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Power and Signal Connectors
Applicable for riser monitoring, drilling control and blowout preventer systems, the Mac API four-pin connector has an operational depth rating of 4,000 m. It has an operational voltage of 600 V and can take 10 A per pin. MacArtney A/S.
Video and Audio Capture Board
The Model 911, PCI/104-Express 4-Channel Frame Grabber with Audio Capture simultaneously captures four channels of analog video and four channels of stereo audio with an aggregate frame capture rate of up to 120 fps for NTSC and 100 fps for PAL. A 24-pin header provides access to all I/O signals on the board. Sensoray Co. Inc.
AIS Receiver
Compliant with the revised standards NMEA0183 v4.0 and ITU-R M.1371-4, the SM1610-4 has new VDL analysis tools and hardware upgrades, including output of the number of active slots per frame, garbled packet information, frequency and deviation of the received packet. Shine Micro Inc.

ROV Simulator
Saab Seaeye electrical ROVs have been integrated into the latest version of the DeepWorks ROV simulator, where they can be built and tested to help operators find the best arrangement and mountings for equipment. Thrusters have been tuned for the Tiger ROV, with other models to follow. Fugro Subsea Services Ltd.

Connector for Harsh Environments
With a high ingress protection of IP68 (2 m/24 hrs.) when mated and IP67 in unmated conditions, the FiberOptic connector has push-pull mating plugs and receptacles for blind mating and easy maintenance. It comes with two (FO2) or four (FO4) optical channels. Fischer Connectors SA.

Li-MnO2 Batteries
As the only high-power lithium cells rated T4 at more than 70° C, the new FRIWO D-size M20Ex and C-size M52Ex are intrinsically safe for use in potentially explosive atmospheres. The C- and D-cells provide capacities of 5.7 Ah and 12.4 Ah, respectively, and pulse capabilities of 4 A and 8 A, respectively. Saft.

Cannister-Free Dive Light
Small enough to pocket or clip to a D-ring, the SOLA Tech 600 can run for 3 hrs. in high mode and 12 hrs. on low from a lithium-ion battery that wet recharges in 150 min. The 600-lumen light is cable-free and has an 8° penetrating spot beam. It is rated to 300 ft. Light & Motion.

Pressure Housing Design Program
Under Pressure, a free program, has been updated for Windows 8 x86 and x64 desktop versions while maintaining the same user interface and calculations. Under Pressure 4.60 contains an internal database module, eliminating the need to use SQL Server, Access, MDAC or .NET and simplifying installation. DeepSea Power & Light Inc.

HD Camera
Rated to 500, 3,000 or 6,500 m, the 1Cam Alpha can record up to 24 hrs. of video and 24-megapixel stills. Options are available for integrated flash and lasers, HD-SDI output, external strobe and Ethernet download. It measures 88 mm in diameter and 200 mm long. SubC Control Ltd.

Transient Multiphase Flow Simulator
LedaFlow 1.2 offers improvements to the slug-capturing models for predicting hydrodynamic slugs and understanding how to reduce flow disruptions. The Buried Pipe model shows differences between the gas and average temperatures, which can impact corrosion rate estimates. Kongsberg Oil & Gas Technologies AS.

Online ECDIS Familiarization Course
Covering the ChartWorld eGlobe, this course follows the competencies set out by various flag states' recommendations and represents 16 to 18 hrs. of study. Completed IMO 1.27 generic training is a prerequisite. Safebridge GmbH.

12-In. Color LCD Echosounder
Equipped with an Airmar CHIRP broadband transducer, the CVS-FX1 allows users to select up to four frequencies. Flexible selection of frequencies by 0.1-kHz step prevents interference from other vessels' sounders. Up to 500 images can be stored on its built-in memory. Koden Electronics Co. Ltd.

Shallow-Water Data Buoy
The Bay Monitor draws meteorological data from a modular integrated weather station (Vaisala WXT520) and surface water quality data, current profiles and subsurface CTD/DO measurements from the water column using WET Labs WQM, Nortek Aquadopp profiler and Sea-Bird Inductive Modem MicroCATs. Sound Ocean Systems Inc.

Tri-Axial Linear Servo Inclinometer
Derived from the T233 series, the T333 is designed with both electronic and hydrodynamic damping and can withstand high levels of vibration and mechanical shock up to 1,500 g. Each axis is fully isolated and available in ranges from ±3° to ±90°. Sherborne Sensors.

Sonar Software Upgrade
The SeaBat 7125-ROV2 multibeam sonar system now comes with Feature Pack 3, which contains a new SeaBat user interface, autopilot, X-Range (400 kHz) and full-rate dual head (400 kHz) with up to 1,024 beams per ping. The system is depth-rated to 6000 m. RESON A/S.

Web and Cloud GIS Software
Geomajas 1.11 includes new and updated plug-ins. The Editing plug-in enables users to perform desktop-level geometry operations in the browser. With the PureGWT client, users can develop Web GIS applications for mobile devices. This version has upgrades to JDK 1.6 and GeoTools 2.7.5, and provides full SLD support for styling. Geosparc.

River Radar
A replacement for the RHRS 2005, the RHRS 2014 has a docking modus for mooring with two GPS sensors, display of maximum 300 AIS targets and a color screen. Interswitching is also possible for four antenna-/processor configurations via Ethernet connection. Furuno, Imtech Marine.

Dive Mask for Turbidity Mitigation
The 3DI Mark I IR Dive Mask, designed for operations in turbid waters, has a run time of about 4 hrs. and a maximum depth rating of 50 ft. It weighs 14 oz. 3-D Imaging Inc.

Hybrid Marine Propeller
Combining technologies from high-speed propellers and water-jets, the Contrapel Hybrid Drive works on smaller craft, military vessels, work boats, shipping and dredging vessels, and underwater submarines. It has been tested in 190-mm, 270-mm and 330-mm diameter configurations. Contrapel Ltd.

Wave Energy Converter Design Tool
WaveDyn allows users to model a wide range of wave energy conversion device types. Its multibody modeling approach, hydrodynamic flow solver and a range of additional modules, including power take-off and moorings modules, allow the user to build models that match the physical properties of machines. GL Garrad Hassan.

Offshore Communications Solution
With sub-150 msec latency, O3bEnergy delivers fiber-like connectivity to offshore installations and seismic survey vessels without big up-front investments, outage concerns, lack of mobility and ramp-up times. Up to 2 TB of seismic survey data can be transferred per day from ship to shore. O3b Networks.



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