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Product 1 picture - March 2009 Issue
Ocean Current Profiler
The ATON System uses an Aquadopp Profiler, a special attachment fixture designed for standard navigation buoys, special compass calibration routines and radio transmission to shore to provide low-cost ocean current data to pilots, fishermen, divers and recreational boaters, the company said. Nortek AS.
Product 2 picture - March 2009 Issue
Metal Thickness Gauge
The Multigauge 3000 is designed for checking corrosion levels on underwater applications. It has a depth rating of 500 m and uses multiple echo to bypass coatings, measuring only the metal thickness. Standard features include IPR, AMVS and Coating Plus+. The battery lasts 55 hours on one charge. Tritex NDT Ltd.
Product 3 picture - March 2009 Issue
Ultrasonic Liquid Level Sensors
The UCL-520 series is a two-wire ultrasonic transmitter for measurements up to 26.2 ft. and is built with a PVDF transducer for challenging ultra-pure, corrosive or waste liquids. The minimum 8-in. dead band allows for maximum fill of media. The UCL-520 offers a 3-in. minimum beam width for restricted space applications. Gems® Sensors & Controls™.

Buoy System
The EMM60 buoy line consists of a buoy platform, monitoring sensors, data delivery and alarms in a single solution. It has cellular telemetry options that provide data to a central office or direct to a dedicated Web site. Automated alarms and data reports are delivered via e-mail. The small size of the platform allows the buoys to be relocated and deployed from a small boat. YSI Inc.

Water Level Sensor
Model TD301R records and monitors water level and temperature in marine and freshwater environments using a pressure sensor with built-in temperature compensation. It is able to maintain 0.01 percent accuracy from -2° to +40° C. SAIV A/S.

Portable Cable Ramp
This ramp is designed to protect shore power and data cables. The strong but lightweight adjustable-width ramp features a quick-connect system for joining multiple ramps, reflective surface symbols for night visibility and rubber feet for added traction and stability. A storage bag is included. Furrion.

Time Series Analysis Software
Release 2.4 of AQUARIUS Time Series™ includes a new charting toolbox. Features include scatter plots and wind rose diagrams, an expanded rating curve toolbox incorporating the USGS's latest techniques for discharge rating curve development and a sensor communication toolbox enabling users to take complete control of select monitoring devices. Aquatic Informatics™ Inc.

Magneto-Inductive Drive Circuit
When used in conjunction with SEN-XY™ magneto-inductive sensors, MagIC™ ASIC facilitates 6 times greater magnetic resolution and sample rates than the company's current solution, enabling SEN-XY to more precisely and rapidly sense magnetic fields while drawing little power. PNI Sensor Corp.

VHF Radios
The SAILOR 6210 VHF, SAILOR 6215 VHF DSC Class D and FCC-approved SAILOR 6216 VHF DSC Class D are specially designed and developed for fishing and work boats. All three radios can automatically receive AIS signals, and an interface enables connection to a PC or chart-plotter. Additionally, a built-in interface and functionality for loud hailer and fog horn come standard. Thrane & Thrane A/S.

Satellite Communications System
WaveCall™ by Marlink is the next generation of WaveCall satellite communications system for merchant and leisure vessels. It uses the Sea Tel® Ku-band VSAT 4006 antenna system. Marlink.

Ultrasonic Sensors

The M-300 ultrasonic sensor transmits narrow-beam sound pulses, processes return echoes and produces several outputs dependent on the position of the target. The sensors operate from 12 to 24 V DC, and a linear output of 0 to 10 V DC is provided. Massa Products Corp.

Marine Data Management Software
SeaZone GeoTemporal manages tide, current and wave datasets captured from acoustic Doppler profilers together with other oceanographic, hydrographic and meteorological data. The software allows the import of custom datasets and links to external databases. SeaZone Solutions Ltd.

Data Logger
DST Tilt measures tilt in 3 directions (3D vectors) and also stores depth and temperature measurements. The tilt accuracy is better than ±2°. It can be used to study the orientation of various underwater equipment and fishing gear. Star-Oddi Ltd.

Hull-Mounted Side Scan Sonar
Using digital CHIRP acoustic technology, StarFish 450H can view targets at long ranges. The compact sonar is combined with a flexible mounting bracket to affix it onto any vessel. It is designed to be plug-and-play, connecting to a Windows PC via a USB connection. Tritech International Ltd.

Gyro Stabilization System
Now available globally, Model 7000 is a control-moment marine-grade gyro similar to those used to position spacecraft. A steel flywheel spins at 10,000 rpm in a near vacuum to produce 7,000 Nm/s of angular momentum. The unit is completely internal and has no drag-producing protrusions from the hull. It is designed for boats up to 60 ft. in length and/or 60,000 lbs. displacement. Seakeeper Inc.

Frame Grabbers
This series of PCI-Express frame grabbers ship with a number of different video inputs, and some are available for low-profile PC cases. They are designed for applications in which analog video signals need to be processed by a PC. The Imaging Source Europe GmbH.

The Minos SVP and Minos CTD are designed for vertical profiling from small launches or boats and offer a small size and an LED indicator light that provides pre-deployment feedback on battery and logging status. The SVP does not need to be returned to the factory for calibration. Applied Microsystems Ltd.

Side Scan Sonar Systems
Sea Scan HDS and Sea Scan HDS AUV Embedded are designed for AUV applications and towed systems. Using the Sea Scan Survey software, the operator can generate target reports without using a third-party software package. Frequencies from 300 to 1,800-kHz are available. Marine Sonic Technology Ltd.


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