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September 2011 Issue

iXBlue Creates US Subsidiary
iXBlue SAS (Marly-le-Roi, France) announced in August that it had formed a U.S. subsidiary, iXBlue Inc., in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The company also opened a training and support office in Houston, Texas.

iXBlue said the offices will provide sales, service and support in North America for the iXSea product line and the iXBlue family of companies, including iXMotion, iXFiber, iXWave, iXSpace, iXSurvey and SODENA. Phillip Wilson, who was previously executive vice president of Melbourne IT, will be managing director of the U.S. division. For more information, visit www.ixblue.com.

Fugro Chance Breaks its Metrology, Layout Record
Fugro Chance Inc. (Lafayette, Louisiana) recently broke its own record by successfully completing a jumper metrology and back deck layout for fabrication onboard the pipe-lay vessel Helix Express in less than 24 hours.

This allowed Helix Subsea Construction (Houston, Texas) to install a jumper, pass a seal test and have work accepted by the client in 44 hours, Fugro Chance said.

Fugro Chance provided an acoustic jumper metrology and jumper dimensional control survey for fabrication on the back deck of the vessel. By consolidating the metrology and dimensional control survey process to offshore, Fugro Chance said it reduced the amount of time from days to hours. For more information, visit www.fugrochance.com.

Ultrascan Sonars Given iPhone Control Capability
Interphase Technologies Inc. (Soquel, California) announced in July that its new Ultrascan sonars can now connect with iPhones and iPads, providing remote control and display capabilities.

Multiple iPhones and iPads can connect to and control the Ultrascan. Additionally, when a user makes an adjustment on one device, the change will also immediately appear on the other connected devices, Interphase said. The iPad and iPhone can connect through Wi-Fi or 3G. For more information, visit www.interphase-tech.com.

Exxon Mobil Affiliate to Build Two Alaska Tankers
Construction is set to begin on two 115,000-deadweight-ton, U.S.-flagged crude oil tankers by mid-2012 after Exxon Mobil Corp. (Irving, Texas) affiliate SeaRiver Maritime Inc. (Houston, Texas) signed a letter of intent with Aker Philadelphia Shipyard (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) in July.

The tankers, being built in partnership with Samsung Heavy Industries Co. Ltd. (Seoul, South Korea), will transport up to 730,000 barrels of crude from Prince William Sound, Alaska, to destinations on the U.S. West Coast.

The vessels are scheduled for delivery in 2014 and will replace two existing double-hull tankers. For more information, visit www.exxonmobil.com.

OIC Adds Support for GeoSwath Plus' .rdf Format
Honolulu, Hawaii-based Oceanic Imaging Consultants Inc. (OIC) has expanded its list of supported sensors and formats, adding GeoSwath Plus' .rdf format, which can now be read by OIC's data processing software package, CleanSweep. For more information, visit www.oicinc.com.

IHS Acquires SMT for $500 Million
IHS Inc. (Englewood, Colorado) closed its acquisition of Houston, Texas-based Seismic Micro-Technology (SMT) for $500 million cash in August.

IHS representatives said the acquisition, the largest in IHS history, will increase its ability to "offer geoscience software and data products to customers in its largest end-market, energy, and give SMT customers the ability to seamlessly access the critical oil and gas information and insight products of IHS."

For more information, visit www.ihs.com

BlueView Licenses SeeByte Sonar Software
SeeByte Ltd. (Edinburgh, Scotland) will license its advanced sonar analytics software technology to BlueView Technologies Inc. (Seattle, Washington) through an original equipment manufacturer agreement, the companies announced in August.

"Having successfully worked with SeeByte in the past and witnessed the impact of their software when utilized with our sonar, we believe that this agreement will take BlueView to a new level by enabling advanced features that our customers will find invaluable," said BlueView Chief Operating Officer Jason Seawall.

For more information, visit www.seebyte.com.

H2O Inc.'s BlueCube Offers Rental Water-Makers
H2O Inc. (Lafayette, Louisiana), through its BlueCube division, is now offering rental water makers designed for the offshore energy market, the company said in July.

