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2018: JAN | FEB | MARCH


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3D Steering for ROTV
ScanFish ROTVs now have 3D steering: the ability to swim up and down and sideways during subsea survey operations. An optional upgrade allows the operator to control not just the vertical but also the horizontal movement of any ScanFish ROTV, with a fast steering response and a wide range of lateral movement of +/- 25 m. EIVA a/s.
Portable USV
A robust aluminum-hulled catamaran with dual weed-resistant thrusters, the Inception-class portable USV is a professional hydrographic survey vehicle for single-beam and multibeam surveying. It has easily replaceable critical components and off-the-shelf battery power. Swathe Services.

Handheld Fluorometer
CyanoFluor is a handheld fluorometer with optics to detect chlorophyll and phycocyanin responses from natural water samples. The data can show whether environmental conditions are leading to the formation of harmful algal blooms. Turner Designs Inc.
Reference Check Software
UCI 1.2 for HydroCAT, HydroCAT-EP, SUNA, and Deep SUNA delivers nearly 40 new features, improvements and bug fixes. In addition to supporting Windows 7/8/10, this release also brings UCI to the Apple Mac OS X/ macOS platform. Sea-Bird Scientific.
Transponder with Monitoring
The cNODE IQAM system is for subsea data acquisition and integrity- monitoring applications for seabed structures, such as anchor piles, manifolds, PLETS, wellheads and pipelines. It can be used for general environmental, leak detection, seabed deformation or subsidence monitoring. Kongsberg Maritime.

Hybrid Strobe/Lamp
The Aquorea Mk2 synchronizes with SubC cameras using an LED driver. This freezes the stills taken so objects photographed can be captured in the highest detail. The built-in charge control allows it to strobe while limiting the current draw from the system’s power supply. SubC Imaging.

Portable UUVs
The new 1-Man and 2-Man Portable UUVs use the same technical architecture, hydrodynamic hull shape and high-efficiency electronics as the original Micro-UUV. The 1-Man UUV offers a 7.5-in. diameter and base weight of about 60 lb., with a depth rating of 300 m. The 2-Man Portable UUV has a 9.375-in. diameter and a base weight of roughly 120 lb., with a depth rating of 600 m. Riptide Autonomous Solutions LLC.

Smart Hydrophone
Hydrophone arrays can be set up using the icListen Smart Hydrophone, which enables the tracking of acoustic sources such as pingers and harbor porpoises. Hydrophone arrays can be created with receivers very close together or separated by kilometers. Ocean Sonics Ltd.

Compact Turbidity Logger
An advanced turbidity logger, the AQUAlogger 310TY is a compact logger that measures turbidity to 10,000 FTU, with optional integral temperature and pressure sensors. It can be used in freshwater and ocean environments, both shallow and deep. Aquatec Group Ltd.

BGAN Satellite Option
BGAN satellite communication is now an option for the Wave Glider for maritime surveillance. This allows access to 100 times more satellite bandwidth (464 kbps versus 2.4 kbps) around the world compared to traditional approaches. Liquid Robotics Inc.

Fiber Rope
EverSteel-X is a fiber rope line for FSRUs and other semipermanent mooring applications. It uses Dyneema DM20 fiber with a 12-strand construction and is lightweight and abrasion resistant, with improved tension and bend fatigue. Samson Rope Technologies.

Mini Accelerometer
Model 352A74 is a new miniature teardrop ICP accelerometer with a sensitivity of 100 mV/g and a measurement range of +/-50 g peak. With built-in microelectric signal conditioning circuitry, it provides a low-noise, low impedance output signal while permitting long-distance signal transmission. PCB Piezotronics Inc.

Vessel Position Predictor
SmartPredict is designed to provide safe and more efficient vessel operations by reducing the risks of maneuvering. The system displays the vessel’s predicted future position and heading and uses DP analysis algorithms. Wärtsilä Corp.

Inertial Sensors
The Ekinox 2 Series is a new generation of advanced and compact inertial navigation systems. With new accelerometers and gyroscopes, Ekinox 2 attitude accuracy has been enhanced by a factor of two, while improving resistance to vibrations and integrating the Beidou constellation. SBG Systems S.A.S.

Monitoring Buoy
Featuring a more manageable 55-cm diameter, the latest version of the Small Field Buoy offers a more robust top section that sits higher in the water than previous platforms, making it better suited to frequent redeployments in high-traffic coastal and port areas. OSIL.

Waterjet Cutter
Operable to 3,000 m, Chukar’s 100-hp SUB-JET 3000 work-class ROV-attachable waterjet system cuts steel as thick as 250 mm and quickly blasts away coatings, corrosion and marine growth at pressures up to 3,900 bar. Chukar Waterjet Inc.

