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2018: JAN | FEB


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Gripping and Lifting Tool
Developed in consultation with DNVGL, the Cable Retrieval Tool (CRT200) is used for recovering subsea umbilicals and cable for offshore, gas and decommissioning projects. It allows controlled recovery of damaged cable and umbilicals up to an 8 in. diameter. Allspeeds Ltd. (Webtool).
Unmanned Surface Vehicle Software
Neptune software has been integrated with the ARCIMS USV to increase its autonomous capabilities. Integrating the software allows vehicles to react and adapt their missions according to feedback from their sensors. SeeByte Ltd., ATLAS ELEKTRONIK UK.

Airborne Laser Terrain Mapper
The ALTM Galaxy T1000 combines a 1,000-kHz effective ground measurement rate with SwathTRAK technology to create a compact, efficient and versatile LiDAR sensor. It enables continuous operating with no data gaps and density variations in the multipulse transition zones. Teledyne Optech.

Autonomous Underwater Vehicle
For deep underwater applications, the A18D performs autonomous missions up to 3,000 m deep with 24-hr. endurance and a max speed of 6 kt. It can be transported by plane for overseas missions and be launched and recovered in bad sea conditions. ECA Group.

Underwater Electric Robotic Vehicle
With the addition of advanced iCON behavior-based intelligent control architecture, the Falcon can host many features. Station‐keeping and fine position adjustment reduce the operator’s workload by allowing concentration on the task. It is also possible to add higher accuracy sensors for heading, depth and altitude. Saab Seaeye Ltd.

Argos Satellite Pop-Up Tag
The SeaTag-6K sensor suite includes depth, temperature, three-axis magnetometer, three-axis accelerometer and a wrap-around solar panel doubling as a light sensor. It is also capable of providing horizontal migratory tracks. Desert Star Systems LLC.

Water Speed Pump
Taurus VS Variable Speed Pumps bring energy cost savings with variable speed technology to aquaculture for apps that require up to a 1.5-hp pump. It can operate on 115- or 230-V power (50 Hz or 60 Hz), and has easy-to-access wiring compartments for faster connections. Pentair Aquatic Eco-Systems.

Updated Data Analysis Software
The Bathy Database 4.3 release follows the latest update of HIPS and SIPS 10.2. This version of BDB includes import and export for generic LiDAR format LAS 1.4. It also supports the creation and management of variable resolution (VR) surfaces. Teledyne CARIS.

Shallow-Water Bathymetry Vehicle
With a design aimed to minimize the requirement for specific system expertise, the CEE-USV survey boat is simple to operate without compromising data. The vehicle’s unique removable bow section promotes portability without sacrificing speed and efficiency. CEE HydroSystems USA Inc.

Underwater Camera Housing
Manufactured with function, style and durability in mind, the FG9X Housing for the Canon Powershot G9 X and G9 X Mark II is depth-rated to 60 m/200 ft. It provides full access to all camera buttons with clearly labeled controls and access to essential contact points on the camera touch screen. Fantasea Line Inc.

Biosensor System
The Qwiklite 200 is used for testing contaminants and performing toxicity assessments. Single-use disposable test kits contain live bioluminescent plankton, which rapidly respond to solutions. Test results are usually available in 4 hours, compared to days when sent to a conventional lab. Assure Controls Inc.

Sampling Cylinder
Improving the quality of results and reducing risks, the subsea sampling cylinder (SSC) is the first fully qualified and certified for shipping sample cylinder to be deployed in a subsea environment. It allows operators to take production samples from a subsea system for direct transfer to a laboratory. Proserv.

Electric Diver Water Heater
A new concept in diver hot water, the Thermo Dive uses a highly efficient thermal transfer system to extract heat from the supply water (as cold as 36 degrees) and results in an extremely efficient low energy system that delivers water to one to four divers at the perfect temperature range that a diver requires. AC Plus Marine Inc.

Vessel Control and DP
SeaLyte is comprised of two standalone products: the SeaLyte Vessel Control System (VCS) and SeaLyte Dynamic Positioning (DP). The VCS constitutes a platform of integrated functionality, including machinery alarm and monitoring. The DP is an automatic position and heading control system. GE’s Marine Solutions.

Rugged Chassis System
Successor to the ADLMES8200, the ADLMES9200 is now IP67-rated with lower weight, cost, and more reliable EMC-compliant gasket interfaces. Target markets for the system include military/defense applications for mobile, tactical, airborne and ground vehicles. ADL Embedded Solutions Inc.

Commercial Maritime Service
Veslink IMOSlive is the world’s first complete end-to-end shipping platform optimized for the Web. It combines the existing IMOSlive cloud infrastructure with the Web accessibility of Veslink Solutions to create a new offering that brings functionality to browsers and mobile devices. Veson Nautical.

Range of Vessel Towing Hooks
The Henriksen Towing Hook (HTH) is a series of certified quick release towing hooks with a higher quality standard, made for safe and effective towing operations. The hooks are on-load released, and can be released locally or remotely. Henriksen AS.

Sediment Instrumentation
The Sediment? Solved range of products covers suspended, bedload and deposited sediment, including grabs, corers and sediment traps. These products will offer a range of oceanographic and environmental instruments for observing and collecting sediment. KC-Denmark.

Solar Marine Torch Light
The SL-75 3-5NM lantern with Bluetooth connectivity incorporates GPS synchronization and monitoring. Its solar capabilities help deliver up to 40 percent more power than a horizontal solar module. Sealite Pty. Ltd.

Vessel Holding Clips
Clipper and Clipmate secure a range of common tools and equipment, reducing clutter yet keeping them accessible. Ideal for boat hooks, gaffs, brooms and mops. These molded or extended clips are nonconductive, nonmagnetic and noncorrosive, with no sharp or pointed edges. Beckson Marine Inc.

Health Monitoring Platform
A compact eight-channel version of its IMx unit, the Multilog IMx-8 provides an alternative for users of mechanical and fluid power train applications. It takes up very little space and can be installed alongside existing instruments. SKF.

Power Current Sensor
The Powertron PCS series incorporates bulk metal foil technology, combining high-precision resistors with high power and a low-temperature coefficient of resistance. Units are offered in 73 standard packages with resistance ranges from 1 mOhm to 10 mOhm, a TCR down to 3 ppm and resistance tolerance to +/-0.01%. VPG Foil Resistors.

2018: JAN | FEB


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