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2018: JAN | FEB | MARCH

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Virtual Cargo Simulator
A 3D virtual application for the K-Sim Cargo simulator generates high-fidelity visualizations for operational training on areas of the cargo deck. Students can zoom in and interact with valves, flanges, cargo tank hatches, pressure vacuum valves and crude oil washing machines. Kongsberg Digital.
Underwater Tracking Technology
The Micro-Ranger 2 ultra-short baseline acoustic tracking system is built around 6G hardware and Wideband 2 digital acoustic technology. The small, light transceiver can be deployed from a small boat, pontoon or USV. Sonardyne International Ltd.

HD Zoom Camera
The Apex SeaCam incorporates corrector optics with a low-distortion 70° horizontal FOV. It offers several HD formats and high sensitivity to low light with a faceplate illumination of 0.56 lux. HD and 4K UHD configurations have 12x optical zoom. DeepSea Power & Light Inc.

Increased CAN Bus Signal Range
CAN bus communication protocol is extended to active flying leads with three configurations for up to 5,000 m, including a fault tolerant CAN bus (ECFL-FT), a high speed CAN bus (ECFL-HS), and an optical extended CAN bus jumper (EOFL-C). Teledyne Oil & Gas.

Maritime Black Box
The VR7000S Simplified Voyage Data Recorder is a tamperproof data recording unit for maritime accident investigations. It records information from all serial, analog or digital sensors, bridge audio and VHF, radar and ECDIS data, AIS, bridge alert management, thrusters and inclinometer. Furuno USA Inc.

DC Electrical Switches
New models of toggle and push-button switches are available in single- and double-pole and single- and double-throw options. Switches are available with a lighted lever and optional silicone rubber boot for moisture sealing. Hubbell Marine Electrical Products. Hubbell Marine Electrical Products.

Machine Diagnostics
Using information about speed, horsepower and rigid versus flexible mount, a smart machine checker uses a wireless triaxial sensor to take measurements on the bearing points of a machine, as well as shaft speed, bearing temperature and wireless sensor orientation. Fixturlaser.

Navigational iPhone App
The mazu iPhone app now integrates Navionics vector charts for navigation and weather routing. It offers seven-day point forecasts, with wind and wave heights, access to GRIB files, and NEXRAD and NOAA weather alerts. Navigation includes routes, waypoints, NMEA data, and on-screen tracking. SkyMate Inc.

Artificial Intelligence System/a>
The A-Suite cloud-based operations manager uses algorithms to detect anomalies in the behavior of human operators. It includes a track prediction system and anti-collision support tool, advanced diagnostics for decision support, and uses real-time metocean data, hazards and hydrodynamic performance indicators for optimization. Transas.

Entanglement Prevention
The ARC-1XD acoustic release mechanism is based on vaporization of a nickel-chromium wire by a very high-current electric current. The wire is strung between two posts constraining a level arm. Upon vaporization, a lever arm is set free and opens by the buoyant force of the instrument package or a buoy released to the surface. Desert Star Systems LLC.

Optical Ferrule
A 1.25 mm optical ferrule is available for the BIRNS Millennium connector series. It can be used with molded or oil-filled cables in straight or 90° configurations and in high and low voltage, coax, fiber-optic and hybrids of electro-coax, electro-optical and electro-opto-mechanical formats. BIRNS Inc.

Electric Torque Tool
Australia-based Total Marine Technology has collaborated to release a 24-kilo electric torque tool with built-in drive and torque measurement that is self-calibrating across its full torque range. Saab Seaeye Ltd.

LED Crane Light
The GAU-HB-1000W-LED-SS-480V universal voltage crane light can be operated on 347-480 V AC without modifications and automatically adjusts input current. The LEDs are paired with a high purity, polished aluminum reflector to produce a focused 10º spot beam. Larson Electronics LLC.

Lightweight Anchor
The FX-85 anchor weighs 47 lbs. and offers 21,000 lbs. of holding power in hard sand. With certifications from ABS and DNV GL, it is made from precision-machined aluminum magnesium alloy and can be adjusted to 32° or 45°. Fortress Marine Anchors.

Waterproof Touch Screen Monitor
This 17-in. sunlight-readable monitor has a five-wire resistive touch screen that can be activated with nearly any object, including a gloved finger or stylus. It has a stainless steel panel-mount enclosure, and operating temperatures range from -22° to 176°F. TRU-Vu Monitors Inc.

Micro Multibeam Sonar
The Gemini 720im has a 90° horizontal FOV and 50 m range, with an update rate up to 20 Hz. Its small size suits micro ROVs/AUVs and applications with restricted space or weight such as diver helmets and pole mounting in search and recovery. Tritech International Ltd.

Handheld Data Logger
The Databank Handheld Datalogger uses GPS and the GLONASS satellite system for horizontal position accuracy of 2.5 m. It stores up to 9,999 records and 16 calibrations and uses a GUI interface for configuring Cyclops sensors. Turner Designs Inc.

Micro Inertial Sensors
The Ellipse 2 Micro Series is available as an IMU (inertial measurement unit) with gyroscopes, accelerometers, magnetometers and a temperature sensor, as an AHRS (attitude and heading reference system) running an extended Kalman filter, or as an INS (inertial navigation system) that connects to a GNSS receiver. SBG Systems S.A.S.

Recovery Tow Sling
Panther is a lightweight, high-strength, low-stretch tow sling for mining and vehicle recovery with loads from 20-700 MT. It is made of Dyneema SK78 and covered with Dyneema HMPE (high-modulus polyethylene) chafe protection. Samson Rope Technologies Inc.

2018: JAN | FEB | MARCH

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