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Product 1 picture - May 2009 Issue
Pressure Transducers
CS450 and CS455 have a static accuracy within '0.1 percent FS over a 0' to 60' C temperature range and can output either an SDI-12 or RS-232 signal interface to the company's data loggers or other recording devices. Both sensors are available with 6 pressure range options. The CS450 can be submerged in most freshwater, and the CS455 has a titanium case that allows it to be used in salt water. Campbell Scientific Inc.
Product 2 picture - May 2009 Issue
Marine Construction Receivers
SPS361 and SPS461 deliver GPS heading together with DGPS or RTK positioning and can be used for a range of applications with the company's HYDROpro™ marine software, including the placement of structures, vessel positioning and tracking, and offshore rig positioning with anchor handling. Trimble Navigation Ltd.
Product 3 picture - May 2009 Issue
Wireless 2-Axis Current Meter
Model TA-1 offers precision 2-axis velocity measurements utilizing a spherical EM sensor, supplied with Bluetooth-enabled drive electronics and a PDA preloaded with application software. Additional features include an RS-232 interface and Bluetooth connectivity via the serial port profile. New World Innovations.

Wind Sensor Adapters
This line of wind sensor adapters connects the company's research-grade weather stations to RM Young Co.'s wind speed and direction sensors. Onset Computer Corp.

Tool Case
With the ability to hold up to 100 lbs., 0450 has been tested to meet and exceed 96 U.S. military standards that include high impact, extreme temperatures and submersion. The case features a lid that opens 180' to create a workspace capable of holding up to 50 lbs. Hybrid double-throw latches work with a polymer O-ring in both lids to secure the case and maintain its watertight seal. It also features 2 automatic pressure equalization valves. Pelican Products Inc.

Nickel Wet-Welding Electrode
Ni-Touch™ was developed to allow underwater welding of carbon and high-tensile steels. Qualified to a water depth of 33 ft., it is appropriate for all position groove and fillet welds. Test results exceed the requirements of the American Welding Society Specification D3.6 for Class B underwater wet welds, and it meets the requirements of the U.S. Navy's NSTM 074. Broco® Inc.

Environmental Monitor
With the capability to simultaneously measure and log particulates, VOCs, toxic gas, CO2, relative humidity, temperature and air velocity (with optional accessory), the EVM-7 reduces the need for multiple instruments. Quest Technologies, a 3M Co.

Gyro System
TOGS is a north-seeking fiber optic gyro system, capable of finding north within 15 min. with 0.5° secant latitude accuracy. The low-cost, small and lightweight gyro is designed for the subsea and survey industry. CDL.

Anchor-Handling Concept
Smart AHTS™ replaces traditional anchor-handling winches with the company's CTCU® deepwater technology. Calculated for a single rig over 1 year, the company estimates the concept could boost value creation by NOK 200 to 300 million, and annual CO2 emissions would be cut by up to 50 to 100,000 tons. ODIM ASA.

Multibeam Sonar System
SeaBat 7101 measures discrete depths over a 150° swath to a maximum range of 500 m. This yields a swath coverage of up to 7.46 times the water depth. RESON A/S.

AC-Powered LED Spotlight

MV-LED can be connected to the same power supplies and dimming circuitry as halogen lamps. Fully dimmable, it works with all video formats, including HD, as well as with any input power frequency. Remote Ocean Systems.

Corridor Mapping Solution
ALTM Orion C200 incorporates a 1.5-'m high-precision laser with an effective repetition rate of 200 kHz and a variable field of view. Standard design features include variable roll compensation, plug-and-play ports for integrated imaging sensor options and real-time GPS differential correction capability. Optech Inc.

Fast-Rescue Boat
The aluminum HD720 ASI is divided into 4 watertight compartments. The 7.2-m-long and 2.4-m-wide rescue boat can also serve as a dive support vessel or patrol boat. With a weight of 1,890 kg, the HD720 ASI is designed for 6 passengers but can carry up to 15. It was designed and built according to SOLAS 83, amendment 96, LSO Code. Brude Safety AS.

Optical Wet-Mate Connector
The G3 utilizes HydraLight technology and is available in 6 channels with either single-mode or multimode optical fibers. It offers low-profile optical connectivity and can incorporate flat or angle-polished contacts. SEACON Advanced Products LLC.

Bathymetric Data Software
Bathy DataBASE 2.2 is used to create and manage bathymetric surfaces generated from full-density soundings. This new version includes the company's new CSAR technological framework. Version 2.2 also supports fully dynamic 3D point clouds, allowing for rapid visualization in 2D and 3D and the handling of millions of multi-attributed points. CARIS.

Sonar Software Update
This software update for the SX90 sonar introduces audio output and enhanced noise filtering. It is flagged as an important update by the company and is available free of charge from dealers. Once installed, users connect a pair of powered speakers to the SX90 computer to use the audio. The update also enhances the noise filter functionality by adding a post-integrator. Simrad.

Data Acquisition System Update
Version 6 software for the Spectramag-6 provides oversampling and low-pass filtering to avoid aliasing effects when slow sampling intervals are used and an audible alarm when a logged value exceeds the pass/fail template limit. No hardware modifications are required. Users can download Version 6 from the company's Web site. Bartington Instruments Ltd.

Remote Control Survey Boat
This portable remote control survey boat is equipped with HYPACK hydrographic survey software. It weighs 11 kg, can be controlled by 1 person and its size and remote capability allow it to survey shallow waters and hard-to-reach areas. Coden Hydrographic Survey Boat.

Mooring System
The EzyRider Mooring System has no moving parts to come in contact with the seabed. The use of buoyancy and tensioned rubbers dissipates energy. Its self-centering action reduces the amount of vessel swing room by up to 50 percent. Global Moorings Pty Ltd.

Monitoring and Control System
The TorqueTrak revolution system gives continuous output data on torque, power, RPMs and shaft direction. The system is customized to fit a particular shaft diameter. Binsfeld Engineering Inc.


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