Ltd.

Blocks for Sonar, Defense Markets
Large, piezoelectric ceramic blocks have been engineered for use in the defense and commercial sonar markets. Blocks and other shapes of components can be manufactured up to a thickness of 45 mm, resulting in enhanced imagery and range for sonar. Morgan Advanced Materials plc.

New Video Technology
The Optis HD Electric line camera can provide vital well diagnosis, saving time and reducing risk. It allows operators to stream color video and has been designed for well integrity inspection and monitoring of downhole corrosion. EV.

Fish-Tracking Software
A new software module for researchers who use hydroacoustics for fisheries stock assessment, VisAcq AutoTrack works with the data acquisition program, Visual Acquisition, as a real-time processing tool that automatically builds and records fish track lists. BioSonics Inc.

Tilt With High Sampling Frequency
The DST tilt now gives the user the option of performing burst measurements (five recordings per second) for tilt and acceleration. The memory size has also been increased by 50 percent, up to 43,598 measurements per parameter. Star-Oddi.

Satellite Compass
With a heading accuracy of less than 0.25 degrees rms, the G2/G2B compass supports both GPS and GLONASS, and SBAS satellites for complete redundancy. Position accuracy is at less than 0.3 m globally. IMC technology provides roll, tilt and heading stability even during momentary loss of satellite signals. ComNav Marine Ltd.

Mobile Phone Protector
The CE1250 Protector for Galaxy S4 allows for use of the device within the case while ensuring users a high degree of smartphone protection. It has two levels of protection, including a tough, shock-deflecting outer shell. Pelican Products Inc.

Videoconferencing Service
Enabling the transmission of high-quality video via satellite, the DigiCrew package allows crew members the freedom to see and communicate with family and friends ashore. The service can be used for audio-only or text messaging as well. DigiGone.

Electronic Chart Display
The VisionMaster FT Electronic Chart Display and Information System-E is a new, cost-effective navigation solution for commercial tankers, container ships, bulk carries and passenger ferries, including retrofit installations. Northrop Grumman Corp.

ECDIS Module
The ECDIS training module is designed to provide navigators with equipment-specific familiarization training for the Tokyo Keiki ECDIS EC 7000A and 8000 series ECDIS. The module is aimed at training navigators in the practical use of ECDIS in a safe and efficient manner. Seagull AS.

Addition to Connector Family
Available in square flange receptacle shell versions for both wire-applied and printed circuit board-applied applications, the CeeLok FAS-T connector meets 10-Gigabit Ethernet speeds, with ample headroom for stringent link budgets. TE Connectivity.

Dredge Simulators
Two new dredging simulators, one for cutter dredges and one for auger dredges, are available for immediate use. The simulators are equipped with three large panoramic screens to replicate the actual view from the operator's control room and a control center replicating actual interactive dredge controls. Ellicott Dredges.

Remodeled Reels
The fluid path on the 1195 Series reels has been re-engineered. The 1195 Series now comes standard equipped with an in-line swivel and a remodeled low profile outlet riser offering superior full-flow characteristics and an improved operating pressure range. Coxreels.

Hart 7-Compliant Gas Detectors
The GD10 infrared combustible and carbon dioxide gas detectors meet the HART Communication Foundation's Quality Assurance and Device Registration, Version 7. The infrared source lasts up to 60 years. Simtronics AS.



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