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August 2011 Issue

Phoenix International Participates in Successful Submarine Rescue Exercise
The U.S. Navy's Submarine Rescue Diving and Recompression System (SRDRS), maintained and operated by Phoenix International Holdings Inc. (Largo, Maryland), successfully completed the Bold Monarch 2011 international submarine rescue exercise, which was held offshore Cartagena, Spain, from May 30 to June 10.

Thirteen NATO and non-NATO nations, four submarines, four rescue and intervention systems, and more than 2,000 personnel participated in this year's Bold Monarch, which is held every three years. On June 7, the SRDRS' pressurized rescue model (PRM), which is designed to lock onto the hatch of a disabled submarine and transfer its occupants to the sea surface, mated with the Russian submarine SSK ALROSA for the first time. During the exercise, the PRM completed 12 manned dives, performed 10 submarine mates and mock-rescued 138 personnel.

For more information, visit www.phnx-international.com.

University of Maine Orders Iver2 AUV to Extend Reach of Buoy Network
The Physical Oceanography Group (PhOG) of the University of Maine's School of Marine Sciences has purchased an EP42 model Iver2 AUV from OceanServer Technology Inc. (Fall River, Massachusetts), OceanServer announced in July. The AUV was scheduled to be delivered in July.

The PhOG research unit has operated an array of oceanographic real-time data buoys and a high-frequency radar network as an integrated ocean observing system in the Gulf of Maine since 2001. The group plans to use the Iver2, equipped with side scan sonar, multibeam sonar, a current profiler and CTD sensors, to extend and verify observations from the buoy array and to carry out detailed surveys as part of its new Maine Center for Autonomous Marine Surveys.

For more information, visit www.umaine.edu.

Hach Hydromet Acquires Adcon Telemetry
Hach Hydromet (Loveland, Colorado) announced in July that it acquired Adcon Telemetry (Klosterneuburg, Austria). Adcon will remain a stand-alone business at its Austrian headquarters with offices in Davis, California, and Adelaide, Australia. For more information, visit www.hydrolab.com.

Leighs Paints Joins Sherwin-Williams
Leighs Paints (Bolton, England) has been acquired by The Sherwin-Williams Co. (Cleveland, Ohio). The deal was announced on July 6. Leighs manufactures intumescent passive fire protection products for the hydrocarbon market. Its FIRETEX brand, which is used in passive fire protection systems, has been used on more than 400 projects involving offshore platforms, refineries and chemical plants. For more information, visit www.sherwin-williams.com.

VSD, Zamil Group to Establish Maritime Training Center in Saudi Arabia
VSD LLC (Virginia Beach, Virginia) signed a memorandum of understanding June 29 with the Riyadh, Saudi Arabi, office of The Zamil Group (Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia) to develop an international business relationship and establish a national maritime training center in Saudi Arabia.

VSD will provide program management and consulting services in support of Zamil's initiatives. By working to establish the center, the organizations aim to create new career fields and professional development in the industry. For more information, visit www.vsdonline.com.

SK Solutions to Enter Port Sector
SK Solutions (Dubai, United Arab Emirates) plans to enter the global port and maritime sectors, the company announced in June. SK will work with port authorities, terminal operators and other stakeholders in designing and implementing anti-collision systems for a variety of equipment, including quay cranes, drayage trucks and other mobile systems in the marine terminal environment.

SK said it is already working with specific ports to design a safety- and service-oriented architecture for their unique terminal environments. SK is focusing on its GSM2 and SK Navigator, which provide a multiapplications operating system that uses 3D anti-collision software along with applications for guidance and operation of terminal equipment. For more information, visit www.sk-navigator.com.

New Subsea Drill from Schilling Robotics and Gregg Marine Passes Factory Acceptance Testing
A new robotic deep-sea drill from Schilling Robotics LLC (Davis, California) and Gregg Marine Inc. (Signal Hill, California) successfully completed factory acceptance testing, the companies announced in June.

Gregg planned to begin field testing the drill offshore Vancouver, Canada, this July. The Seafloor Drill, depth-rated to 3,000 meters seawater and able to drill up to 150 meters beneath the seabed, will be used for geotechnical surveying and core sampling. Gregg said design flexibility allows operators to change the tools downhole for additional activities.

