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Mobile Mapping System
Light enough to be worn in a backpack, carried by a segway or strapped to a car’s roof, the Optech Maverick mobile mapping system has its advantages with its size, portability and versatility. It can collect hundreds of thousands of lidar points per second, has 360° camera imagery and position and orientation data. Teledyne Optech.
Marine Braking System
eSTL is the world’s first automated, electrical “Stop, Turn and Lock” (eSTL) braking system. It is compact and needs no additional piping, making it quick and easy to maintain and cost effective to install. Dellner Brakes AB.

Airborne Mapping System
The VQ-1560i provides a laser pulse repetition rate of up to 2 MHz resulting in more than 1.3 million measurements per second on the ground and operates at an altitude of 15,500 ft. It’s ideal for aerial surveys of ultrawide areas as well as complex urban environments. Riegl.

Sound Navigation Ranging
GeoSwath 4 is a fourth-generation shallow-water multibeam echosounder. It features a new look deck that is smaller and lighter with sufficient Ethernet, USB and serial interfaces to suit any combination of peripheral sensors. The new hardware enables it to transmit on both port and starboard transducers simultaneously. Kongsberg Maritime AS.
Data Telemetry System
The SBD Iridium Satellite Modem gives global coverage for low-cost data telemetry including currents and waves, using the Iridium satellite network—the only satellite network allowing transmission of information from any point on Earth 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Messages take seconds to reach its destination via email or directly to Web service. OSIL.

Survey Smart Antenna
With multiple wireless communications ports and an open GNSS interface, the Hemisphere S321 can be used in a variety of operating modes as a precise base station sending RTK to an existing rover network, connecting it to a base via UHF radio or Wi-Fi network. S321 is Athena-enabled and Atlas-capable. Hemipshere GNSS, Carlson Software.

Underwater Sound Measurer
Designed for users wanting the benefits of precise multiconstellation GNSS positioning, the GNSS P326 Eclipse OEM receiver is an all-in-one hydrographic single-beam echosounder survey system. It combines dual-frequency GNSS with the Atlas L-Band correction service. CEE Hydrosystems.

Backup Power System
The fully integrated Horizon Mini 100 Reformed Methanol fuel cell battery-charging generator keeps mission and data critical app devices running unattended for long periods of time in remote locations in the harshest outdoor weather. This off-grid, grid and solar backup system provides up to 2,400 W per day to 12-V or 24-V battery systems. Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies, Sirius Integrator.

Interface Module
Offering a simple plug-and-play installation with no programming, the MW6 is able to control various audio system functions, including power on/off, volume, source selection and play/pause. Clarion Corp. of America.

Weather Forecast Software
NAM data set provides a 60-hour forecast of pressure-level fields at one-hourly and three-hourly time steps and covers the contiguous United States at 5-km resolution. Researchers can use NAM as a driver for complex air pollution simulations. Planet OS.

Underwater LED Light
The new LED SeaLite delivers a high-performance, field serviceable and affordable subsea light with a durable design that has up to 9,000 lumens and 6,000-m depth rating. DeepSea Power & Light.

AUV Software
The Slocum Fleet Mission Control Software (SFMC) is a software suite used to manage multiple glider deployments around the world. SFMC builds on the traditional dock server software application and provides a revolutionary Web-based front end that allows for collaboration among multiple glider pilots. Teledyne Webb Research.

Mobile Mapping Suite
POSPac Mobile Mapping Suite is software for direct georeferencing of mobile mapping sensors using GNSS and inertial technology optimized for all environments and platforms (air, land and marine) and compatible with a variety of mapping sensors. Applanix.

Signal Tracker
The P328 tracks more signals including three new advanced technology features: SureFix, aRTK and Tracer. SureFix delivers high-fidelity RTK quality information resulting in guaranteed precision with reliability. aRTK technology allows the P328 to operate with RTK accuracies when RTK corrections fail. Tracer utilizes specialized algorithms to sustain positioning in the absence of corrections data. Hemisphere GNSS.

Depth Recorder
A new logger in the data logger series, the Starmon TD is designed with a fast-response temperature probe. Ideal for fishing studies, various depth ranges are available up to 2,000 m. Its large memory size can store 8.4 million temperature-depth recordings. Star Oddi.

Underwater Pole Light
The NaviLED 360 2NM Anchor Pole Mount Lamps provide LED illumination to a range of 2 nautical mi. Completely shock- and vibration-proof, the Advanced multivolt circuitry draws less than 1 W of power. Hella Marine.

Flood Detector
For use by divers or ROVs, the impact subsea flooded member detection (FMD) system monitors water level, depth of reading, position of the sensor probe and temperature of the water. The system provides high-accuracy readings with 1-mm accuracy and a range in excess of 100 m. Impact Subsea, Unique Group.

