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MultiSpectral Challenge 2017 from R2Sonic

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This item is sponsored by R2Sonic

Multispectral satellite technology, widely used in imagery classification for the surface of the Earth, can now be taken underwater with R2Sonic’s multibeam sonars. This technology introduces a new dimension for acoustic backscatter when surveying underwater.

While most multibeam echosounders (MBES) have the capability to measure the acoustic backscatter intensity across the survey swath, in the past, data collection has been limited to a single chosen frequency. Thus, until now, traditional backscatter could only typically be displayed as a monochrome or single-color image, representing a single data point for each bottom location.

In contrast, in R2Sonic’s MultiSpectral Mode, the multibeam survey is conducted with two or more frequencies with matching aspect angles, in a single survey run. A multispectral backscatter mosaic can be generated as an RGB composite image, with each color representing backscatter intensity at a different frequency. No more one-dimensional data!

This new technique is an active research domain and promises great results in bottom characterization, both for the scientific and private sector (for example, dredging), and water column analysis.

To further break down the barriers to bottom characterization, R2Sonic is sponsoring the MultiSpectral Challenge for 2017. The object of the 2017 MultiSpectral Challenge is to put MultiSpectral data in the hands of researchers, with the aim of developing innovative tools for bottom characterization.

Interested teams can register here.

The winning prize is a Sonic 2026.

Be Innovative. Be Useful. Be the Best.

Take the Challenge!

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