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2018: JAN | FEB


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Three-Axis Accelerometer
This accelerometer for deep-sea sediment core samples up to 60 m calculates the attitude of the corer head on penetration into the seabed and the penetration rate of the barrel string, assisting with multiple deployments in the same location. Ocean Scientific Ltd.
New Version of Bathy DataBASE
Bathy DataBASE 4.4 offers point suppression and smoothing techniques for creating chart-ready vector features from survey data. New LiDAR point cloud editing tools allow simultaneous visual inspection, elimination of outliers and point re-classification. Teledyne CARIS.

Commercial Autopilot Controller
Simrad A2004 has automated turn patterns with low-speed, high-speed and a user-configurable work mode. It offers autopilot control via an optional AD80 or SD80 interface module, with a single thruster set to engage automatically below a user-defined speed threshold as well as support for specialized heavy-duty rudder feedback units. Simrad.
Electric Dredge Pump
The E-DOP pump is an electric pump with 93% drive efficiency for applications in populated areas or hydroelectric dams that require clean, quiet operations. Using wireless connections, the system can also be remote-controlled. Damen Shipyards Group.
Data Analytics Dashboard
ABB Ability Enterprise Analytics is a dashboard that allows oil, gas and chemical plant operators to search, view and analyze data across facilities, including condition of a specific device, process or plant area and alarms. The data can also be combined to present and integrate data from any third-party system. ABB Ltd.

Tactical Display for Naval Vessels
Touch-screen Series X HD tactical table aids navigational and operational decision-making with multi-data display from diverse sources and sensors. It is the largest display available (55-inch) with 4K resolution. Hatteland Display AS.


Small Vessel Tracking
exactTrax small vessel monitoring is now incorporated into the VMS Track-Pro transponder from Weatherdock AG. The resulting data services combine the Class B AIS transponder with CML microprocessors and exactTrax technology for monitoring millions of artisanal and small-scale commercial fishing and workboats. exactEarth Ltd.

Dual-Mode Underwater Scanners
The sweeping laser line scanner now has dual scanning modes. Dynamic and static modes can be used to create high-resolution point clouds. The fixed laser line continuously records scan data as the line is moved across the targeted area and can be coupled to an IMU/DVL for long-distance scans ranging to 10 m with resolutions to 0.01 mm. Newton Labs.

Modular Cable Handling Technology
CEMAC cable carousels, offshore track tensioners, linear cable engines and offshore power quadrants come in standard and custom configurations and can be synchronized using standard software control systems. MacArtney A/S.

Smart Hydrophone
The SC2-ETH low-power hydrophone has a 256 GB memory and tracks time even when the icListen is powered off. A hydrodynamic shape aids data recording in turbulent water, and the unit can connect with 24 or 12 V. Ocean Sonics Ltd.

High-Resolution Subsea Camera
SS490 is a 4K HDR camera with a 20x zoom and a combined optical and digital zoom of 144x. The camera is rated for operating depths of 6,000 m or 3,000 m and is constructed with titanium, stainless steel, or aluminum housings and sapphire or acrylic windows. Sidus Solutions LLC.

Deep Protective Cases
Lightweight cases for hauling gear are available in new versions that are 45% deeper and 40% lighter than prior variations. Cases come in long and deep varieties in more than 60 unique sizes. Pelican Products Inc.

Mooring Line Cable Fairing
A new fairing for cable lines is designed to eliminate vortex-induced vibration and reduce drag on lines by 85%, reducing cable fatigue. Fairings come standard in twelve-inch designs for 1/4- and 3/8-inch jacketed wire rope or can be produced in custom diameters and lengths with optional end clamps. DeepWater Buoyancy Inc.

Corrosion Monitoring Equipment
Upgraded versions of the CEION2 and DCU4 electrical resistance (ER) sensor products offer improved resolution and temperature compensation. Transmitter protocol can be configured to support Modbus over RS485 to allow multiple sensors, and the current point-to-point protocol can be configured for full backward compatibility. Products are certified for ATEX Zone 0, IECEx, UL and CSA. Teledyne Cormon.

Shore Power System
SmartPlug has spring-loaded locking clips and a triple-sealing design with an LED power light. The system is available in 30 or 50 amp versions with stainless steel, or black, white or grey nonmetallic covers. Matching phone/TV/data inlet available. SmartPlug Systems.

Multi-Scale Vector Data
Satellite imagery delineating mean sea level at coastal areas is delivered via FTP or streaming. Data available include: Global (1:60,000-scale) vectors derived from U.S. Landsat including 2 million linear km of coastlines; National (1:20,000-scale) vectors derived from European Sentinel 2A/2B imagery; and Local (1:2,000-scale) vectors from DigitalGlobe WorldView satellite imagery. TCarta Marine.