In addition to offering water-makers and the associated equipment at per-day rates, H20 Inc. said BlueCube will provide installation and service support throughout the rental period, and customers will not be charged for service calls.

Rental units are designed to supply between 2,000 and 125,000 gallons of potable water per day. Special unit features include online quality monitoring, disinfection system and three-stage prefiltration. For more information, visit www.bluecubewatermakers.com.

OceanServer Receives Orders for Four Iver2 AUVs
OceanServer Technology Inc. (Fall River, Massachusetts) announced in July orders for four Iver2 AUVs. Two of the vehicles will go to U.S. users, one will go to a European research organization and the other will go to a South American survey company.

The applications for the vehicles include water-quality and environmental monitoring, hydrographic survey, navigation algorithm development and general research. For more information, visit www.ocean-server.com.

Markey Gets Service Support in Australia
Wärtsilä Australia Pty. Ltd. (Huntingwood, Australia) will provide service support in Australia for products from Markey Machinery (Seattle, Washington), the companies announced in July. For more informatino, visit www.wartsila.com.

SubCom, Transworld to Upgrade TW1 Cable Link
Plans were announced in July to upgrade TW1, a five-year-old, 1,200-kilometer undersea communications cable system connecting Pakistan, the United Arab Emirates and Oman.

TE SubCom (Morristown, New Jersey), which constructed the TW1 system, and Transworld Associated Pvt. Ltd (Islamabad, Pakistan) said the upgrades of the two-fiber pair link system should be completed by the end of 2011. The SubCom upgrade will provide the option of adding six additional wavelengths using plug-and-play technology. For more information, visit www.tycotelecom.com.

KVH Ships 1,500th Mini-VSAT TracPhone System
KVH Industries Inc.'s (Middletown, Rhode Island) sold its 1,500th TracPhone system for its mini, very small aperture terminal (VSAT) broadband network. After the service launched in 2007, it took two years to reach 500 sales, more than a year to reach 1,000 sales and then nine more months to hit 1,500, the company said. For more information, visit www.kvh.com.

Donjon Adds New Tug to Towing Fleet
Donjon Marine Co. Inc. (Hillside, New Jersey) in August added the 2,400-horsepower tug Caitlin Ann to its fleet. The addition of the Caitlin Ann increases the Donjon towboat fleet to 14 vessels, which range between 1,200 and 7,000 horsepower. For more information, visit www.donjon.com.

CSA Conducting Laboratory Coral Experiment
Scientists with CSA International Inc. (Stuart, Florida) have finished laboratory experiments as part of an ongoing project in Guam to determine how four species of Pacific corals would respond to sedimentation stress, the company announced in July.

Scientists collected coral from the field, CSA said, and acclimated about 800 small fragments in laboratory aquaria. Corals were randomly distributed among 35 aquaria and for four weeks were subjected to daily doses fine sediments, coarse sediments or both. Scientists conducted visual health assessments, scoring gross morphological stress responses such as mucus production, bleaching and tissue swelling, for each specimen.

Histopathological analysis of coral specimens using light microscopy was under way in July, as was an analysis of visual health assessment data. For more information, visit www.csaintl.com.

International Offshore Services Selects MarineCFO
International Offshore Services (Larose, Louisiana) has chosen to implement the full MarineCFO Enterprise software suite, MarineCFO (New Orleans, Louisiana) said in July.

The company's CEO, Richard Currence, said they chose the MarineCFO software because it is "a flexible, yet robust, platform that can handle the differing aspects of our business and has the ability to grow as our business grows."

For more information, visit www.marinecfo.com.

Viking Pumps Debuts Repair Kits
Viking Pumps Inc. (Cedar Falls, Iowa) is now offering two genuine repair part kits for most of its standard pumps, the company announced in July.

Seal kits include everything needed to do a complete seal and bearing replacement, including the shaft seal, O-rings, gaskets, seal lubricant, bearings and bearing housing hardware. Rebuild kits include parts needed for a complete wet-end rebuild, including an idler and bushing, head and pin assembly, bracket or casing bushing, and fasteners.

Each kit includes an exploded diagram and parts lists, with a link to the pump's technical service manual. For more information, visit http://vikingpump.com.


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