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February 2012 Issue

Iridium, KVH Partner on Global Maritime Satellite Communications Service
Iridium Communications Inc. (McLean, Virginia) and KVH Industries Inc. (Middletown, Rhode Island) will combine their services to offer the first fully global maritime broadband satellite communications service. Under the agreement, announced by the companies in January, KVH will offer a service package that combines its mini-VSAT and the Iridium OpenPort broadband services.

The integrated shipboard system will use common below-deck user interface equipment for voice and data connections, combining the Iridium OpenPort and KVH TracPhone V3 or V7 terminals, the companies said. KVH's CommBox shipboard network management tool automatically selects the mini-VSAT broadband service or the Iridium OpenPort service using least-cost routing software. If mini-VSAT broadband service is ever unavailable, the system immediately switches over to the Iridium OpenPort service without operator intervention. For more information, visit www.iridium.com.

Ageotec ROV Deployed in Costa Concordia Efforts
Ageotec's (Zola Predosa, Italy) Perseo ROV is being used in rescue operations for the Costa
Concordia, a cruise ship that ran aground near Giglio Island, Italy, the company announced in January. The ROV, which belongs to Italy's National Fire Department, is among the equipment used by several divers working on the Costa Concordia, Ageotec said. The ROV is equipped with a five-function manipulator. For more information, visit www.ageotec.com.

VideoRay Delivers Mini-ROV Fleet to Dutch Navy
VideoRay LLC (Phoenixville, Pennsylvania) and Nautikaris BV (IJmuiden, Netherlands) have completed the site acceptance test of four customized VideoRay Pro 4 ROV systems for delivery to the Dutch Navy, VideoRay announced in January.

The contract was awarded to VideoRay in mid-2011 with a mandatory rapid turnaround. The system was required to be able to inspect ship hulls, harbor walls, shipwrecks and potentially dangerous objects; conduct quick-look inspections prior to diver deployments; carry out bottom surveys in confined and very shallow areas; and recover small objects.

The mini-ROV systems mostly consist of off-the-shelf components delivered with VideoRay's Pro 4 Port Security configuration, and for this contract VideoRay also integrated its lateral thrusters, Tritech International Ltd. (Aberdeen, Scotland) altimeters and Desert Star Systems (Marina, California) long baseline transponders. This integration involved software additions to the VideoRay Cockpit software and Protocol Adapter and Modifier module, which allows several accessories to share the same 485 bus used to control the ROV, VideoRay said. For more information, visit www.videoray.com.

Anti-Whaling Group Uses UAV to Locate Vessels
By deploying an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) to track Japanese whaling vessels, the crew aboard a Sea Shepherd Conservation Society ship located the Japanese factory ship Nisshin Maru in December. Upon locating the Nisshin Maru, the Sea Shepherd ship Steve Irwin began to pursue it but was blocked by three Japanese ships, the society said.

The UAV, named Nicole Montecalvo, is one of two donated to the society by Bayshore Recycling Corp. (Woodbridge, New Jersey). Tensions between Sea Shepherd and Japanese whaling vessels have continued to escalate. Earlier in December, the Institute of Cetacean Research and Kyodo Senpaku Kaisha (Tokyo, Japan) said they had filed a lawsuit in the U.S. District Court of Seattle, Washington, against Sea Shepherd and its founder Paul Watson in an attempt to legally bar the group from harassing the Japanese whaling fleet. For more information, visit www.seashepherd.org.

SMIT Salvage Prepares Oil Removal Operations for Stranded Costa Concordia
SMIT Salvage (Rotterdam, Netherlands) began in late January preparations to remove oil from the stranded cruise ship Costa Concordia off the coast of Giglio Island, Italy, by using a method called hot tapping. SMIT said the estimated amount of bunkers in the vessel is 2,200 tonnes of intermediate fuel oil and 185 tonnes of marine gas oil and lubricants, distributed over 17 tanks.

After SMIT places its crane barge Meloria alongside the Costa Concordia, the company's divers will inspect parts of the underwater ship and make the necessary preparations to remove the fuel. The next stage will be the drilling of holes in the fuel tanks and the installation of valves to set up the hot tapping process. Then a hose pump or specially engineered heater will be connected to the valve and the oil will be pumped to the surface. To completely clean the tanks, each tank will be flushed three times, SMIT said. For more information, visit www.smit.com.

