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Portable Underwater Video System
Depth rated to 1,000 m, UWS-3410 includes a color, fixed-focus UWC-325/p camera, UWL-401 LED light, DHM-60 diver helmet bracket/handle and 500 ft. of C-2303 cable. Video displays on a 12-in. LCD CON-3400 and records to an HDD DVR. Outland Technology Inc.
Underwater Measuring Tool
UW-Caliper, rated to 30 m, logs calip'er measurements, water depth and date, which can be exported to an Excel spreadsheet. A double-button option allows measurement differentiation in the data file, such as length and width measurement or species differentiation. Zebra-Tech Ltd.
Long-Range Forward-Looking Sonar
The new P450 series has a maximum detection range of 250 m and comes in five models, two of which are deepwater. The multibeam 2D sonar has S2 electronics and is available in three different field-of-view options up to 130°. BlueView Technologies Inc.

Automatic Bilge Switch
Designed to make any manual bilge pump automatic, the SeaSense Solid-State Sensing Bilge Switch activates when water reaches the installed height in the bilge and deactivates once it recedes. It has no moving parts and works in fresh- or saltwater. A waterproof fuse holder and 7.5-amp fuse are included. Unified Marine Inc.

GIS-Based Mapping Package
The latest release of Perspective includes the seismic processing software SB-Interpreter and supports data processing for bathymetry, side scan and sub-bottom sonar imaging. With the new Perspective, data from different sonar types can be input, processed, visualized and interpreted in a single application. Triton Imaging Inc.

CSEM Plug-In for Petrel
Bridge Electromagnetics 5.0 now provides tools for controlled-source electromagnetics (CSEM) inversion results analysis, which completes the Bridge Interpretation Loop, where users can utilize electromagnetic attribute data and forward modeling. Blueback Reservoir AS.

New Iver2 AUV Model
The Iver2 Base 42 vehicle, equipped with an L-3 Klein UUV-3500 side scan sonar, has a 120 GB solid-state drive for logging days of imagery, an external USB port for rapid data access and SonarMosaic software. The sonar operates at 455 kHz and 900 kHz, making it suited for shallow-water and resolution-intensive applications, such as mine countermeasures and debris mapping. Ocean'Server Technology Inc.

Geophysical Software Upgrade
DELPH Suite version 2.9 introduces tools to simplify survey acquisition operations and to boost side scan sonar, seismic or sub-bottom profiler data processing and analysis. It also offers full batch-processing capabilities: Optimal processing parameters can be defined and used for processing profiles simultaneously. iXBlue.

Lidar Mapping Software Suite
Optech LMS offers Lynx Mobile Mapper clients a workflow designed for high-volume production processing. Incorporating a fully automated batch-mode capability, the software enables simultaneous processing of multimission data collects, and includes multithreaded and distributed processing capabilities to increase processing efficiency. Optech Inc.

Synthetic Battery Oil
Battery De-Mister is designed to increase battery life and reduce the need for battery maintenance. It is meant for use on all new and used lead acid batteries. The oil slows hydrogen and oxygen gases moving to the battery's surface, preventing acid mist and fumes generated in the charging process. Thermoil.

Ice Navigation Radar Software
MDICE software is designed to enable a commercial MantaDigital radar to deliver ice navigation capabilities matching or exceeding special-purpose ice navigation radars. MDICE provides 3D-like imagery of ice, debris and stationary or slow-moving objects. Kelvin Hughes Ltd.

Dive Light
The Sola Dive 800, the replacement to the Sola Dive 600, provides 800 lumens in flood mode and 500 lumens in spot mode. Its run time is between 65 and 260 minutes, depending on the power setting. The 305-g light includes a nylon hand strap. Light & Motion.

Life Raft and Mini Slide System
The VIKING Automatic Slide enables crew to evacuate up to 153 people at once. Deployed with a push of a button, the slide comes in an aluminum storage box and is designed for evacuation heights of 5 to 12 ft. It does not require external power. VIKING Life-Saving Equipment AS.

Hydrologic Data Managing Program
AQUARIUS 3.0 R2 adds the ability to access data from the AQUARIUS Server via DataMart. With more than 65 improvements, R2 also offers a new data correction function for removing data spikes. Single users can now run Workstation and Server on the same computer. Aquatic Informatics Inc.

Double-Sealed O-Ring Seals
Crystal O-Ring Seals provide most brands of tactile switches with additional protection against water, oil, dirt and dust. The seals also offer protection and flexibility at low temperatures. ZãGO Manufacturing Co. Inc.

Bypassable Variable Frequency Drive
The first of its kind for maritime use, Bypassable VFD can control up to four compressors and prevents startup surge and radio-frequency interference. It also protects compressors by monitoring input voltage and output current, and will shut down if a problem is detected. Dometic Marine.

Bilge Monitoring System
Arid Bilge Sentry, comprised of a central control enclosure, a color touch-screen and up to eight low-water pickups, helps maintain dryness by logging and displaying historical data for all bilge zones so irregularly high pumping activity can be corrected. Delta 'T' Systems.

GPS-, Iridium-Based Responder
The smartphone-sized TRIG responder transmits and receives GPS positions, data and messages at user-defined intervals from anywhere in the world using GPS and Iridium. It can be mounted on ocean buoys or ice floes to transmit information on their local environment. Trident Sensors Ltd.

Pure Sine Wave Inverter
The AEP-5000 Series is designed to power sensitive loads and improve alternating current equipment performance. Providing up to 5,000 W of power, it is available in four standard input configurations and outputs of 115 VAC or 230 VAC. Schaefer Inc.

Mooring Ropes
SuperTec 8-Strand Rope has a breaking strength between 13,400 kg and 164,000 kg, depending on its diameter, which ranges from 24 mm to 90 mm. On average, testing has found SuperTec to be 50 percent stronger than general polypropylene ropes. Tysons Riggers.

Underwater HD Video Camera
Designed to be mounted on the end of a boat hook or guide pole, the Aqua'Lens high-definition camera transmits a live video feed to a 3.5-in., wrist-mounted LCD screen. It weighs less than 3 lbs. and is powered by AA batteries. Aquabotix Technology Corp.



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