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2018: JAN | FEB


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Underwater Metal Detector
The SAR-1 search and recovery, metal detector is specifically designed for military, law enforcement and public safety dive teams to locate metallic objects in low visibility. The detector has a streamlined design with no external wires or cables and uses visual LED lights and vibration target indicators. JW Fishers Mfg. Inc.
Electric Sea Catch
Providing a safe release of up to 1,300 lb. instantly with a push button, the TR3AC uses an electric solenoid to push the release lever open from within the device. Manual release is also available via a pull on the release lanyard. McMillan Design Inc.

Underwater HD Zoom Camera
HD Zoom SeaCam includes a 30x optical zoom capability and 0.024 Lux faceplate illumination. Options include an aluminum housing depth rated to 2,000 m or a titanium housing depth rated to 6,000 m. DeepSea Power & Light Inc.

Underwater Micro Camera
The LED Micro SeaCam with a standard titanium housing and sapphire port featuring a 74° diagonal field of view is capable of ocean tasks up to 6,000 m in depth. Six LED lights are integrated into the housing to provide detailed imaging. DeepSea Power & Light Inc.
Real-Time 3D Sonar System
Echoscope XD is the latest development in sonar with a wide-angle 90° by 44° 240-kHz option that increases the opening angle while increasing the field-of-view and survey area of coverage. Coda Octopus Products Ltd.

Multipurpose Connectable Workboat
Serving as a multiple use commercial platform or powered vessel, the Seahunter is ideal for working in marinas, swamps and transporting passengers along shoreline and rivers. The hulls are designed to be connected together at port, starboard or bow. Lamor USA Corp.

Profiling Float Controller
The new core of the APEX, the APF-11, accommodates up to eight sensors as well as conductivity, temperature and depth (CTD) sensors, enabling configuration of profiling floats that meet custom scientific requirements. Sensors measure dissolved oxygen concentration, chlorophyll fluorescence and particulate backscatter. Teledyne Webb Research.

Digital Control Console
With a clean, new design and fewer connectors and lighter weight, the Phantom NIS-300 is designed specifically for all existing and new Phantom P-150 and Firefly ROV systems. It includes real-time diagnostics, which can be serviced and upgraded remotely. Deep Ocean Engineering Inc.

Monitoring Application
A new carbon dioxide monitoring, reporting and verification application has been developed for the K-Fleet suite of marine fleet management software. Automating the CO2 calculations and report generation reduces the burden for crews to ensure they meet the new environmental regulations that go into effect in 2018. Kongsberg Maritime A/S

Stainless Steel Disc Couplings
Whether in the drives of ship propellers, mobile platforms or tidal power plants, the high-performance and robust ROBA-DS disk pack couplings are suited for operations in extreme environmental conditions at sea. They received the approval of DNV GL for high quality and reliability. Chr. Mayr GmbH & Co. KG.

Near Real-Time Data Processor
CARIS Onboard 1.1 enables users to process data in near real time, resulting in minimized data conversion and processing times. New features include incorporating SIPS Backscatter engine and the ability to compute GPS Tide. Teledyne CARIS.

Hydraulic Compensator Range
The Advanced series, based on the Hyco Range, incorporates more than 15 years of experience and field feedback. It is meant for heavy-duty subsea hydraulic systems, such as subsea vehicles and dredging systems. Seatools B.V.

Subsea Display Monitors
AQUAdisp has up to 16 parameters that can be displayed over four screens. Data can also be presented graphically on 16 graphs, displaying the last 33 values. Low-power technology means it can stay on all the time. Aquatec Group Ltd.

GNSS Receiver Firmware
5.1.0 firmware for the PolaRx5 product line brings new features for file management, usability, security and seismic monitoring. It includes greater logging efficiency and storage integrity to retransmit data lost in the initial transmission. Septentrio.

Rotating Propeller Cap
EnergoProFin is a state-of-the-art energy-saving solution that increases propeller efficiency and creates fuel savings up to 5 percent and is available for both controllable pitch and fixed pitch propellers. Wärtsilä Services.

Digital Particle Imaging System
FlowCam Macro particle imaging and analysis system is optimized to detect and produce sharp digital images of particles and micro-organisms measuring 250 μm to 5 mm in size. It automatically detects and measures in real time based on the actual size and shape using more than 30 different morphological parameters. Fluid Imaging Technologies Inc.

Boat Hand Pump
The Thirsty-Mate High Capacity 519CG#2 and #3 Super Pumps can remove 22 gallons of water per minute with no priming and is ideal for vessels of any size. This gives crews the ability to clear water from a boat quickly and safely. Beckson Marine Inc.