Updated Bathymetric Survey
The Bathy 500HD electronic survey instrument is designed for the generation of precision chart recordings and digital data output. It features low power consumption, portability and rugged construction. The instrument also has built-in communication interfaces that are suitable for navigation/data-logging devices ideal for shipboard surveys. Syqwest Inc.

High-Intensity LED Power Indicator
30A cable sets come with a high-intensity LED power indicator. The fully-molded cable design is solid PVC material for waterproofing. Copper crimp barrel terminations protect against internal overheating and burnout and provide tighter connections and better conductivity. Hubbell Marine Electrical Products.

Enhanced Autodesk Software
The 2018 R1.1 release of ShipConstructor and EnterprisePlatform software offers an enhanced workflow to manage labels in output drawings. Features include a new parts revision view, label list palette and local clash detection, with an enhanced project revisions view, pipe auto-routing, a new project viewer and related project cache. SSI.

Thicker Plate Stock
Thermopolymer plate stock is now available in sizes up to 4 in. thick. These polymers are self-lubricating with high dimensional stability and compression strength, with wear properties exceeding bronze and other white metals. They can be machined to tight tolerances of +/-0.001 in. Vesconite.

Outboard Jet Propulsion Technology
Jet-propelled motors 40 Jet, 65 Jet and 105 Jet provide maneuverability in ultrashallow conditions. Features include overhead camshaft design, multiport programmed fuel injection, water-cooled systems, freshwater flush port, open-architecture electronic protocol, and dual-stage induction and engine alert system. Honda Marine.

Explosion-Proof LED
For use in ATEX/IECEx Zones 2, 21 and 22, the fixture is built with non-sparking materials, silicone foam gaskets and a polycarbonate housing with glass fiber-reinforced polyester resin for IP67 protection. The unit emits 5,375 lumens and operates on 220-240V AC or 220-250V DC. Larson Electronics LLC.

Engine Pressure Analysis Tool
The Icon Research “Doctor Diesel” system is augmented by a new algorithm that allows combustion pressure in ship diesel engines to be automatically synchronized to top dead center of the crankshaft within up to 0.1° accuracy for increased fuel efficiency. Censis.

Geomagnetic Biotagging
SeaTag-GEO offers detection of temperature gradients and can also operate as an ocean drifter for studying ocean currents and associated dispersal patterns. The GEO implements new research using Earth’s geomagnetic field to improve position estimates of tracked animals. Desert Star Systems LLC.

Near-Shore Satellite Communications
Speedcast launched its onboard satellite solution to provide near-shore 4G/LTE communications and high-speed access to Internet and corporate VPN connections. GO4SPEED can be configured with services such as VSAT and MSS. Speedcast International Ltd.

Cable Telemetry
The ScanFish cable telemetry kit offers integration of power and communications with subsea equipment deployed using long cables. It is available with or without a subsea pressure bottle and also in a customized version. EIVA a/s.

High Latitude Wave Glider
The next generation Wave Glider features advancements in operational range and performance for missions in high sea states and high latitudes, as well as expanded sensor payloads and increased energy and storage capacity. Liquid Robotics Inc.

Managed Cyber Security
Fleet Secure is a unified threat management and monitoring service to detect vulnerabilities, respond to threats and protect ships. It detects external attacks via high-speed satellite while also protecting vessel networks from intrusion via infected USB sticks and crew devices connected to the onboard LAN. Inmarsat.

Processor Expansion
The ADLSEC-1710 L-Peripheral board is designed for expansion of the ADLE3800SEC Bay Trail Atom SBC via its Edge-Connect architecture. The combination of the ADLE3800SEC plus ADLSEC-1710 boards provides a complete 3.5-inch SBC solution with features including M.2 PCIe, SATA, DVI/DP/HDMI or USB3.0 and a UPS option. ADL Embedded Solutions Inc.

Overlaid Chart Software
The latest release of the SonaSoft software is upgraded to be compatible with S-57 and S-63 charts. Users can overlay data onto these charts using FarSounder’s forward looking sonar (FLS) system to view real-time 3D sonar data and create historical bathymetric maps. FarSounder Inc.

HD Underwater Camera
The Luma-Vu is a high-definition, high-resolution color CCTV camera manufactured with Aqualuma’s corrosion-proof, injection-molded polymer housing. Tides Marine.

2018: JAN | FEB


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