Rugged LCD Monitors
Designed for demanding applications and environments these customizable industrial LCD monitors are built with industrial-grade components. They feature aspect ratios of 4:3 and 16:9. TRU-Vu Monitors Inc.

Smart Antenna
For harsh machine control environments, the A326 Rugged Smart Antenna empowers heavy equipment manufacturers to deliver machine control and guidance solutions to their customers. The multifrequency A326 uses the Athena RTK engine and is Atlas L-band capable. Hemisphere GNSS Inc.

Single-Board Computer
Based on the sixth-generation Intel Core Skylake-U processors (less than 35 W) and Intel’s Q170HDS chipset, the 3.5-in. ADLQ170HDS provides a robust set of features with breakthrough performance per watt. It is ideal for a variety of industrial applications. ADL Embedded Solutions Inc.

Camera Housing
FA6500 housing is designed for the Sony a6500 and a6300 mirrorless cameras. It features an ergonomic design with access to all essential camera functions and is depth rated to 60 m. Fantasea Line Inc.

Marine Mapping Software
The SonarWiz 7 allows users to streamline workflows while producing high-quality images. The interface will be consistent for users regardless of the sonar system used. Features include visualization of raw side scan and sub-bottom data without need to apply gains or set signal processing options. The new software will provide full support for swath bathymetry systems. Chesapeake Technology Inc.

Fenders for STS Transfer
HaLO Fenders, for the ship-to-ship (STS) transfer market and the wider marine industry, enable operators to source, deploy and maintain pneumatic fenders safely and efficiently with a service structure using a single point of contact. Trelleborg, Teekay Marine Solutions Inc.

Complete Subsea System
Synthesis is a full turnkey support package complete with all small-bored tubing lines staged in reverse fitment order, along with all line and assembly sequence documentation for ease of installation. L&N Scotland.

Integrated Navigation System
8.16.0 is the latest version of QINSy. The main changes in this version are: Kongsberg multibeam systems can use a common reference center; online quick profile; and a new online 3D point cloud display. QPS.

Hi-Def ROV Camera
The BREEZE HD is a high-definition underwater camera that streams video from the ROV to the topside control panel over a single copper twisted pair, which removes the need for an expensive fiber tether upgrade. Atlantas Marine.

Turbidity Sensor
Turbidity Plus is a single-channel turbidity sensor including an integrated wiper triggered by the user. It is designed for integration with multiparameter systems and data loggers from which it receives power. Deployable to 200 m, it is available with or without plastic housing. Turner Designs Inc.

Deep-Diving Personal Sub
Five new research submarines open up the deep to private explorers and oceanographic research organizations. The deepest diving submersible of the new C-Researcher series is the two-person C-Researcher 2, which has an operating depth of 6,600 ft. U-Boat Worx.

The ecoSUB AUV is three times smaller than typical AUVs. About 50 cm long, it is ideal for deployment in a shoal for rapid acquisition of large spatial data sets, enabling quick assessment of situations. ecoSUB Robotics.

Marine Mapping Solution
SonarWiz 7’s new features include an integrated 3D viewer for comparison alongside 2D map views of data. Swath bathymetry systems are fully supported. Users can visualize raw side scan and sub-bottom data instantaneously. Chesapeake Technology Inc.

Wind Measurement
The ResponseONE Ultrasonic Anemometer (Model 91000) is wind tunnel tested and calibrated to provide accurate wind measurement over an operating range up to 70 m/s. R.M. Young Co.

Bathymetry Processing Software
HIPS Essential is the newest edition to the HIPS and SIPS suite. It supports both single-beam and multibeam sonar data and 2D and 3D visualization and data cleaning. It can extract contours, soundings and bathymetric surfaces for downstream product creation. Teledyne CARIS.

Post-Processing Software
As post-processing kinematic (PPK) software, Qinertia gives access to offline RTK corrections and processes inertial and GNSS raw data to further enhance accuracy and secure a survey. SBG Systems S.A.S.

Profiler Buoy
Mona is an autonomous in-situ sea monitoring system that transmits real-time data and can be equipped with sensors for temperature, salinity and microbiology. The sensors are lowered to the bottom of the sea from an onboard winch, making measurements on the way. Flydog Solutions LLC.

Ice Radar
Advanced Ice Analysis has been added to the sigma S6 Ice Navigator, enabling the user to identify, detect and track more ice features to aid vessel navigation and management. Capabilities include automatic detection of icebergs embedded in pack ice, identification of open-water leads, and detection of ice ridges within ice floes. Rutter Inc.

2018: JAN | FEB | MARCH


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