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2015: JAN | FEB | MAR | APRIL

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Compact Sonar
Developed especially for ROV/AUV applications, the Dolphin See View is a 700-kHz system that has evolved from the Dolphin 3001 model. The new design will introduce an Ethernet connection in order to provide increased versatility. Marine Electronics Ltd.
Logger for pCO2 Sensor
The C-sense Logger package records time, date, internal temperature and partial pressure of gas in liquids. C-sense enables in-situ pCO2 monitoring over an extended period of time. Turner Designs Inc., Precision Measurement Engineering Inc.
Polyethylene Buoy
The SB-1800 allows deployment in a wide variety of applications that include shallow water, channel edges, rivers up to 6-knot current, deep harbors and fast-current tidal zones. Tideland Signal Corp.

Advanced Multibeam Echosounder
The EM 710 MK-II sets new standards for seabed survey by increasing range and swath coverage over the original EM 710 by up to 40 percent. The system has a maximum range of approximately 2,800 m, and swath coverage has increased to 3,000 m. Kongsberg Maritime A/S.

WiFi for X•Series Profilers
Bringing the benefits of long-range WiFi to X•Series profilers, Data•Xchange enables wireless data transfer and integrated GPS positioning. Collected data are transferred through an automated link between profiler and computer 40 times faster than via cable. AML Oceanographic.

Submersible Joysticks, Controllers
With programmable sensitivity and output characteristics, the modular controls come in a wide range of outputs. Various mounting interface and enclosure packages are available, and the system is stainless steel and fully submersible. Bokam Engineering Inc.

Compact Buoy Platform
The Micro Field Buoy is 0.3 m in diameter and weighs 15 kg (without instrumentation), making it suitable for airborne, vessel-based or land-based deployment. It can still transmit data to users in real time, providing a rapid response to environmental changes. OSIL.

New Version of Software
HYPACK 2015 software offers users real-time point cloud visualization, as well as multibeam and water column data integration and playback. The new anchor-handling routine allows operators to graphically display the status and location of anchors and their cables. Hypack Inc.

Point Cloud Processing Software
Designed to streamline the review, cleaning and alignment process of 3D scanning, QuickStitch features point-to-point measurement and data editing. It also includes enhanced visualization options and data export. Teledyne BlueView, EIVA a/s.

Battery for Rugged Environments
Including built-in charging electronics with LED charge-level indication, the SS-18 is designed with smart battery functions, such as I2C communication and fuel gauging. It is an outdoor product that operates effectively in extreme environmental conditions and is rated for limited submersion. ICCNexergy Inc.

High-Performance Heat, Cool Pump
Compared to gas, oil or electric heaters, XLHP pumps use a fraction of the energy to generate the same amount of heat. Each pump uses an environmentally safe R-410A refrigerant, and an automatic temperature control monitors water temperature. Pentair Water Quality Systems.

Marine Weather Receiver
The BBWX3 utilizes SiriusXM’s subscription-based marine weather service to provide live, up-to-date weather forecast information. It connects to the NavNet 3D, TZtouch or TZtouch2 network with an Ethernet cable. Furuno U.S.A. Inc.

Camera with 3D Mode
Utilizing two full high-definition sensors to capture true 1920 x 1080 3D video, the 1Cam 3D enables depth perception for the operator. It includes an external strobe and laser connection, and has 10X optical zoom, even in 3D mode, which allows for the full use of sensors at all times. SubC Control.

Software Update for Navigation Sonar
In SonaSoft 3.0, improvements have been made that include target persistence via new image stabilization techniques, updated color mapping fusing depth and signal level information, and one-to-one scaling of 3D images. FarSounder Inc.

Research-Grade Weather Station
Providing instant access to site-specific environmental data, the HOBO RX3000 can be configured with up to 15 channels of plug-and-play smart sensors for measuring a range of weather parameters. An optional relay module would enable the system to remotely control other equipment in the field. Onset Computer Corp.

Tool for Analyzing Wave Behavior
The Wavenology 1.8.0 elastic wave simulation engine can now run on both Windows single-node servers and Linux super-computing clusters. A waterfall post-processing feature was added into the software. Wave Computation Technologies.

Safety Tool for Commercial Industry
Integrating into life jackets, the rescueME MOB1 provides commercial workers and crew with the reassurance that they can be located quickly and recovered in the event of a man-overboard situation. It measures just 134 mm (height) by 38 mm (width). Ocean Signal Ltd.

Diesel Particulate Filter System
The VorTEQ 100 Active DPF System is a diesel emission control system for engines between 65 and 175 hp. It is verified to particulate matter emission levels of 0.26 g/kWh or less and is compliant with CARB’s 2009 nitrogen dioxide standard. Nett Technologies Inc.

Coastal Battery System
The Coastal Battery Remote Station is a compact, shelter-contained system, capable of operating in all weather conditions, day or night. As an option, TV/IIR capability is being offered to extend the overall identification performance. MBDA, Siham Al Khaleej Technology, GEM electronica.

Distributed Buoyancy Module Clamp
Providing an increase in clamp capacity, the DBM clamp offers improved compliance to accommodate riser creep. The new clamp, which offers a universal interface, features aramid fibers in place of a fabricated titanium strap. Trelleborg Offshore.

FPGA Mezzanine Card
The FMC163 provides one 12-bit A/D channel at 4 Gsps (or dual-channel at 2 Gsps) and one 14-bit D/A channel at 5.7 Gsps, allowing for high-speed data acquisition and generation. A trigger input for customized sampling control is available. 4DSP LLC.

Mooring System
By eliminating the slack line typically required, TideSlide enables users to simply pull up to the dock and tie up. It prevents inertial loading, increasing the overall strength of the lines and cleats, and uses a strong proprietary polymer mooring block. PSI Marine Inc.

2015: JAN | FEB | MAR | APRIL

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