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Product 1 picture - September 2009 Issue
Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler
This high-performance, 3-axis water current profiler has a range of 180 m. The deployment frame has a double fail-safe recovery system that utilizes 2 acoustic releases per frame. SonTek/OSIL.
Product 2 picture - September 2009 Issue
GNSS Receiver
The C-Nav3050 GNSS receiver has a simple upgrading path that allows customers to switch the C-Nav3050 from a single-frequency receiver to a geodetic instrument. C-Nav3050 is powered by a 66 GNSS channel circuit board. C-Nav.
Product 3 picture - September 2009 Issue
Universal Load Cells
Series SS5000 is a family of miniature strain gauge load cells designed to measure both tension and compression loads. With units weighing 250 g nominal, Series SS5000 offers 4 measurement ranges, from '250 to '2,000 N ('3000 N maximum), with units occupying a footprint of 44.5 cm in diameter and 31 cm in length. Sherborne Sensors Ltd.

Data Logger
The DataBank is a universal hand-held data logger that can be used with a variety of analog sensors. The DataBank has internal memory enabling unattended data logging at intervals from 1 second to 4 days. Sensor power is provided directly from the DataBank, eliminating the need to connect to external batteries. Turner Designs Inc.

Rope Cutter
Webtool™ RCV75HD supersedes the RCV75 with a patent-pending design that incorporates a fail-safe mechanism preventing the operation of the cutting blade unless the anvil is correctly located. Allspeeds Ltd.

Submersible Transducer
The VersaLine VL4500 Series (millivolt) submersible transducer provides 100 mV output at 10 VDC excitation for most ranges and is designed for applications measuring level in groundwater, surface water and seawater. With a titanium body and diaphragm, it is available in ranges from 0 to 30 in. WC through 0 to 300 psi with 0.25 percent and 0.1 percent accuracies. Process Measurement & Controls Inc.

PH Probe
The CS525 Submersible ISFET pH probe provides pH measurements in aqueous or semisolid solutions. The probe's electronics are embedded in a PEEK plastic body. Elimination of the glass bulb used by traditional pH probes removes the possibility of broken glass. The CS525 uses SENTRON's high-tech, ion-sensitive field-effect transistor semiconductor as its pH-sensitive element and a silver/silver-chloride potassium-chloride reference system. Campbell Scientific Inc.

New dynamometer Type 9129AA is 32 mm high and has a measuring range of up to '10 kN. With a cover plate of 95 by 105 mm, this dynamometer is used for measuring the three components of the resultant force vector and the three components of the resultant moment vector. Kistler Instrument Corp.

Piezoelectric Composite Components
These components consist of a ferroelectric ceramic in an electrically inactive polymer matrix offered in 1-3 and 2-2 architectures in sizes up to 1.5 in. square and frequencies from 100 kHz to 12 MHz. Morgan Technical Ceramics.

Adapter Modules
The FlexRIO product line has been expanded with multiple forthcoming adapter modules to provide engineers with application-specific I/O for RF, digital, time-domain and vision inspection systems. With a variety of FlexRIO adapter modules, engineers can directly interface FPGAs to new types of I/O for measurements across automated test applications that require real-time performance. National Instruments Corp.

DGPS Receiver
The XF101 receiver is fully integrated with the Archer Field PC, delivering submeter DGPS to location-based applications. The receiver includes Crescent® GPS technology for submeter accuracy, COAST technology during temporary loss of differential signal and optional external antenna. Hemisphere GPS/Juniper Systems Inc.

Mechanical Equipment Interface
This product uses the STEP AP203 format to allow for easy import of mechanical equipment from generic or mechanical CAD systems so that they can be utilized in the model as an outfitting component, the company said. AVEVA Marine.

Multibeam Echosounder
SeaBat 7125-Surface features a combined transceiver that wraps together the sonar processor and interface unit, thus eliminating the need for an installed LCU bottle. The high-resolution sonar system includes roll stabilization. RESON A/S.

Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler
The RiverRay features automatic adaptive sampling to continuously optimize discharge measurement from bank to bank. Its phased array transducer design provides increased data accuracy, as well as reduced size, weight and flow disturbance. Data is wirelessly transmitted to shore via Bluetooth™ technology, and the profiler is DGPS compatible. Teledyne RD Instruments Inc.

Teflon, Graphite Fillers
Teflon™ and graphite fillers can be mixed into epoxies for use on boat rudders and other surfaces. The filler suspends itself in the epoxy, so as the epoxy wears down, fresh Teflon is exposed. Progressive Epoxy Polymers.

Six new Class I Division 2 (Zone 2) accelerometers and 3 compatible cable-connector assemblies suitable for installation in a Class I Division 2 (Zone 2) environment have been released. The 6 sensors which received this certification all have a sensitivity of 100 mV/g and a '5 percent sensitivity tolerance. Wilcoxon Research Inc.

Power Steering Units
A smaller and faster power steering unit for awkward or hard-to-reach transom or bracket-mounted outboard motors up to 20 HP, the new Pow'r Steer units are 2' in. wide by 2 ' in. high by 24 in. deep with submersible, high-torque 12-volt motors drawing 5 amps. A wireless remote control is available. Pow'rTran.

TV Antennae
SeaWatch marine TV antennae support digital HDTV signals. The omnidirectional, weatherproof antennae have a nonfade exterior. They employ solid-state electronics and feature a built-in, low-noise amplifier. Available in 14 or 21-in.-diameter models, the antennae operate on 12 VDC or 110 VAC. Shakespeare Electronic Products Corp.

AIS Modules
The new range of automatic identification system (AIS) modules and original equipment manufacturer product solutions are designed to be easily integrated to provide embedded AIS functionality, including chart plotters, radar, VHF radio, GPS receivers, LRIT tracking devices, Class A and Class B black box and ECDIS systems. SRT Marine Technology.


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