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May 2011 Issue

Subsea UK Study Reports Region's Steel Industry Expects Growth, Increasing Opportunities
U.K. steel and metal manufacturers have much potential for growth in the near future, said Alistair Birnie, outgoing chief executive officer of Subsea U.K. (Aberdeen, Scotland), which recently released a report on the U.K.'s subsea industry. Addressing members of The National Metals Technology Centre in Darlington, England, in March, Birnie outlined opportunities for specialist metals in the global oil and gas market.

"Our estimates reveal that planned subsea oil and gas projects around the world will require around 90 platforms, over 1,000 trees, 80 manifolds and around 12,000 kilometers of pipelines and flow lines," Birnie said. "This represents a huge amount of steel with a high content of specialist materials, for which the U.K. is renowned."

The global opportunity represents a major market for U.K. companies that have an established reputation for metallurgy, Birnie said. U.K. steel and specialist alloy manufacturers can capitalize on the manufacturing capabilities and expertise of those companies already working on major overseas oil and gas developments, he said.

With 40 percent growth between 2007 and 2010, the U.K. industry now supports around 50,000 jobs, according to the report. Manufacturing companies employ 40 percent of the total subsea workforce. About one-third of the total revenues generated by the sector is centered on manufacturing, and these companies make up nearly half of the subsea sector, contributing 35 percent of the total output, with almost 30 percent of these located in northeast Scotland.

FLAGSHIP Develops Integrated Alarm System
FLAGSHIP, the maritime transport project partly funded by the European Union, has developed software that enables the suppressing of audible warnings in the event of a major incident, avoiding large cascades of alarms on the bridge and in the engine room, project organizers announced in April. Called the intelligent central alarm system (iCAS), it focuses on alarm grouping in order to report overview and criticality. iCAS also uses temporary shelving of spurious alarms to allow reduced disturbance and more focused operations on board.

This part of the FLAGSHIP project included both a theoretical analysis and a practical exercise in the development of an integrated alarm system complete with display. Methodology from the offshore industry was used to create an alarm shelving and grouping function.

The system was used in a simulation of a real incident on a liquefied natural gas tanker, where a full blackout generated thousands of alarms within a few minutes and additional thousands over the next few days, FLAGSHIP said.

Scanjet Sees Increasing Demand For Water Cannon Protection System
With rising piracy on the high seas, particularly from Somali-based attackers, Scanjet (Göteborg, Sweden) says its SCR 360 APR water cannon marine protection system is in increasing demand.

The system is made up of three main parts—a cannon gun unit, a turbine-powered drive and a mounting bracket. Once activated, the system is designed to continue running until the vessel is safe and the pumps are switched off, allowing the crew to be locked down in safe areas onboard.

Developed in line with International Maritime Organization Maritime Safety Committee recommendations, the SCR 360 APR incorporates multinozzle machines that are driven by the flow of seawater using existing pumps onboard. Scanjet says the system operates automatically with nozzles rotating 360°, requires no manual operation and does not need chemicals or steam additives.

ClassNK Releases Free Emission Analysis Software For Calculating Shipping Fleets' Efficiency
ClassNK (Tokyo, Japan) released in April environmental efficiency analysis software PrimeShip-GREEN/EEOI for the international shipping industry.

PrimeShip-GREEN/EEOI is a shipboard and Web-based software system for calculating and analyzing the environmental efficiency of ships in service in line with the IMO's Energy Efficiency Operational Index, ClassNK said. Shipowners and managers can visually assess the carbon dioxide emission volumes of their fleet, compare the operational efficiency of ships within their own fleets, establish emission targets and recognize the factors affecting operational efficiency, the company said. The software is available for free at https://portal.classnk.or.jp/portal.

Optech Announces Teledyne Minority Stake
Optech Inc. (Ontario, Canada) announced in April that Teledyne DALSA Inc. (Ontario, Canada), a subsidiary of Teledyne Technologies Inc. (Thousand Oaks, California), has acquired a minority interest in the parent company of Optech.

"We are pleased to have Teledyne as a strategic investor in the company," Optech Chief Executive Officer Don Carswell said. "Ranging from Teledyne DALSA's CCD sensors that we currently use to Teledyne's presence in the imaging, environmental and marine markets, we see Teledyne contributing to Optech's growth and profitability."

Teledyne MK31 INS Passes Naval Submarine Tests
During recent trials with an unspecified navy, Teledyne TSS (Watford, England) successfully demonstrated its MK31 inertial navigation system (INS) in a naval submarine application that required accurate free inertial performance during a submerged operation, the company said.

The system has been designed to meet the requirement for platform attitude and heading measurement to enable compensatory data to be provided to other ships systems. It incorporates three single-axis ring laser elements and three high-accuracy accelerometers.

Marlink Introduces "Local Numbers" Service For Making Shore-to-Vessel Calls
Marlink (Lysaker, Norway) will launch a "local numbers" service in late May. Available to all customers of Marlink's Sealink and WaveCall very small aperture terminal systems, the service combines direct inward dialing with the local telephone number of the vessel operator's office location to provide cost-effective calling for shore-to-vessel voice calls, Marlink said.

RESON A/S Sells Four SeaBat 7125 Systems To David Evans and Associates, Ashtead Technology
RESON A/S (Slangerup, Denmark) announced the sale of four SeaBat 7125 systems in April. Ashtead Technology (Aberdeen, Scotland) purchased two SeaBat 7125ROV2 systems, which the company said it will use for rental clients. The marine services division at David Evans and Associates Inc. (Portland, Oregon) purchased two new SeaBat 7125-SV2 systems, upgrading from the SeaBat 7125, which will be used for NOAA contract work.

"The ability to tune the RESON 7125-SV2 to specific site conditions and its improved bottom-tracking algorithms from earlier versions, outstanding resolution of features, data tagging with quality flags, responsive product support were key factors in our decision," John Dasler, director of marine services for David Evans and Associates, said.

S3 Acquires New ROV Technology
Aberdeen, Scotland-based Subsea Services Ltd. (S3) announced in March a seven-figure acquisition of two Triton XLX 150-horsepower remotely operated vehicle (ROV) systems. The ROVs will be manufactured by Perry Slingsby Systems Ltd. (York, England).

S3 said the acquisition expands the its workclass fleet capabilities, including drill support, high-quality survey works and heavy intervention tooling down to 3,000 meters.

Caledus Joins Tercel Oilfield Products
Caledus (Aberdeen, Scotland) has joined the Dubai, United Arab Emirates-based Tercel to create an oilfield products company, Tercel Oilfield Products.

The new combined group of companies will allow Caledus to add more staff and to continue its long-term objectives of developing technological solutions, said Derek McLeod, Tercel's managing director for Europe, Africa and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), who will continue to lead the engineering, research and development, and manufacturing operations of Caledus.

Ian Pollock, Tercel's general manager for Europe, Africa and the CIS, said Caledus' product line would continue to be managed from its headquarters.

Three Oil and Gas Professionals Launch Glacier Energy Services
Glacier Energy Services (Aberdeen, Scotland) was launched March 29 following an £8 million investment from Maven Capital Partners and Simmons Parallel Energy, with debt financing from the Clydesdale Bank.

Glacier Energy Services has been formed by three oil and gas professionals, who will take the following positions: Scott Martin, chairman, Dave Sturrock, chief executive officer, and Ciaran O'Donnell, strategic director.

The investment has enabled the company to acquire Scottish businesses Roberts (Glasgow, Scotland) and WellClad (Glasgow, Scotland), which made up MBAe Oil & Gas Ltd., from MB Aerospace Holdings Ltd. (Motherwell, Scotland).


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