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ROV Cleaning System
The Cavitation Cleaner ROV attaches a CaviBlaster probe to the front of the ROV to clean underwater surfaces such as ship hulls, sea chests and cooling water intakes, and other surfaces that collect marine debris. VideoRay, LLC.
Digital-to-Analog Converter
The FMC216 provides 16 16-bit D/A channels at 312.5 Msps. It has high-performance analog outputs and is well suited for low-power aerospace applications. 4DSP.
Pressure-Limiting Valves
The series of new Inline and Angled Pressure Limiting Valves (ALV) with three different pressure ranges has adjustable pre-set limiters that automatically close, preventing pressure from exceeding a pre-set limit, then re-open when back flow pressure drops down below a 10 percent threshold. Amron International.

Lightweight Vibrocorer
Roughly half the weight of the popular high-power one, this version retains sufficient structural strength and vibration force (30 kN) to drive the barrel up to 6 m into densely compacted sediments in up to 250 m water depth. OSIL.

Maritime Toolbar
This new add-in extends the GIS functionality commonly used within the maritime sector to ArcMap 10.1 and above. The toolbar includes 31 tools that can support existing workflows. OceanWise, Ltd.

Low-Light Camera
The LLSC 3085 provides greater capabilities in low-light environments or in applications where high-powered lighting solutions are not possible. The compact housing allows placement on crowded pan-and-tilts and is suitable for mounting on ROVs. DeepSea Power & Light, Inc.

Global Vessel Locator App
A modern Web-based viewing tool that allows users to see all ship positions produced by their exactAIS data service. Users can access ShipView anytime, anywhere to quickly get a sense of all maritime traffic currently in the oceans.exactEarth.

Next-Gen Life Vests
Encompassing innovative Fusion 3D technology, ErgoFit and Crewfit life vests offer comfortable, safe and affordable solutions that will mold to the shape of your body and sit off your neck to give you freedom of movement. Crewsaver.

Ruggedized Workstation
The 4520Cx blow-out preventer control computer is designed with a dual-power input relay for CPU. Each unit is equipped with automatic failover technology, meaning the CPU won’t restart in the event of a power loss. It comes with standard 2.0 GHz, i7 CPU and 8 GB RAM. Daisy Data Displays Inc.

Routing Software
Admirality Information Overlay (AIO) is now included with the latest K-Bridge ECDIS and K-Nav ECDIS software, making additional chart information available to the mariner when using its ECDIS models. Kongsberg Maritime AS and United Kingdom Hydrographic Office.

Subsea Linear Position Sensors
To improve operability and standardize communications between devices among different manufacturers on subsea trees, the SIIS and CiA Association jointly developed CiA 443 CANopen regulation. The network links SIIS level-two devices to a subsea control system, which operates CiA 443. Macro Sensors.

Input Module
The latest release in the line of VME test and measurement modules, the V410 RTD/resistance Input Module features 16 independent channels configurable for two-wire, three-wire, and four-wire resistance measurement and capable of measuring from 1 ohm to 3 megohms. Highland Technology Inc.

Helicopter Handling System
The INDAL Manual Aircraft Straighten and Traverse (MAST) system provides positive securing against sliding and toppling and fully controlled and guided movement during straightening and traversing; requires minimal operator training; and provides precise alignment and positioning of aircraft during traversing through hangar door. Curtiss-Wright Corp., Defense Solutions.

Water Treatment Monitor
Designed with cutting-edge optical technology, the FastBallast Compliance Monitor is capable of determining the compliance of treated ballast water at IMO D2 and USCG Discharge Standards (10 to 50 µm range). Chelsea Technologies Group Ltd.

Piston Air Motor
This product uses an integral rotary valve to supply air up to 100 psi to each of three pistons in turn. The free-floating pistons transmit torque on start-up that can be adjusted via a pressure regulator, resulting in high torque at variable low speed. The design makes it far more reliable in hostile environments. Huco Dynatork.

Digital News Service
Four standard daily editions—for Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia and Montenegro—have been added to NEWSlink, a high-quality daily and weekly newspaper digest currently enjoyed by seafarers and cruise guests on more than 8,500 vessels worldwide. KVH Media Group.

Fuel Economizer
The Aalborg EGR-HPE is a new economizer enclosed in a pressure casing. Placed in-line ahead of the pre-scrubber sprayers in the EGR circuit, it can be used for a number of advantages, including waste heat recovery. Alfa Laval.

Military-Grade RHIB
The new SEA FORCE 777 fiberglass, rigid hull inflatable boat is 7.77 m long, 2.74 m wide and designed with a deep-V hull for maximum stability in the roughest sea conditions. The 40-oz. polyurethane WING inflatable collar is UV-coated and includes a seven-panel bow cover and rub-strakes to reduce risk of boat damage upon boarding and offer stability during weight shifts. Willard Marine Inc.

Self-Propelled Trencher
The 21Te QTrencher (QT) 1000 ROV provides high-power trenching capability for the burial of cables, umbilical and small-diameter pipes up to 3 m deep. The ROV uses variable high-flow or high-pressure jetting to optimize the trenching to suit the conditions. It can also deploy a rear eductor to enhance burial of large-diameter products. With its high thrust, the ROV can perform rapid post-lay survey. It can also be fitted with a suite of tools for maintenance operations. SMD.

Water Level Logger
The HOBO MX2001 simplifies and lowers the cost of field data collection by providing wireless access to high-accuracy water level and temperature measurements right from a mobile phone or tablet. With no laptop needed and no Internet necessary, researchers will be able to log and download data onto their mobile devices. ONSET.

Hydrophone Oceanographic Device
The Acoustic Release is ruggedly designed for superior performance, reliability and real-time communications. It’s suitable for long-term deployments with up to 28 months of battery life and a depth rating of 500 m. VEMCO.


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