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Marine Muffler
Building on the highly successful Thinline series, the technologically advanced Thinline Linear Muffler, with a throughport raw water bypass system, will handle water not required for exhaust cooling. There are two baffles so the excess water travels through the unit to keep it from intermixing with gas and exhaust water spray. Marine Exhaust Systems Inc.
Lightweight Fiber Rope Crane
Featuring a simple-to-operate fiber rope lifting system, this crane employs Parkburn’s tensioning technology, eliminating the heating and degradation problems associated with on-load fiber ropes stored on winch drums. Offered as a 150-t fully heave-compensated knuckle boom crane, reaching 4,000 m of water depth. MacGregor and Parkburn Precision Handling Systems.
Geometric Modeling Software
PropCad software introduces a new feature: the Pattern Corrections tool. It reduces manipulation of the propeller design with a 3D CAD tool and allows users to directly specify machine stock and shrinkage to create machining models, casting patterns and mold geometries. HydroComp Inc.

CTD, Multiparameter Instrument
An evolution of the miniCTD, the fastCTD Profiler is designed to deliver CTD casts at rapid drop sites. A conductivity cell designed for optimum flow-through, a fast response thermistor temperature sensor and a 0.01 percent pressure sensor synchronously sampling at 32 Hz deliver the highest quality profiles. Valeport Ltd.

Premium Nautical Coating
VMG Hard & Fast Racing Finish is a revolutionary polytetrafluorethylene coating geared specifically for freshwater sail boaters and power boaters. VMG is specifically formulated with an added edge in maximizing velocity while protecting vessel hulls, with one of the lowest coefficients of friction. Sea Hawk.

Photosynthetic Algae Assessor
AquaFlash provides an easy and fast method for obtaining estimations of both total chlorophyll and photo synthetic efficiency (total health) of algae. The instrument is a useful tool for any aquatic habitat, freshwater or marine. Turner Designs Inc.

Underwater Probe
CP-100 underwater probe features dual cell technology for the most accurate and reliable CP readings, as well as a hardened stainless tip to stand up to the abuse of offshore environments. Suitable for both contact and proximity readings. Outland Technology Inc.

Long-Range Marine Lantern
SL-300 series 12-21 NM lantern with a 1.5° vertical divergence is suitable for a range of applications such as long-range shore-based beacons, fixed beacons or lighthouse optic replacements and upgrades. It can be used to mark treacherous coastlines, hazardous shoals, reefs or indicate safe passage for vessels entering a shallow or dangerous channel. Sealite Pty. Ltd.

Manipulation Imaging Screens
Based on technology from the Yanik Lab at MIT, VAST BioImager System is a modular and expandable platform that allows researchers to avoid the tedious manual steps of loading, positioning and rotating zebrafish larvae for high-content imaging screens. The VAST software allows manual or automated control needed to capture and store images of the larvae. Union Biometrica Inc.

ROV-Attachable Waterjet System
Capable of operating to 3,000 m depth, SUB-JET 3000 cuts steel as thick as 250 mm and quickly blasts away coatings, corrosion and marine growth at pressures up to 3,900 bar. The SUB-JET 3000 is deployed as an underslung equipment skid on a work-class ROV and is powered from the ROV’s auxiliary power. Chukar Waterjet Inc.

Submarine Cable Planning Software
MakaiPlan Pro version 6.0 includes the tools of MakaiPlan and allows users to perform powerful and precise 3D, dynamic simulations of a submarine cable installation. The operator can quickly simulate an entire cable lay, which is useful for developing ship installation plans. Makai Ocean Engineering.

Position Sensors
Macro Sensors SSBR-937 Series CANBus LVDT Position Sensor with a CANopen interface compliant to CiA 443 for subsea instruments offers more interoperable and standardized communication. This helps to network with devices from different manufacturers used on the ocean floor. TE Connectivity.

Subsea Flow Monitor
Seatooth Pipelogger Ultrasonic Flow is designed to monitor flow within the pipeline without penetration of the pipe wall. Flow data are wirelessly harvested from the Seatooth by diver, ROV or AUV using subsea radio communications. WFS Technologies Ltd.

Biodiesel Reels
For biodiesel concentrations of B5 or less, the use of standard fueling reels (SHF or TSHF) is recommended. For concentrations above B5, stainless steel plumbing should be used with Viton seals and non-sparking pawls. Products recommended include SHF-N-525-BBN, TSHF-N-XXX-BBN, or TSHL-N-635-BBN. Coxreels.

Compact Digital Video Recorder
Designed for embedded OEM applications, Model 4011 records audio and video to USB storage media in MP4 format and captures JPEG images on the fly without interrupting the recording. It also allows live video, recorded audio and video or JPEG snapshots to be displayed on an external monitor. Sensoray.

Subsea Positioning Transponders
Expanding the cNODE portfolio, the cNODE MiniS 34-180 and cNODE MiniS 34-40V are the smallest transponders for use with HiPAP, cPAP and μPAP underwater positioning systems. Each is depth rated to 4,000 m. Kongsberg Maritime A/S.

Chart Radar Systems
Two new radar models, the FAR-15x3 and FAR-15x8 series, have been developed with the concept of delivering high performance and excellent operability. Each model includes a target analyzer, automatic clutter elimination, fast target tracking and other features. Furuno.

Pipe Crawler System
The world’s only remotely operated, battery operated crawler system, the DT340 can operate for 4 to 8 hr. on a 1.5-hr. charge, is fully submersible up to 50 m and is contained within two carrying cases. Deep Trekker Inc.

Durable Drysuit for Diving
E·Motion PLUS combines two existing drysuit models—E.Motion and E.Lite—and the result is flexibility and lightness. The color scheme is black, grey and silver, with red gussets in the sleeves. SANTI and Halcyon.

Navigation and Positioning Software
NaviPac 4 introduces new and improved features such as visualization and processing elements from the NaviModel, a new user interface and new lidar navigation capability. Other features include a new configuration tool and new online eventing package. EIVA a/s.

Near-Infrared Detectors
Designed specifically for back-facet laser-monitoring applications, the NXIR-RF36 and the NXIR-RF70 offer reduced footprints and are ideal for integration with semiconductor lasers and vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers. The NXIR-5W is optimal for high-power-laser monitoring that requires high responsivity in the NIR spectrum. Opto Diode Corp.



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