Utilizing patented wireline technology licensed from Williamson & Associates (Seattle Washington), Gregg will be able to switch out the drill head and perform cone penetration testing to determine strength parameters in soft soils. The drill uses Gregg's DeepCPT and six-meter One-Pass Drill, MARL Technologies' (Alberta, Canada) drilling platform, and Schilling's controls, power systems and subsea packaging. For more information, visit www.schilling.com or www.greggdrilling.com.

Teledyne Starts Full-Rate Production of LBS Gliders
Teledyne Webb Research (East Falmouth, Massachusetts) received approval from the U.S. Navy to move into the full-rate production phase on the littoral battlespace sensing-glider (LBS-G) program, parent company Teledyne Technologies Inc. (Thousand Oaks, California) announced in July.

Teledyne has already delivered 15 low-rate initial production gliders to the Navy's Program Executive Office for C4I. These gliders have passed their acceptance testing and were approved for full-rate production. The first option, if exercised, calls for the production of 35 additional gliders. The contract, valued at up to $53.1 million, provides for up to 150 gliders.

The Navy will use deep- and shallow-water gliders in the LBS-G program to acquire oceanographic data, improving positioning of fleets during naval maneuvers. The program uses Teledyne Webb Research's Slocum Glider, a torpedo-shaped, two-meter-long UUV that utilizes changes in buoyancy as well as its wings and tail-fin steering to move through the water. For more information, visit www.webbresearch.com.

J.F. Lehman & Company Acquires US Joiner
J.F. Lehman & Co. (New York, New York) announced in June that it had acquired US Joiner LLC and Turnbull LLC, known together as US Joiner (Crozet, Virgina). For more information, visit www.jflpartners.com.

Variable Bore Rams Builds New Louisiana Facility
Variable Bore Rams Inc. (Broussard, Louisiana) has built a 37,325-square-foot facility in Broussard, the company announced in June. All administrative and operational duties will be performed out of the facility's office, shop, warehouse and climate-controlled elastomer storage room.

In addition, the company announced Kenneth P. Lee was promoted to vice president of sales and Ernest Bennett promoted to regional sales manager. For more information, visit www.vbri.com.

Austal, US Navy Work on LCS Corrosion Solution
Austal USA (Mobile, Alabama) and its U.S. Navy partners are set to test a corrosion management solution for the Independence-variant littoral combat ship (LCS) class, Austal announced in June.

Tests of the impressed current cathodic protection system, which is installed on the Austal-built civilian vessel Westpac Express, will occur over the coming months, with the goal of putting the system on the Jackson (LCS 6). The Navy and Austal have plotted a mix of active and passive anti-corrosion measures for the next ten hulls, said Joe Rella, Austal USA's president and chief operating officer. For more information, visit www.austal.com.

Viking Expands its On Board Services Division
Viking Life-Saving Equipment (Esbjerg, Denmark) is expanding its on board services division, the company announced in June.

Last year, Viking introduced a shipowner's agreement program offering long-term lease and service agreements for life rafts. Viking now plans to manage and provide a wider range of services, including exchange programs for personal protective equipment, annual or five-year lifeboat inspections and marine firefighting system recertification. For more information, visit www.viking-life.com.

Donjon-SMIT Refloats Grounded Vessel
Donjon-SMIT LLC refloated a client vessel that had run aground in the Mississippi River about 10 miles below Venice, Louisiana, the company said in July.

Donjon-SMIT was initially on standby on June 13 during attempts to refloat the vessel with tugs. Donjon-SMIT initiated its salvage plan the next day, conducting a damaged stability assessment and using five tugs to refloat the vessel.

"The vessel was broadside into the current, so there was a very real concern that the situation could worsen quickly," said Paul Hankins, president of Donjon-SMIT. "We were also worried about the rapid silting around the vessel."

On June 15, the vessel was refloated and maneuvered back into the channel. After anchoring the vessel, Donjon-SMIT conducted a hull survey. Some damage was found on the bilge keel of the vessel, but its hull was intact, and it was cleared by the U.S. Coast Guard to continue its voyage. For more information, visit www.donjon-smit.com.


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