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June 2011 Issue

MDA Launches Ice–Monitoring Service For Ships
MDA's (Richmond, Canada) Information Systems Group announced in May that its geospatial services division was launching an ice–monitoring service to support safe ship navigation in the Arctic. The company will use RADARSAT–1 and RADARSAT–2 satellites' ice detection and classification capabilities to produce ice information products that can be delivered in a variety of standard formats.

MDA will deliver the products electronically to ships and operation centers, through either direct transmission or via a Web portal. Customer–specific products can also be developed upon request, MDA said. Initial locations to be monitored include the Northwest Passage off Canada, the Northern Sea Route off Russia and Point Barrow, Alaska. For more information, visit www.mdafederal.com.

Mooring Systems Launches Mobile Spooler
Mooring Systems Ltd. (Aberdeen, Scotland) launched in May a 400–tonne–capacity spooler designed to accommodate a wide range of flexible products, including umbilicals, dynamic risers, marine hoses and cables.

The spooler, which was designed and built by Caley Ocean Systems (East Kilbride, Scotland), is capable of delivering almost 20 kilometers of 100–millimeter cable in one batch, Mooring Systems Ltd. said. Its modular design can also be dismantled and loaded for road transport.

Made in accordance with Lloyds Register rules for lifting appliances in a marine environment, the unit is designed for lifting with the hose or cable preloaded. The carousel is supplied with an integrated hydraulic power pack and controls, all rated to IP56, and is suitable for a marine environment. For more information, visit www.mooringsystemsltd.com.

Subsea Radio Users Group Launches at OTC
The Subsea Radio Users Group formally launched May 3 at the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) in Houston, Texas. The nonprofit organization, headquartered in Houston, said it will work to define standards and to guide future adoption of subsea radio frequency in the oil and gas industry. Founding members of the organization are Yokagawa, WFS Technologies, HIMA, Contros Systems & Solutions GmbH, Monitor Systems Scotland and Saab Seaeye. For more information, visit http://subsearadio.org.

Shark Marine Supplies Navigators to Royal Netherlands Navy
Shark Marine Technologies Inc. (St. Catharines, Canada) delivered in December a number of Navigator systems to the Royal Netherlands Navy (RNLN). The Navigators will be used by RNLN clearance divers for very shallow water mine countermeasures and ship hull inspections. They will also be used to assist local civilian authorities in searching for drowning victims and underwater criminal evidence. For more information, visit www.sharkmarine.com.

Kongsberg Maritime Poland Ltd. Opens
Kongsberg Shipmedics (Szczecin, Poland) is now a wholly owned Kongsberg Maritime (Kongsberg, Norway) subsidiary called Kongsberg Maritime Poland Ltd., Kongsberg announced in May.

Shipmedics has been in business since 2004. Kongsberg Maritime purchased a 52 percent stake in the company in 2007 and renamed it Kongsberg Shipmedics. The remaining shares were purchased in October and officially approved by the Polish Commercial Court in December, giving Kongsberg full ownership. For more information, visit www.km.kongsberg.com/shipmedics.

Unique Maritime Group Acquires Seaflex Ltd.
Unique Maritime Group (Sharjah, U.A.E.) has recently completed the acquisition of Seaflex Ltd. (Cowes, England), the companies announced in May. Seaflex Ltd. will continue to operate under the same name, and Graham Brading will take on the role as managing director. For more information, visit www.uniquegroup.com.

EV Unveils Neptus Wireless Subsea Camera
EV (Aberdeen, Scotland) unveiled in May the first commercial wireless subsea camera (WSC). EV said the tool, which can stream live video over distances of up to five meters back to a pickup point such as an ROV or hardwired receiver, has the potential to significantly reduce both operational risk and time.

The battery–powered Neptus WSC has the capability to operate at depths of up to 350 meters for 10 hours. Applications include providing multiperspective views of complex operations. WFS Technologies (Livingston, Scotland) supplied the camera's through–water wireless radio–frequency technology. For more information, visit www.evcam.com.

GOSL Takes Delivery of Sub–Atlantic Mohawk ROV Integrated with SeeTrack CoPilot
SeeByte (Edinburgh, Scotland) said in April it has successfully integrated and delivered SeeTrack CoPilot with the Sub–Atlantic Mohawk inspection–class ROV to Geodetic Offshore Services Ltd. (GOSL).

