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Products - January 2008 Issue
Mini Sensors and Probes
This instrument line includes the miniSVP, a sound-velocity, temperature and pressure sensor; the miniCTD for conductivity, temperature and depth; and other instruments. The products are available in both direct reading and logging variants, with shallow-water (500 m) and deepwater (6,000 m) housings. Valeport Ltd.
Products - January 2008 Issue
Multi-Reel Drive System
In contrast to the standard single-reel drive system typically used to lay pipelines and umbilicals in the oil and gas industry, this system allows for as many as 10 reels to be loaded in 2 rows of 5, and the drive system moves from reel to reel rather than loading the reel into the reel drive system. Marine and Mineral Projects (pty) Ltd.
Products - January 2008 Issue
Stainless Steel Sea Strainer
Thompson SeaStrainers are unique relative to traditional basket strainers, said the company. As the seawater enters the bottom of the strainer and flows upward, heavier particles gravitate downward into the reservoir at the base of the strainer and are drained from the reservoir via the flush port. Miller-Leaman Inc.

Rubber Check Valve
Designed to enhance sealing, especially in low-lying areas with little backpressure, the Curved Bill Tideflex® TF-1 check valve offers increased flexibility to better seal around entrapped debris, and the headloss of the valve is exceptionally low, said the company. Tideflex Technologies.

Industrial Flow Meter
The 400-I-Series family of mass flow meters features microprocessor-based electronics in an IP-65 enclosure. Six standard gases are available, or the user can select up to 8 custom gases. The linearity of the laminar flow element allows for highly accurate measurements when changing between gases, the company said. Teledyne Hastings Instruments.

Portable Gas Detector
Triple Plus+ can monitor up to 4 toxic and flammable gases at once from a list of more than 15. The device is housed in a shatterproof, waterproof and buoyant casing. A backlit display shows all gas levels simultaneously, and audible and visual alarms warn the operator when gases reach dangerous levels. One hundred hours of datalogging capacity is available as standard, and a PC interface allows data to be downloaded for permanent storage. Crowcon Detection Instruments Ltd.

Marine Binoculars
7X50 XP Commander binoculars feature high-definition optics and nano-protection coating on all outer lens surfaces. Waterproof and submersible to 30 ft of pressure depth, the 37 oz. marine binoculars are purged and uniquely pressurized with nitrogen to 6 to 7 psi. Three different pairs of eyecups are included to aid users with prescription glasses or who prefer sidelight protection. Steiner Germany.

Marine Structural Adhesive
In side-by-side comparisons with other adhesives, PLIOGRIP 1000 showed less shrinkage and no voids or boil, sometimes caused by the reaction between adhesive components, the company said. Ashland Specialty Polymers & Adhesives.

This line of stainless steel hydropneumatic piston accumulators, which includes units with capacities up to 200 gallons and ratings of 20,000+ psi design pressure, have received all appropriate global pressure vessel certifications for offshore drilling applications, including in the United States, Europe and Canada, the company said. Parker Hannifin, Hydraulic Accumulator Division.

AC Magnetic Tracking System
SMARTRAK 6 gives location and survey, including depth of burial information, of toned cables. Lightweight electronics in new smaller sensors'95 mm by 25 mm'allow it to be operated by a wider range of ROVs, the company said. INNOVATUM International Ltd.

Hydrographic Surveying Package
HYPACK 6.2B includes updates to HYPACK 6.2A and new features, including a new point cloud editing tool and sub-bottom profiling integration. HYPACK 6.2B is available for download to all users subscribed to the HYPACK maintenance plan. HYPACK Inc.

Acoustics Technology Platform
This new platform serves as the basis of a new series of sensors, sounders and sonars for commercial fishing. Software-defined technology enables a hardware platform to handle various functions. The line includes a trawl explorer, door-angle sensor, dual-axis sounder, hybrid catch sensor, broadband acoustic signal receiver and other products. Marport Canada Inc.

Handheld GPS Receivers
Specifically designed to work with the TDS Recon™ and the Juniper Archer Field PC™, the XF100™ series utilizes an integrated Crescent® GPS receiver, a smart antenna and compact flash adapter. It includes satellite-based augmentation system differential support capable of providing sub-meter positioning accuracy and COAST™ technology that maintains accuracy during temporary loss of differential signal, representatives said. Hemisphere GPS Inc.

Aquaculture Support Products
SeaStation support product suite includes the SeaLift harvest system, which concentrates and dries up harvest fish for pumping into bins or pens; SeaWrap, which encloses 100 percent of a SeaStation's subsurface area for treatment of fish stocks; and the MortLift mortality removal system, which uses airlift principles to pull mortalities from a central collection point inside the SeaStation bottom cone. OceanSpar LLC.

Acoustic Current Profilers
FlowQuest 600 and 1000 now have an optional discharge measurement function that can be used in rivers, estuaries and other water bodies. With a very fast ping rate, automatically adjusted cell size and no ambiguity error, the discharge measurement function is capable of accurately measuring both normal and unsteady (or tidally affected) flow, the company said. LinkQuest Inc.

Pure Sine Wave Inverter
InverTek 1000 has a power rating of 1,000 W, which can be paralleled to integrate additional units. High-frequency switching technology provides a high-density design of up to 3 W per cu. in., and efficiency is as high as 90 percent, the company said. Schaefer Inc.

Vibration Level Meter Unit
The RION UV-15 allows connectivity of up to 16 channels of any combination of piezoelectric accelerometers, accelerometers with integral preamps and TEDS-compliant accelerometers. Each unit has its own HP and LP filters and a display showing measured unit and settings. Scantek Inc.

Piezoelectric Material
PMNT-28 was formulated to exhibit the superior dielectric and electro-mechanical properties required by the most demanding high-power sonar projector, said the company. The increased coupling and displacement of the PMNT-28 single crystal material results in improved bandwidth, sensitivity and source level, providing higher efficiency and opportunities for increased performance and miniaturization, representatives said. Morgan Electro Ceramics.


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