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February 2012 Issue

Turbine Transfers Orders Support Vessel Made for Wind Farms in Deeper Waters
Austal (Henderson, Australia) has received a contract for its new wind farm support vessel from Turbine Transfers Ltd. (Holyhead, England). With an operating range of more than 360 nautical miles, the vessel will be able to operate up to 75 nautical miles offshore, well beyond the distances of present wind farms, Austal said.

The order, announced in January, is scheduled for completion in November. The vessel will initially be chartered to Turbine Transfers for a period of up to five years.

The 27.4-meter-long, 10.5-meter-wide vessel will be operated by three crew and be able to transfer 12 wind farm technicians, their effects and more than four tonnes of deck cargo, stores and miscellaneous equipment, Austal said. It is designed to operate in up to 3 meters significant wave height in European waters, including in the demanding conditions of the North, Irish and Baltic seas. The ship is the fourth wind farm support vessel for Turbine Transfers Ltd. For more information, visit www.turbinetransfers.co.uk.

BlueView Signs Integration Agreements With Three Companies
BlueView Technologies Inc. (Seattle, Washington) has signed agreements with Ageotec (Zola Predosa, Italy), Outland Technology Inc. (Slidell, Louisiana) and Deep Ocean Engineering (San Jose, California), allowing the three companies to re-sell BlueView 2D and 3D products on their ROVs.

The multibeam imaging sonar will expand these companies' ROV navigation capabilities and operation in low- and zero-visibility conditions, BlueView said.

"More and more customers are inquiring about BlueView 2D Multibeam Imaging Sonar, especially those that work the inshore areas where low and zero visibility conditions are common and the risk of encountering obstacles is high. BlueView makes working in those environments easier," said George Mayfield, co-owner of Outland Technology.

BlueView announced the agreements with Outland Technology and Ageotec in January; the agreement with Deep Ocean Engineering was announced in December. For more information, visit www.blueview.com.

Bluefin AUVs Get ISO Certification
Bluefin Robotics (Quincy, Massachusetts) has received ISO 9001:2008 certification for the design, development, manufacturing, operation and servicing of its AUVs and related products, the company announced in January.

To receive the certification, Bluefin developed and implemented a quality management system, which the company said led to new design wins, improved infrastructure and robust processes.

"ISO certification was a critical step in preparing the company for full-rate production for current key programs," said David P. Kelly, president and CEO of Bluefin Robotics. "It is imperative for all companies to adhere to well-established standards of quality in order to be successful and satisfy customer needs." For more information, visit www.bluefinrobotics.com.

CTG Bought by Blue Wolf Capital
Santa Barbara, California-based Channel Technologies Group (CTG) was acquired by Blue Wolf Capital in late December. CTG, which announced the deal in January, has 250 employees and is comprised of three divisions—Channel Industries, ITC and Sonatech—and its subsidiary company, Electro-Optical Industries.

CTG said its management team, led by CEO Kevin Ruelas, will remain with the company under its new owner. For more information, visit www.channeltechgroup.com.

Donjon Salvages Sunken Barge Under Bridge
Donjon Marine Co. Inc. (Hillside, New Jersey) announced in January that it had successfully salvaged a 300-ton barge that was used as a platform for painting supplies and disposal equipment. Donjon was contracted in early November and completed the job in 33 days.

The barge, which sank in 100 feet of water after a violent storm near Claiborne Newport Pell Bridge in Newport, Rhode Island, contained oil in three tanks with a reported 2,400 gallons of fuel.

Working with the U.S. Coast Guard, the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management and the barge owners, Donjon's salvage crews and divers devised a plan, worked to clear the barge of hazardous materials and oil, and with its 1,000-ton floating crane Chesapeake 1,000, lifted the barge with a number of slings. For more information, visit www.donjon.com.

Sea-Bird Adds European Calibration, Repair Center
Sea-Bird Electronics Inc. (Bellevue, Washington) opened a calibration and repair center, Sea-Bird GmbH, in Kempten, Germany, the company announced in December.