Redesigned Mining Vessels
A new line of Trailing Suction Hopper Dredgers is comprised of the MAD 4000 and 5600. These new vessels have a standard and versatile design and can work up to depths of 60 m, being used with robust equipment in the harshest environments. Damen Shipyards Group.

Emergency Radio Beacon
GlobalFIX V4 features high-efficiency electronics with a 66-channel GPS, accurately fixing the position of a vessel in distress within 100 m of its location. An energy-efficient four-LED array strobe light guides rescuers to its exact position. ACR Electronics Inc.

Roller Bracket Assemblies
The Challenger Series roller brackets assist in guiding hose during both extension and retraction. They are available for 8-in.-wide, 12.5-in.-wide and 18-in. drums, depending on disk size. Coxreels.

Maritime Cloud Email Service
SpeedMail Business Unlimited is based on the SIGMA Net platform using SpeedMail+, a primary VSAT connection and MSS backup link. It is designed to provide maritime business continuity with predictable and fixed monthly costs. SpeedCast International Ltd.

Electric Mobility Battery
BMW’s i3 high-volt battery works with 40 or 80 hp Deep Blue Systems. It benefits recreational and commercial boat owners with a high energy density, low cost and safety standards. The prismatic cell design provides efficient cooling with an integrated compressor and even temperature distribution. Torqeedo Inc.

Water Training Dummy
OSCAR makes it simple to train your crew with man-overboard recoveries. Heavy-duty vinyl bladders are filled with fresh or seawater and connected with stainless steel hardware to simulate an unconscious, lifeless person floating at chest level. Emerald Marine Products.

Underwater Light
Engineered for sport fishing and active cruising, the Sport S3124s packs a powerful 3,000 fixture lumens in an ultrawhite and midnight blue light option. Ideal for small- to medium-sized boats, it is corrosion-resistant aluminum bronze with an overall diameter of 100 mm. OceanLED Marine Ltd.

Ice Radar System
Sigma S6 Ice Navigator’s advanced ice analysis helps identify ice ridges, open water leads and icebergs embedded in pack ice. The operation helps vessels safely pilot the most remote, ice-infested waters around the world, reduce the risk of damage and increase efficiency. Rutter Inc.

Micro Unmanned Undersea Vehicle
Ideally suited for developers of autonomy and behaviors, power systems, subsea sensors and new payloads, the micro-UUV opens affordable operations to any organization with undersea survey or science requirements. It has sonar payloads, acoustic communications and 360° cameras. Riptide Autonomous Solutions LLC.

Boat Liferails
Dux Lifelines are lighter and easier on hands and sails than regular wire. These lines use Dynice Dux SK-75, which has similar material stretch to that of stainless steel and has a breaking strength of 11,000 lb. Colligo Marine LLC.

Flood Detection System
The SeaGamma Flooded Member Detection (FMD) System has been designed to rapidly survey components up to 2-m diameter from an inspection or work-class ROV. It requires no marine growth removal. Subsea Technology & Rentals Ltd.

Mobile Survey Platform
A new side scan/bathymetry module incorporates Klein Marine Systems new UUV-3500 high-resolution side scan sonar with optional bathymetry sonar for the Gavia AUV. It can carry an array of sensors and custom payload modules to a survey site up to 1,000 m away. Teledyne Gavia.

Digital Depth Gauge
DG100 measures and displays depth accurately from 0 to 330 ft. Using a state-of-the-art pressure transducer, the depth resolution is set in feet or meters. It includes a bright LED display, stopwatch indicator, diver and surface modes, and works with the TAC-Series navigation boards. RJE International Inc.

Acceleration Monitoring Device
Low-noise, single-axis Model 2210 accelerometer modules integrate a MEMS VC accelerometer chip with high-drive, low-impedance buffering for reliable, repeatable measurements. It generates two analog voltage outputs which vary in response to applied acceleration. Silicon Designs Inc.

Combined Sonar System
The HMS-624 digital CHIRP side scan sonar system offers dual simultaneous 100/400-kHz frequency operation. It provides high-resolution imaging capabilities for deep and shallow water applications and uses a flexible interface to allow the user to set operating parameters. Falmouth Scientific Inc.

Miniature Inertial Sensors
The Eclipse models range from the N model to the A2 option. The Eclipse-N model embeds an L1 GNSS receiver. It benefits from more satellites improving the signals with GALILEO tracking. The Eclipse A2 delivers a 5-cm accurate heave, which automatically adjusts to wave period. SBG Systems S.A.S.

Insulated Container
With ice retention that lasts up to three days and certified bear-proof, the 20QT Elite Cooler features an ergonomic design and easy-carry handle, so it’s easier on your hands and legs. The molded-in lock hasp keeps contents secure and even serves as a bottle opener. Pelican Products Inc.

2018: JAN | FEB


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