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Market Survey

1. Please indicate your job title:
2. In which segment are you involved?
  industry government academia
3. Please select the products and/or services below for which you may determine a need over the next 12 months and for which you will either:
gather information recommend specify purchase
  To choose multiple items hold down the CTRL (PC) or Command (Mac) key.
  To choose multiple items hold down the CTRL (PC) or Command (Mac) key.
4. If there is any equipment or service other than those listed that you will specify/buy, please mention them here:
5. Please check below the approximate dollar volume for each category that you expect to recommend, specify or buy over the next 12 months.
  1 2 3 4 5 6
Amount Vessels, etc. Propulsion Systems Navigation Communication, etc. Instrumentation Basic Materials Services
Less than $100,000
$1 million or more
6. Are you involved in equipment leasing decisions?
  Yes No
7. What is the approximate dollar volume in sales for your organization?
under $1 million
$1 million–$5 million
$5 million–$10 million
over $10 million
8. If you are in the manufacturing industry or provide services, please indicate where
you expect an increase in sales to the following market segments over the next 12
  government: military civil state
  offshore oil and gas
  academic/research institutions
  commercial fishing
  other (please specify:
9. In which countries will this growth occur?
10. For the upcoming year, how do you anticipate your business being?
very good good tight poor
11. Have you taken some action as a result of reading an advertisement in
Sea Technology?
  Yes No
12. If yes, did you buy any products and services advertised in Sea Technology?
  Yes No

Sea Technology is read worldwide in more than 110 countries by management, engineers, scientists and technical personnel working in industry, government and educational research institutions. Readers are involved with oceanographic research, fisheries management, offshore oil and gas exploration and production, undersea defense including antisubmarine warfare, ocean mining and commercial diving.