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Allowing users to log data continuously during long-term deployments, the DataBank Datalogger Station offers great resistance to the environment. It approximates IP 66 and Nema 4x, providing a degree of protection against corrosion, windblown dust and rain, and water splashdown. It stores up to 9,999 records and 16 calibrations. Turner Designs Inc.
Compact Camera
Newly designed, the Super Wide-i SeaCam has a smaller housing, proprietary lens and a dome port which eliminates vignetting and minimizes image distortion. It is 104.9 mm long, weighs 0.23 kg and provides a 150° horizontal by 120° vertical field of view in water. DeepSea Power & Light Inc.
All-Steel Storage Reels
These large-capacity reels hold any wrappable material for hassle-free storage, easy transport and safe operation. The reels come without swivels and risers and feature CNC robotically heavy-duty spun and ribbed discs with rolled edged. They store and maintain long lengths of hose, collapsible hose, power cord, cable, rope, wire, barbed wire, tape and chain, among other materials. Coxreels.

Data Buoy Controller
A data buoy controller and telemetry system in an extremely rugged waterproof enclosure, DANTE is configurable and expandable, supports any sensor, and includes a GPS receiver, accelerometer, magnetometer, multiple telemetry modem, and a backup battery for communications. Data is forwarded to users through TCP-IP, FTP and/or email. Soundnine Inc.

HD Multiplexer
Carrying all signals over one single mode optical fiber via CWDM, the NEXUS MK VI is an HD video and multibeam sonar multiplexer. Primary applications include the interfacing of MB sonar heads with appurtenant survey sensors and up to three HD camera signals on ROVs, ROTVs, trenching vehicles, towed sledges and other kinds of underwater instrumentation platforms. MacArtney Group.

Survey-Grade Inertial System
Embedding a dual-antenna L1/L2 GNSS receiver, the Ekinox-D delivers more robust heading and position, while increasing satellite reception availability. GNSS data and inertial information are fused by an extended Kalman filter to improve data integrity. SBG Systems.

Removable Data Storage Module
For subsea marine applications, the DataPod combines the ease of use of network attached storage with the reliability of a RAID array and solid state storage. The unit enables high-bandwidth recording with up to 2.5 TB of storage in a 1,000-m depth-rated pressure module. Kraken Sonar Systems Inc.

Digital Shaft Alignment Tool
Comprising a display unit, a 6.5-in. touch screen and a new set of sensors, the Fixturlaser NXA also includes a gyro-powered OmniView function. The sensors use second-generation CCD technology with increased capabilities and reliability. Elos Fixturlaser AB.

ECDIS Series
Chart redraw on the FMD3x00 series is instantaneous when panning and zooming. A new split screen mode allows for chart display at different scales on the same screen. Furuno USA Inc.

Multishot Mine Neutralization Magazine
Hydra is a multishot system that carries three disruptors standard, with each unit housed in its own silo and operating independently of the others. The number of silos can be increased or decreased depending on the concept of operation and the size of the ROV. Saab Seaeye Ltd.

Compact EPIRB
Fueled by nonhazardous batteries, the SmartFind EPIRB is available in a manual bracket or a SOLAS-approved automatic housing. McMurdo Marine.

LED Lantern
Safety-approved for most volatile environments and engineered with an array of four high-intensity LEDs, the 9415 LED Lantern shines a piercing 413 lumens/26,352 candela peak beam intensity. It offers three illumination modes (high, low and flashing) with a water-resistant electronic switch. Pelican Products Inc.

Aquatic Habitat Assessment Tool
Visual Habitat DT-X, a new version of a software program first released in May 2012, processes data to generate full-color maps displaying transects as data layers that highlight bathymetry, plant coverage, plant canopy height and substrate type. BioSonics Inc.

Digital Product Manager
ChartBrowser 2.0 manages digital products both on board the vessel and in the office. ChartWorld International.

Electronic Chart Updating
iECDIS provides wireless updates ranging from simple daily notices to mariners to the full chart downloads required each month by law. It does not rely on physical disc updates, VSAT or broadband downloads. Martek Marine Ltd.

High-Temperature Lithium Batteries
Suitable for the downhole environment, these batteries are 3.6 to 3.9 V per cell and can withstand temperatures up to 200° C. Excell Battery Corp.

Triaxial Accelerometer
Designed for precise and reliable measurement of low-frequency events, the Endevco model 7298 is focused on demanding applications with whole-body motion in three mutually orthogonal directions immediately following a shock or in the presence of severe vibrational inputs. Meggitt Sensing Systems.

Sensing System
Based on cesium-vapor magnetometers, the Rogue Detection System (RDS) is designed for surveillance and interdiction of person-borne improvised explosive devices and concealed weapons. Geometrics Inc.

Methane Sensor
Well-suited to monitoring underwater pipelines and storage facilities, the PSI Mini-Pro CH4 is small enough for mounting on ROVs. It is ideal for gas seeps, hydrates and oil spill tracking. Pro-Oceanus Systems Inc.

Hydrographic Laser Scanner
Easily installed in any type of aircraft, the VQ-820-G is designed to survey seabeds, riverbeds or lakebeds. Measurements are conducted with a narrow, visible green laser beam at 532 nm. Depending on turbidity, this allows measuring into water. RIEGL USA Inc.

Grouting Mixer
Super Pan Mixer will enable ultrahigh-strength (UHS) grouting for monopile transition pieces to be completed in half the time of its own previous model. Larger volumes of grout can be produced by mixing larger batches, and by simultaneously loading, mixing and pumping grout. It is the first mixer on the market with a UHS grout output rate exceeding 10 m3 per hour. FoundOcean.

Neck Ring System
Of thermal plastic construction, the G2 ZipSeal has a diameter of 9 in./229 mm. This new design allows for an additional 3.895 in./100 mm in circumference. Diving Unlimited International Inc.



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