ClassNK Verifies Engine with Hitachi SCR Meets MARPOL NOx Emission Limits
ClassNK (Tokyo, Japan) has awarded its first statement of fact for Tier III nitrogen oxide (NOx) reductions to a marine diesel engine incorporating a selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system developed by Hitachi Zosen Corp. (Osaka, Japan), the company announced in December.

The document, issued in November, verifies that the NOx emission measurement results for an engine fitted with a preturbocharger SCR system meets the NOx Tier III emission limits in amendments to Annex VI of the International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships, 1973 (MARPOL), ClassNK said. The engine was fitted as the propulsion system for MV Santa Vista, a 37,800 deadweight-ton general cargo ship built by Naikai Zosen Corp. (Osaka) for Nissho Shipping Co. Ltd. (Tokyo). For more information, visit www.classnk.or.jp.

Kongsberg Simulators Selected for Maersk Facility
Kongsberg Maritime (Kongsberg, Norway) announced in December that its simulators have been selected for the forthcoming Maersk Offshore Simulation and Innovation Centre (MOSAIC) 2 facility in Svendborg, Denmark.

An agreement signed by Kongsberg Maritime and Maersk Training in December covers delivery of a range of simulators and ongoing support to offshore drilling operations training for Maersk Supply Services personnel at MOSAIC 2. Kongsberg will also supply its Neptune Engine Room Simulator with BigView interactive touch-screen technology and three new engine models developed for advanced drill rig and other offshore operation training. A brand new riser management simulator and a crane simulator are included, with the final delivery scheduled for 2013. For more information, visit www.km.kongsberg.com.

OceanSaver Delivers First Ballast Water Treatment System to Korea
OceanSaver (Drammen, Norway) has installed the first treatment system to include filters on a crude oil tanker in Korea, the company announced in December.

The 159,000-deadweight-ton Suezmax tanker, Ottoman Integrity, is being delivered from a Korean shipyard for Gungen Maritime & Trading (Ankara, Turkey). The installed Mark I system, which includes filtration, cavitation, disinfection and nitrogen super saturation, is capable of treating ballast water at 2 by 2,500 cubic meters per hour, OceanSaver said. For more information, visit www.oceansaver.no.

Tideland Buoys Selected for Doha Port
Tideland Signal (Houston, Texas) announced in January that it has supplied two modified SB138P polyethylene buoys to the new port of Doha, Qatar, which is due to open early in 2016.

Safe Sea Services (Sharjah, United Arab Emirates) fitted a 12-volt solar system onto the buoy to run the data logger equipment supplied by YSI/Nanotech Inc. (Kawasaki, Japan) to record water quality, as the environmental impacts of the project are a priority for the developers, Qatar Port Management. YSI, which deployed the buoys, selected the SB138P due to its flexible and rugged design, light weight and low long-term maintenance cost, Tideland said. For more information, visit www.tidelandsignal.com.

Fairmount Alpine Refloats MV Ikan Sepat
Fairmount Marine's (Rotterdam, Netherlands) Fairmount Alpine tug assisted in the refloating of the grounded MV Ikan Sepat just offshore Puerto Cortés in the Gulf of Honduras, in December, the company said.

The Ikan Sepat is a 180-meter-long, 28,503-deadweight-tonnage bulk carrier. Working with T&T Bisso (Houston, Texas) on the salvage operation, Fairmount Marine had its tug assist with "prop washing," or using its propellers to create a backwash that dredges and displaces silted-in areas, and soundings at the grounding vessel's stern. Fairmount's deck crew also prepared the towing equipment for the refloat attempt. For more information, visit www.fairmount.nl.

OSIL Supplies Corers for Environmental Monitoring
Havant, England-based Ocean Scientific International Ltd. (OSIL) has recently completed two orders for sediment corers, including several box corers of various sizes and two Mega Multiple corers, the company said in December.

These corers are to be used off the coast of Brazil and in the South China Sea for long-term environmental monitoring. For more information, visit www.osil.co.uk.

TE SubCom Completes 40G Upgrade
TE SubCom (Morristown, New Jersey) has successfully completed the first 40G upgrade in an undersea cable system more than 9,500 kilometers in length, the company said in January. The upgrade from the existing trans-Pacific 10G cable system is 42 percent higher then the original capacity, increasing the system's capacity by 22 40G wavelengths. For more information, visit www.subcom.com.


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