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Autonomous Surface Vehicles
Developed for hydrographic survey applications, the EchoBoat-ASV is a multipayload, remotely and autonomously controlled survey boat that features portability, improved thrust and large payload capacity. The HyDrone-ASV is a remotely and autonomously controlled single-beam survey catamaran platform for bathymetric surveying. Seafloor Systems Inc.
Connector Release
Seen as an enhancement of the 7991 Ruffnek MUX Series, the newly designed A259 Ruffnek MUX Series has three key changes: integrating a rubber molded face on the front of the CCP, changing the glass-to-metal seal connector insert receptacle with a Polyetheretherketone CIR, and relocating the O-ring seals, allowing high-pressure oil testing on all seals. SEACON.
A small, untethered lander for benthic operations, the BL-100 carries custom or commercial payloads, including the Sea-Bird MicroSeaCAT, an MBARI open-source SeeStar camera and lighting system, or the OpenCTD. It is also hand-deployable off small boats. An addition, the Nanolander is good for technician training and equipment testing. Global Ocean Design.
Diver and ROV DVR
Developed for use when completing visual inspections on subsea structures that require real-time event logging, the 1HD-4SD has built-in automatic data backup with a copy of all data stored on two removable 3 TB hard drives. Digital Edge Subsea Ltd.
USBL System
Nexus 2 is a two-way digital system developed with an emphasis on far greater accuracy while positioning over an extended operational range. It provides a reliable and secure acoustic link with an extremely low susceptibility to interference and is compatible with many AAE beacons and some older AAE products. Applied Acoustics Engineering Ltd.
Surface Mount Ultrasonic Receiver
RovR, an ROV-mountable ultrasonic receiver, features a narrow-band, frequency agile receiver, RS232 data interface, a wide power supply of 4.5 to 24 VDC and long range detection up to 1,000 m or more. There are versions for shallow or deep waters. Sonotronics Inc.

Acoustic Sediment Profiler
AQUAscat 1000LT combines cutting-edge technology with economic design. The acoustic profiler observes profiles of suspended sediment concentration of up to 2.5 m using multi-frequency acoustics. Supplied with the latest user-friendly software and a self-contained rechargeable battery, it can be deployed in rivers, lakes, estuaries and coastal regions. Aquatec Group Ltd.

Marine Navigation Software
TZ Professional V3 creates charts of the seafloor. The 2D and 3D imaging have customizable color-coding scales for instantaneous precision research. The new 3D view makes visualization of data even more simple and intuitive. Compatible with S57 NOAA Charts and official S63 ENC Charts. Nobeltec.

Fiber-Optic Gyro INS
With a rugged, highly accurate inertial navigation system and AHRS with embedded GNSS, the Geo Fog 3D and Geo Fog 3D Dual offer compact, high-performance for demanding navigation and control applications. Data rates are 10 times faster than the competition, and the core processor is the 1,750 IMU. KVH Industries Inc.

Vessel Tracking System
BigOceanData is a vessel tracking, management and port monitoring system, is fast and accurate and has a wide range of valuable analytical tools and specialist applications. There are no hidden charges for satellite AIS data. Globavista.

Flexible Buoyant Hybrid Tethers
Buoyant hybrid cables carefully control the specific gravity of the cable, allowing it to float just behind the ROV. The low-density materials provide a thin, buoyant and highly flexible cable even small ROVs can use. The patented cable jacket construction is designed to protect fibers in the harshest subsea environments. Linden Photonics Inc.

Hydrographic Training
All the presentations from the general room at the HYPACK 2016 Training Event have been uploaded to ustream.tv, providing 16 hr. of HYPACK training. You can follow the presentations at www.ustream.tv/channel/hypack. HYPACK.

Seaflood Identifier
GeoTexture software for the GeoSwath Plus line has updated positions that combine Plus with the latest GeoTexture as a solution capable of delivering calibrated images of acoustic reflectivity of the seafloor. The system co-registers bathymetry and georeferenced backscatter data in shallow-water environments over a wide area. Kongsberg GeoAcoustics Ltd.

Portable Mapping Systems
Economically priced and lightweight, the VMQ-1HA includes one scanner and acquires dense point cloud patterns, even with single passes at typical traffic speeds. The VMX-1HA has two scanners that provide dense, accurate and feature-rich data, even at high driving speeds. RIEGL.

Multibeam Sounder
WASSP S3 is built to survey and map with 2D/3D software. It features new DRX digital/wideband hardware platform, functionality additions via licensing, touch-screen compatible software, and a new flexible transducer cable for portability. It is ideal for the harsh marine environment. WASSP Ltd.

Specialized Software
Visual Habitat 2.0 is used for the assessment and mapping of aquatic habitat features including seagrass, bathymetry and various substrate types. Users can print maps directly or export their results for use in Google Earth or ArcGIS. It also automatically computes grid statistics including the area, water volume, and plant and volume. BioSonics Inc.

