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Featured Books—June 2015 Issue

Saved by the Sea: Hope, Heartbreak And Wonder in the Blue World

By David Helvarg
Paperback. 304 pp. New World Library. $12.74

In his book, Helvarg details the story of his love of the oceans. A documentary producer, investigative journalist and war correspondent, Helvarg examines his relationship with the seas. The book looks at how human life is interconnected with the natural world in a profound, and occasionally funny, manner. Helvarg has penned six books and is the president of the Blue Frontier Campaign.

Beneath Cold Seas: The Underwater Wilderness of the Pacific Northwest

By David Hall, Sarika Cullis-Suzuki (introduction)
and Christopher Newbert (foreword)
Paperback. 160 pp. University of Washington Press. $29.96

The Pacific Ocean is one of the most diverse ecosystems on Earth. Hall chronicles the visually striking marine life that inhabit this region with special lighting and sophisticated camera equipment. His photos demonstrate the relationships between the species thriving in the Pacific waters, both predatory and symbiotic. The images capture giant octopus, sea stars, shrimp with candy stripes, dolphins, rockfish and many more. Even those familiar with the wildlife of the Pacific will see the organisms in a different light. Conservation issues are discussed in the introduction.

Good Governance, Scale and Power: A Case Study of North Sea Fisheries

By Liza Griffin
Paperback. 240 pp. Routledge. $55.95

The Earth’s stock of fish could face an uncertain future. Several governments, including the European Union (EU), have been taking steps to address the issue. Governance in fisheries management is explored in this book, starting with the state of fish populations in the North Sea and an analysis of reforms to the EU’s Common Fisheries Policy. The text considers how a greater understanding of governance practice could result from looking at concepts of power and theories of scale. The author uses North Sea fisheries management as an in-depth case study.

The Coral Triangle

By Ken Kassem and Eric Madeja
Hardcover. 208 pp. John Beaufoy Publishing. $35.96

An important region, the Coral Triangle is home to diverse marine life. This book covers stories, including successes and troubles, detailing the unique aspects of the region. USAID Coral Triangle Support Partnership and WWF-Malaysia are working in the area and provided firsthand accounts for this book. A synopsis of threats to the ecosystem and possible solutions to the problems facing the region are provided. Endangered species, habitats and countries that encompass the Coral Triangle are covered throughout the chapters. A list of the best dive sites is also provided. Photographs from Eric Madeja bring a visual aspect to the book.

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