GOSL purchased the ROV to offer offshore pipeline surveys, inspection surveys and tooling capabilities, and the company purchased a SeeTrack license to accompany the Mohawk. The system was demonstrated and accepted at the Sub–Atlantic test tank in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, in April. For more information, visit www.seebyte.com.

IHC Engineering Delivers J–Lay Tower For First Job
IHC Engineering Business (Riding Mill, England) delivered in April its largest project to date, a 2,200–tonne capacity J–lay tower for Saipem (San Donato Milanese, Italy).

The rigid pipelay system was installed, commissioned, tested and trialed on the newbuild vessel Saipem FDS2 in South Korea. IHC said its system can handle pipes from four to 36 inches in diameter and, with the tower angle adjustable from 45° to 96°, can lay in deep and shallow water. For more information, visit www.engb.com.

Balmoral Opens Subsea Test Center
Balmoral Offshore Engineering (Aberdeen, Scotland) announced in May the opening of its new test facility, the Balmoral Subsea Test Centre, which offers hydrostatic, mechanical and laboratory testing.

A custom–built pressure test vessel, "PV6," forms the centerpiece of the facility, Balmoral said. Installed vertically with an internal diameter of 1.83 meters, an internal length of nine meters and a maximum operating pressure of 410 bars, the test vessel is fitted with penetration flanges to allow the connection of hydraulic and electrical lines.

The center's testing capabilities include uplift determination, water ingress, bulk modulus, compression and creep. For more information, visit www.balmoral-group.com.

Braemar Shipping Services Acquires BMT Marine
BMT Marine & Offshore Surveys Ltd. (London, England) was acquired in May by Braemar Shipping Services Plc (London). "We are delighted with the outcome of this sale process, and we believe this is a tremendous opportunity for the future of our business," said Nigel Clark, managing director of BMT. For more information, visit www.bmtmarinerisk.com.

Hydratight to Open Facility in New Jersey
Hydratight Ltd. (West Midlands, England) is setting up a "major" facility in Somerset, New Jersey, for operations on the U.S. Eastern Seaboard, the company announced in May.

The new hub will be a "product supermarket," Hydratight said, for the rental and sale of equipment to service power stations, refineries and other industrial facilities. The site covers 15,000 square feet and will house all sales, engineering and management functions. It will have assembly testing, refurbishing and preparation stations on site. For more information, visit www.hydratight.com.

RESEARCH V to Launch in June
The Taiwan Ocean Research Institute is preparing the launch of a new 2,700–ton ocean research vessel, RESEARCH V. The vessel, being constructed by Jong Shyn Shipbuilding Group (Kaohsiung, Taiwan), will launch in June, with completion expected in 2012.

Deck equipment and oceanographic winches have been supplied by two Spanish companies. IBERCISA (Vigo, Spain) is leading the project for the supply of the scientific winches, working together with Industrias FERRI (Vigo), which has supplied two A–frames and an arm telescopic frame. For more information, visit www.tori.org.tw.

Nautilus Completes 99–Hole Drilling Program
Nautilus Minerals (Vancouver, Canada) completed in May its 2010–11 seafloor–drilling program with the vessel REM Etive. During the drilling program in the Bismarck Sea of Papua New Guinea, Nautilus completed a 99–hole diamond drilling project, for a total of 1,475 meters.

Drilling was focused within the area of the mining lease (ML154) recently granted to Nautilus, which contains the Solwara 1 deposit and the Solwara 5 seafloor massive sulfide (SMS) discovery. Workers drilled 71 holes in ML154 for a total of 1,147 meters. The remainder of the drilling was conducted in exploration lease 1374, which hosts Nautilus' Solwara 12 SMS discovery. For more information, visit www.nautilusminerals.com.

Mitsubishi Establishes Unit To Engineer, Install Ballast Water Treatment Systems
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd. (Tokyo, Japan) announced in March the formation of a new unit at the company's Yokohama dockyard that would specialize in designing and engineering ballast water treatment systems on vessels already in service.

The project team will initially consist of six employees, including design engineers and ballast water treatment experts, systems deployment and piping, engineering specialists and sales staff. The team can also work on ships built by other companies, Mitsubishi said. For more information, visit www.mhi.co.jp.


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