Rack Mount Cases
Pelican-Hardigg Classic- and Super-V Series have a load limit up to 170 lb. Vibration is reduced with eight heavy-duty rubber shock mounts to isolate the frame inside the shell. The polymer outer shell absorbs impacts and dissipates residual movement. Orion Case L.L.C.

Compact, Low-Light Camera
The Explorer-Extreme underwater CCD camera offers better than SIT performance, without the need for an image intensifier. The Explorer-Extreme uses a peltier-cooled back-thinned and back-illuminated EMCCD sensor, for higher sensitivity. This produces a higher output signal and much lower noise floor. Teledyne Bowtech Ltd.

Airborne Lidar Bathymeter
Optech CZMIL Nova collects lidar, hyperspectral and photogrammetric data simultaneously. Its advanced HydroFusion workflow automatically generates a wide range of deliverables including bathymetric, water/seafloor reflectance and benthic classification maps. Teledyne Optech.

Oil and Marine Hose
Swiline, a dedicated seawater intake hose, is engineered to meet the unique requirements of floating liquefied natural gas (FLNG) extraction facilities. Certified to the API 17K standard, this new technology has the potential to optimize the topside architecture on FPSOs. Trelleborg Oil & Marine.

Towed Sonar System
Utilizing full-spectrum chirp technology, the 2300 system can be used for deepwater combined sonar operations. Sub-bottom profiler capabilities have been expanded, plus the ability to incorporate up to four low-frequency transducers. EdgeTech.

Internal GPS Receiver
Successor to the MTi-G-700, the MTi-G-710 GNSS/INS supports both GPS and GLONASS and offers a higher robustness in challenging environments. The MTi-G-710 is drop-in replaceable and can also be used with GPS antennas. Xsens.

Logging and Storage Dual Drives
Designed specifically for mission-critical applications in the hydrographic market, the Leviathan 19i features dual, individually lockable and removable solid state drives that deal with data logging and storage, plus dual internal hard drives. eurotask Ltd.

Mooring Beacon
The Apollo is independently powered and self-contained with the power of an ultrabright LED Flasher combined with satellite communications. Users can get notification of the Apollo’s arrival at the surface from anywhere on Earth via the Iridium Low Earth Orbit satellite communication system. Once on site, users will get unparalleled visibility even in the worst conditions. Xeos Technologies.

High-Endurance Profiling Float
Mermaid-TREC is a high-endurance, environmentally powered platform with custom configurations that combine a traditional storage battery with the environmentally charged TREC battery. Clean, renewable energy from the ocean extends mission length and increases profiling frequency. Seatrec Inc.

Sonar Measuring Device with DSP
HY 1602 dual-frequency echosounder system is an all-in-one PC-based echosounder that can output both echogram and chart paper results simultaneously. It can be used to survey rivers, lakes, the ocean and other bodies of water. Wuxi Haiying-Cal Tec Marine Technology Co. Ltd.

Water Sampling Equipment
Time-series noncontaminated water sampler NWS-11C5 is capable of getting a pure in-situ sample by inflating a bag. Timer-based automatic water sampling with 500 m maximum working depth and 300 ml sampling capacity can be deployed for up to one month. NiGK Ocean.

Anti-Fouling Device
A self-contained, completely submersible wiping device, the miniWIPER can be used with a variety of sensors to wipe at various intervals and is powered by two AA lithium batteries. It prevents various organisms from growing on the sensor and interfering with data. Precision Measurement Engineering Inc.

Lightweight Inclining Positioner
An oceanographic pan-and-tilt positioner, the P15 features a rugged design with a 6,000-m safe working depth. It also includes a 10 lb.-ft. torque output and 20 to 28 VDC power with aluminum housing. Remote Ocean Systems.

Elevation Data Management System
Bathy DataBASE 4.2, part of the ping-to-chart solution, is a powerful system for the management and analysis of bathymetric surfaces and point clouds. This version includes an enhanced 3D subset editor and more powerful user-friendly environments. CARIS.

Visualization Software
Designed to operate with all current positioning options, Quantum simplifies any system configuration while easing methods of interpretation. Integral diagnostic functions and visual modules can also be operated independently without affecting concurrent positioning calculations. Veripos.

Color PATZ Cameras
Two new pan-and-tilt zoom (PATZ) cameras, the OE14-222 (PAL) and OE14-223 (NTSC) help the operator by removing the 45-second calibration delay during installation, and they have improved resistance to shock and vibration, integrated LED lighting and more. Both are compatible with the Maritime IR remote control. Kongsberg Maritime Ltd.

2D Slice Editor
Qimera 1.2 expands upon the original to make hydrographic data processing as simple as possible. New features include a slice editor that helps the user select, edit and see points of a 4D scene, streamlined and intuitive user interaction and seamless workflow from QINSy to Qimera. QPS.



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