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Product 1 picture - July 2009 Issue
Marine Battery
The ABS has awarded the SeaBattery® with type approval based on requirements set forth in the ABS Rules for Building and Classing Underwater Vehicles, Systems and Hyperbaric Facilities, Part 11. The battery is available in 6, 12, 24 and 48 V models. DeepSea Power & Light Inc.
Product 2 picture - July 2009 Issue
Satellite Transmitters
The Argos Platform Messaging Transceiver (PMT) is designed to communicate as a modem with the entire Argos satellite constellation. The PMT operates as a classic Argos transmitter and concentrates all Argos-2 and Argos-3 capabilities, including 2-way communication, low and high data rates (400/4,800 bps), remote control and a range of operating modes. CLS.
Product 3 picture - July 2009 Issue
Underwater Wide Angle Lenses
BigEye Wide Angle Lenses can be installed and removed during the course of a dive for shooting seascapes, divers, shipwrecks and schools of fish without moving farther away from the subject. Universal design and adaptor configurations allow them to fit most large zoom lens compact digital cameras. Fantasea Line.

Anti-Fouling Kits
Optical probes with complete copper-alloy housings and wipers have been added to the 6-Series anti-fouling kits to extend monitoring periods by 3 times or greater. The housings have a 200-m depth rating. YSI Inc.

Lock for Onboard Electronics
The Universal Electronics Lock secures bracket-mounted electronics on boats, replacing one of the bracket knobs and securing the unit to the bracket. One size fits nearly any GPS, fishfinder or VHF radio, and it can be keyed alike if more than one device needs to be secured. It is made of marine-grade material. DuraSafe Inc.

Passive Protection for WECs
WaveProtector protects WEC devices using passive, nonlinear components to control the relative movement or applied force between components of the device using tensile, compressive and combined solutions. It also enhances energy capture by extending the operating envelope. Technology from Ideas.

Temperature/Humidity Logger
USB-502-PLUS measures and stores up to 16,382 relative humidity and temperature readings over the 0 to 100 percent RH and -35 to +80 °C measurement ranges and calculates dew point. Flashing LEDs indicate logging status, and the included user-replaceable, long-life lithium battery typically allows up to one year of logging. Measurement Computing Corp.

Bathymetric Management System
SENS Bathymetry is based on Oracle Spatial software. It allows users to generate continuous surfaces for temporary use or to store and maintain them in the database, and it offers integrated 3D visualization and data cleaning using Fledermaus by IVS 3D. ATLIS.

Mobile Bathymetric Survey Solution
JetSWATH comprises a SWATHplus phase difference bathymetric sonar with a range of position, motion and navigation sensors, all built into a watercraft, for surveys in waters as little as 1 m deep. SEA Group Ltd.

Single-Channel Iridium PBX
RThe MCG-101is an Iridium communications system that can operate as a telephone, Internet gateway or GPS device; send/receive SMS; and attach to other devices through RS232 or CAN bus. It utilizes 100 percent digital technology and includes a standard analogue telephone RJ11 interface with a hardware echo canceler. The system weighs 4 lbs. and measures 2 in. high by 8 in. wide by 8 in. deep. Global Satellite USA.

Hermetically Sealed Circuit Boards
Sealing directly to the circuit, this solution can increase the number of conductors in a housing or reduce the housing size. Additionally, electrical connection points can be eliminated, minimizing voltage drops and associated labor. The method can be applied to a variety of circuit combinations, including rigid, flex and hybrid, as well as flat flex cable. Douglas Electrical Components Inc.

SeaOtter-2 and SeaLion-2 are half the size and weight of their predecessors at 43 pounds, and the topside control unit is built into a waterproof case with an ultrabright 15-in. flat screen monitor in the lid. Front and rear-facing color cameras with pan and tilt are also included. JW Fishers Mfg. Inc.

Hand-Held Terminal for Port Market
The MX9 is designed for use in a variety of port and intermodal applications. It features an outdoor display, 62-key and 38-key back-light keypad options, built-in GPS positional location, 802.11b/g and Bluetooth 2.0 with EDR communications. It is resistant to multiple 2 m drops to concrete and has a water and dust rating of IP 67. LXE Inc.

Lithium Battery Marine System
Infini-Gen® Marine System does not produce gases or require the need for ventilation, and it has a plug-and-play design in order to retrofit, customize and otherwise serve the needs of consumers in both military and civilian capacities, including professional fishermen. Enertek Solutions Inc.

Large Bore Hose for LNG Transfer
The Composite Cryogenic Hose for high-volume offshore LNG transfer includes a patented circular braided layer made from Dyneema® fiber, is lightweight, and has good tensile load performance, pressure capability, flexibility and bending endurance. Bluewater Energy Services B.V.

Global Mobile SatCom Service
FleetBroadband 150 offers a voice connection at landline quality, which is accessible simultaneously with an IP connection at 150 kbps and SMS is also available. Inmarsat plc.

Wideband Multibeam System
EM 2040 can be used for multiple applications: it features 400 kHz for very-high-resolution inspection, 300 kHz for near-bottom survey and 200 kHz for deeper waters. The system also offers dual swath per ping; FM chirp; complete roll, pitch and yaw stabilization; nearfield focusing during transmit and receive; and beamwidths of 0.5x1, 1x1 and 1x2. Kongsberg Maritime AS.

AIS Receiver
AIS500 Class B features a 16-channel dedicated GPS with external antenna, interfacing with the company's gear using SeaTalkNG or NMEA 0183 and dual-channel AIS monitoring of class A and B transmissions over both standard VHF frequencies. Raymarine Inc.

Oceanographic Mapping Software
OrbMap™ 7 now allows users to display C-Map© Max Pro navigational charts and view all oceanographic base maps, such as plankton, sea surface temperature and thermocline depth maps, in 3D. GeoEye Inc.

Bridge Watch Alarm System
BW-800 is intended to ensure continuous monitoring of the bridge operator's fitness during 'one-man bridge' operations. It is produced in accordance with IMO resolution A830. Uni-Safe Electronics A/S.


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