The center will offer European customers the same repair and calibration services that up until now had only been performed at Sea-Bird Electronics' headquarters facility in the U.S., Sea-Bird said. A full range of parts and supplies will be stocked to support the repair and refurbishment of customer-owned equipment.

Sea-Bird GmbH will add product support in stages, the company said. Starting in the middle of 2012, it is anticipated that support for a range of products from the other members of Sea-Bird Scientific—WET Labs (Philomath, Oregon) and Satlantic (Halifax, Canada)—will be added. For the full support schedule, visit http://bit.ly/xwuAO7. For more information, visit www.seabird.com.

Seatronics Purchased More Than €2.5 Million in SeaBat Sonar Systems in 2011
Seatronics (Aberdeen, Scotland) owns the largest number of RESON (Slangerup, Denmark) SeaBat multibeam systems in the world, after investing more than €2.5 million in SeaBat sonar systems in 2011 alone, RESON announced in January.

Seatronics' purchases, which RESON said focused on ROV-mounted products, have presented an increase in enquiries for the latest SeaBat 8125-H and SeaBat 7125 ROV2 systems, both of which run FlexMode that delivers variable swath, real-time roll stabilization and reliable seafloor detection in all underwater acoustic environments. For more information, visit www.seatronics-group.com.

CSA, EGS Partner to Establish Metocean Company
CSA International Inc. (Stuart, Florida) and EGS Survey Group (Belmont, Australia) announced in January that they have formed a joint venture company, EGS Metocean Sound Sciences (MSS).

MSS, based in Houston, Texas, will provide metocean and acoustic monitoring services, including consultancy and the collection of high-quality data to assist in engineering, design, daily marine operations, planning, and management for offshore exploration, field development, ports and harbors, and cable and pipeline routes.

CSA and EGS said the new company would operate through their existing offices in Australia, Brazil, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Philippines, Qatar, Singapore, Trinidad, the United Arab Emirates, the U.S., the U.K. and Vietnam.

The companies have appointed Andy Brown as MSS's commercial director and Rick Cole as technical director. For more information, visit www.csa-international.org.

FET ROV Purchased by Michigan Dive Team
Forum Energy Technologies Inc. (Houston, Texas) has sold one of its Sub-Atlantic Mojave Observation ROVs to the St. Clair County, Michigan, Sheriff's Office Marine Division, the company announced in January. The marine division is responsible for patrolling local waterways and maintaining a dive team.

The Mojave will be used in higher risk exploratory missions such as examining potential explosive devices and diving beneath the ice in winter, the marine division said.

"The Mojave is a valuable tool for the team to have because it can withstand conditions that humans cannot," said Wayne Bromate, dive team leader. "Navigating the swift currents in the St. Clair River requires the use of an ROV with more power than the ROVs employed by other dive teams in Michigan."

For more information, visit www.f-e-t.com.

BIRNS Receives NAVSEA Certification
BIRNS Inc.'s (Oxnard, California) polyurethane molding facility is now NAVSEA S9320-AM-PRO-020 certified, making it an approved vendor to fabricate, mold and inspect outboard cable assemblies and components for the U.S. Navy, the company announced in January.

The U.S. Navy's Submarine Maintenance Engineering, Planning and Procurement department awarded the certification to BIRNS for molding and inspection procedures in fabricating connector plugs to be used on submarine outboard cables.

BIRNS said it is now one of seven commercial organizations to receive the certification in the country. For more information, visit www.birns.com.

Boatracs Purchases New Corporate Office Building
Boatracs Inc. (San Diego, California) has acquired a 12,500-square-foot office building in San Diego for its corporate headquarters, the company announced in January. The building will house Boatracs' general operations, engineering, shipping and customer support. For more information, visit www.boatracs.com.

Ocean Signal Appoints Belship BV as Distributor
Ocean Signal Ltd. (Margate, England) has appointed Belship BV (Utrecht, Netherlands) as its dedicated distributor in Holland, Ocean Signal announced in January. Belship will be responsible for distributing its SafeSea global maritime distress and safety system products. For more information, visit www.oceansignal.com.


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