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Controlled Impedance Cable
A highly flexible cable with individually controlled impedance signals, this 30 AWG cable is offered with one to eight individually shielded 100 ohm pairs. It is resistant to temperature extremes. Cicoil Corp.
Upgraded CORMAC Winch Range
The electric motor and junction box are IP56, and, as an upgraded feature, all CORMAC winches are now fitted with an electric-driven level wind, allowing for improved spooling performance, while making it possible to change cable diameter. MacArtney Group.
Submersible Transducer
KPSI Model 342 submersible level transducer can now withstand temperatures up to 85°C for use in hostile fluids, providing a 4 to 20 mA analog output with digital transducer performance. Measurement Specialities Inc.

AUV for Offshore Survey
The MUNIN combines the size and deployability of the Hydroid REMUS 600 AUV with the navigation systems and user interface of the Kongsberg HUGIN AUV to give offshore users a solution for survey and exploration needs. Hydroid Inc. and Kongsberg Maritime AS.

Polymer Case Trolley
Designed to move over rough terrain, the off-road case is engineered with 10.2-cm-diameter polyurethane wheels, with stainless steel hardware and ball bearings. Pelican Products Inc.

High-Capacity Connectivity
Ultra ORION is a multichannel, multiband radio system that performs the role of high-capacity backhaul for tactical networks interconnecting C4ISR elements. It can also act as a backhaul repeater and range extension node. Ultra Electronics, TCS.

Updated FROG-XT Capsule
The new-generation crew transfer device has been developed to provide greater comfort and a more secure experience for passengers, while being more compact and easier to ship and maintain. Reflex Marine Ltd.

Loader Crane Series
Four new loader crane models, the X-CLX 178, the X-DUO 178, the X-HIDUO 188 and the X-HIPRO 192, are equipped with soft-seal hydraulic couplings and a boom extension faster than the previous system. Hiab.

Hydrographic Data Processing
HIPS and SIPS 8.1 offers a single solution for bathymetry, seafloor imagery and water column data processing, including improvements to the SIPS processing engine for side scan sonar data. CARIS.

Site Positioning System Essentials Kit
The Essentials Kit is comprised of the Trimble Site Mobile controller, Trimble SCS900 Site Controller Software and Trimble SPS985L GNSS Smart Antenna. Trimble Navigation Ltd.

Fluid Leak Detection
The Leak Detection System is used for detecting fluid that, when mixed with a fluorescent dye, enables the user to visually identify any leaks in subsea assets during installation or operation. Bowtech Products Ltd.

Space-Saving Speaker
Waterproof, UV- and salt-resistant, the Aquatic AV 3-in. speaker is rated at 60 watts maximum power output, with a frequency response of 125 to 20,000 Hz. Aquatic AV.

Inertial Navigation System
Survey-grade Ekinox-D embeds a dual-antenna L1/L2 GNSS receiver to deliver heading and position, while increasing satellite reception availability. SBG Systems.

Scour Monitoring Solution
NaviSuite Edulis is a plug-and-play solution. With scanning sonars fitted to the underwater structure, depending on whether a 360° or 180° view is required, the NaviSuite Edulis scans the seabed and logs the data. EIVA a/s.

Triaxial Isotron Accelerometer
Available in sensitivities of 10 mV/g or 100 mV/g, the Endevco model 7253D is small and lightweight with a broad frequency response. Features include thru-hole mounting for 360° cable orientation and hermetically sealed titanium housing. Meggitt Sensing Systems.

GNSS Mobile for Offshore Positioning
The LD7 is a new multifrequency system featuring GNSS heading, L-band positioning and wireless communication capabilities. It is compatible with both GPS and GLONASS networks. VERIPOS Ltd.

Tactical-Grade MEMS IMU
The OEM-IMU-STIM300 is a microelectromechanical system inertial measurement unit that integrates with NovAtelís OEM6 receiver technology to provide a 3D continuous position, velocity and attitude solution. NovAtel Inc.

Cabin Temperature Control
The Smart Touch Cabin Control schedules temperature settings based on days and times. It is a full-color, touch-activated thermostat and system control for a boatís air conditioning. Dometic Marine.

Integrated Weather Stream
The Velocity Weather API is powered by customizable, high-resolution, auto-updating content, and it has been designed to enable quick and seamless integration into most applications and platforms. Baron Services Inc.

Underwater Investigation Software
UXO Marine combines magnetic data processing, analysis and visualization tools with a workflow that enables surveyors to conduct marine site investigations with effectiveness and accuracy. Geosoft Inc.

Cleaner for Offshore Drilling
RigWash can be used for cleaning all surfaces, including metals, rubber, plastics, acrylic, chrome and plated finishes and painted surfaces without warping, etching, weakening or corroding. Environmental Solution Inc.

Sail and Deck Pods
A flexible, sturdy mounting solution for viewing navigation electronics, the boxes are sold with either clamps or a rotating base. Seaview.

Optical Output IRLED Illuminator
Ideal for night vision illumination tasks, the OD-669-850 infrared illuminator features high optical output, from 800 to 1,250 mW and a peak emission wavelength of 850 nm. The spectral bandwidth at 50 percent is typically 40 nm, and the half-intesity beam angle is 120 degrees. Opto Diode Corp.

Quantitative Interpretation Platform
The Blueback Rock Physics plug-in for Petrel is an integrated suite of rock physics tools for quantitative interpretation across multiple domains within Petrel. It allows asset teams to optimize the value of seismic data and improve reservoir forecasting. Blueback Reservoir AS.

Large Protractor Triangle
With its clean design, the Professional Protractor Triangle has both 320 mm and 1 to 80,000 scales. It is constructed of heavy-duty, clear 5 mm-thick acrylic and has a handle for ease of use. The legs are 9.312 in. long, and the hypotenuse (long side) is 13.125 in. Weems & Plath, Inc.



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