Aerial Mapping UAV
The Nexus 800 is an out-of-the-box turnkey system that tightly integrates hardware and software to provide an advanced, seamless solution for LiDAR survey planning, data acquisition, post-processing and analysis, and product creation. It includes a full GNSS-aided inertial navigation system, 360° field of view and photogrammetric data using HYSWEEP. HYPACK.

Vessel Spreader Light
From center consoles to superyachts, the compact Aqualuma 12 flush and bracket mount spreader light features wide beams to illuminate large areas anywhere on board. It includes a powder-coated aluminum housing with scratch-resistant polymer lenses and a built-in thermal control to monitor heat. Tides Marine.

Modular Sonar Technology
Four new multibeam sonar systems—the integrated Dual Head SeaBat T20-R and T-50-R and the modular SeaBat T20-R and T50-R—are built using the SeaBat T-series platform, which delivers enhanced sonar capabilities and selection of sonar processors. Teledyne RESON A/S.

Relocation and Recovery Devices
Small, lightweight, battery-powered devices, the SAF-553 stand-alone flasher and the ELPF-553 Flash Pinger can be mounted directly on AUVs, gliders or other underwater recovery equipment. The SAF-553 uses high-power, high color-temperature LEDs for optical flashing. The ELPF-553 adds a pinger transmitter for acoustic tracking. Falmouth Scientific Inc.

Marine App
SmartShaft propels a vessel and produces electricity from a reversible rotating electrical machine. This solution is available in three modes: eco (slow speed), standard (patrol) and booster (fast speed). BARILLEC Marine.

Marine Vessel Engine
The MTU 16-cylinder series 8,000 engine is designed for government vessels, ferries and large yachts. The engine has a power outlet of 8,000 kW at 1,150 rpm, while offering low overall operating costs. Rolls-Royce Power Systems AG.

Electronic Steering System
e-Steer avoids the pitfalls of traditional hydraulic setups by having the electric helm connected to the hydraulic-powered rudder(s) via wires, reducing the risk of leaks and loss of steerage. It features speed-sensing technology. Twin Disc Inc.

Terrestrial Laser Scanner
Optech Polaris TLS Series is a tripod-mounted laser scanner that bridges the gap between small, short-range scanners and heavier, long-range scanners. The three models include the TLS-250, TLS-750 and TLS-1600. Teledyne Optech.

Fluorescence Measurer
Enviro-T2 is an in-line fluorometer ideal for drinking water or waste water facilities that want to detect cyanobacteria and algae in their water flow. It provides a 4 to 20 mA output that easily integrates with data collection systems and requires minimal installation. Turner Designs Inc.

3D Navigation Sonar Feature
Local History Mapping offers the ability to build a 3D map of the seafloor over which you have recently sailed. The map is updated with every ping and is displayed as an overlay on top of the nautical chart display. Far Sounder.

Hydrographic, Sonar Processing
HIPS and SIPS 10 introduce new capabilities for automation, efficiency and usability through the integration of the process designer. They provide access to bathymetry and imagery workflows, base surfaces, mosaic and VR surface creation. Teledyne CARIS.

Digital Content Service Provider
NEWSlink Live is a digital content service for crew members. This next-generation service enables seafarers to receive richer, more dynamic news, sports, finance and entertainment content to personal devices 24/7. KVH Industries Inc.

Synthetic Environment Software
Sentio is a highly advanced synthetic environment and virtualization platform that can optimize and improve the efficiency of operations in any offshore environment. It enables the user to virtualize any operational environment across the full ocean engineering value chain, improving safety, identifying risks and lowering costs by enabling understanding of operational needs before going offshore. SMD Ltd.

Echosounder Software Update
A major software update for the HydroSweep deepwater multibeam echosounders has been released. HydroSweep now fully supports the RESON S7K data format, enabling it to work with a wider range of hydrographic software suites. This enables new features such as bathymetry data, classical high-resolution side scan information, as well as snippet amplitude information. Teledyne RESON A/S.

Satellite Terminal System
The GX100PM is designed for use in defense and intelligence applications. The 1-m military grade maritime terminal is compatible with Inmarsat’s Global Xpress “SATCOM as a Service” capability, allowing maritime users to access seamless commercial wideband connectivity globally. Intellian Technologies.

Load-Handling Adapter
3D Motion Compensator (3DMC), a flexible retrofit device, is designed to enhance the load-handling precision of an offshore crane even in challenging sea states. It can be fitted to the knuckle jib of a broad spectrum of new or existing subsea/offshore cranes. MacGregor.



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