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Featured Books—August 2015 Issue

Handbook of Sea-Level Research

Edited by Ian Shennan, Antony J. Long
and Benjamin P. Horton
Hardcover. 600 pp. American Geophysical Union. $202.33

Sea level rise is an important area of study for scientists today. Written as a guide, this book walks the reader through approaches to research, interpretation and data collection throughout various marine habitats. Leading experts, representing research efforts worldwide, contributed the 38 chapters. Scientists looking to understand changes in sea level, policy makers interested in the current knowledge on the subject and students focused on research could all find the book a useful tool.

Internal Gravity Waves in the Shallow Seas

By Stanislaw R. Massel
Hardcover. 163 pp. Springer. $129

A vital part of ocean physics, internal waves play a role in the mixing of water, circulation and the movement of marine life, nutrients and gases. The challenging nature of data collection for internal waves has created a shortage in literature on the topic when compared with surface waves. Methods for determining wave characteristics, descriptions of observations and principles of mathematics are covered in the text. The book takes a close look at seas with shallow depths and wave propagation of bottom topographies that are prone to many changes. As a supplement, bibliographies and indexes listing subjects and authors are provided.

The American Sea: A Natural History
Of the Gulf of Mexico

By Rezneat Milton Darnell
Hardcover. 584 pp. Texas A&M University Press. $67.50

With the aim of providing a deeper understanding of the Gulf of Mexico to multiple audiences, Darnell’s book is the result of more than a decade of work. Combing the findings of graduate students, data synthesis and government agency reports, literature and Darnell’s personal research, this book offers a comprehensive look at this body of water. The text encompasses various subjects, including biology, ecology, history and geography. Illustrations and photographs bring additional context to the topics covered. Maps of the ocean floor, original works of art and photos of marine organisms are included.

Modern Observational Physical Oceanography:
Understanding the Global Ocean

By Carl Wunsch
Hardcover. 512 pp. Princeton University Press. $94.11

Computers, new technology and modeling tools have allowed scientists to learn more about the ocean. However, many researchers are downloading information as opposed to collecting their own data. This book provides an introduction to modern physical oceanography. The author also describes what has been learned in the last quarter century, as the observational revolution brought new insight into the changing oceans.

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