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Product 1 picture - May 2009 Issue
VideoRay PRO 4 offers technical advances and additional features over previous models. It now has a deeper depth rating, hydrodynamic improvements, brushless thrusters and an improved camera and lighting. New sensors include a 3D compass and a MEMs gyro. Atlantas Marine Ltd.
Product 2 picture - May 2009 Issue
Combined Gyrocompass and INS
ROVINS can be used at up to 3,000 m depth. Designed specifically for offshore survey and construction activities, it can improve the efficiency of operations—surface or subsea—requiring accurate position, heading and attitude information. IXSEA.
Product 3 picture - May 2009 Issue
Sound Velocity Sensor
This sound velocity sensor has an improved timing system and signal processing algorithms, which now enable accuracy to '0.020 m/s. It will also work in an operating range of 1,375 to 1,900 m/s. Valeport Ltd.

Downhole Memory Camera System
The SL2K Memory Camera is a portable camera system that enables the operators to view conditions in wells without the expense of an electric line logging unit. The 1 11/16-inch OD battery-powered memory camera can be deployed on slickline or coiled tubing and is used to survey wells with H2S or CO2. The tool has a 225' F and 10,000 psi rating. Expro.

Marine Growth Cleaner
While traditional methods of cleaning can damage equipment and are potentially harmful to the user and the environment, Barnacle Buster is a safe, nontoxic and biodegradable chemical that dissolves scale, barnacles, zebra mussels and calcium, rust, lime and other mineral deposits. It is available in ready-to-use or concentrated forms. TRAC Ecological Marine Products.

Submersible Accelerometers
The alternative sealing technique on these accelerometers can be used for gearboxes, transmissions, flow tubes and valves, sealed chemical reactors with mixers and for measuring structural reactions to turbulence. This sealed, watertight integral cable assembly is available on many of the company's sensors. PCB Piezotronics Inc.

Oil and Gas Flow Meter
GF90 Flare Gas Flow Meter measures dangerous, explosive and toxic gases that often flow at extremely varying and/or low levels. With a sensitive thermal mass flow-sensing element and microprocessor-based intelligence featuring multiple calibration groups built into the design, the meter delivers precision flow measurement to 0.25 SFPS. Fluid Components International LLC.

Photoelectric Sensors
Series 4050 photoelectric sensors with background suppression are built into a 40 by 50 by 15-mm housing and have an operating distance of 500 mm, with a setting range from 20 to 500 mm. Contrinex Inc.

ROV DP Software
SeeTrack Offshore V.2.2 is compatible with all standard ROV systems and can be retrofitted to operational units equipped with a Doppler and heading reference system. Pilots using ROVs equipped with SeeTrack Offshore will be able to hold position and heading by touching a button. SeeByte Ltd.

HD TVRO Antenna With Auto Skew
The DTV04 HD is a 3-axis marine stabilized antenna system that is compatible with DIRECTV's' Ka-band satellites. The system uses 3 Ku-band satellites (101 W, 110 W and 119 W) and 2 Ka-band satellites (99 W and 103 W) simultaneously with one antenna system. Sea Tel Inc., Cobham SATCOM Marine Systems.

The NXIC-CTD-2000 incorporates an inductive conductivity sensor, aged thermistor and precision silicon pressure sensor to provide high-accuracy measurements of conductivity, temperature and depth, as well as calculated salinity, sound velocity and water density anomalies. Falmouth Scientific Inc.

Acoustic Water Column Profiler
MF-AWCP is capable of operating up to 4 frequencies while maintaining the same precision and power capacity of the original AWCP. It can monitor the presence and abundance of zooplankton within the water column by measuring acoustic backscatter returns with ultrasonic frequencies. ASL Environmental Sciences Inc.

Portable Salinometer
MS-310 features mechanical upgrades to the packaging, four layers of coil insulation for additional ruggedness, the facility for external control of the unit via a USB relay interface, a 600-mm heat exchanger coil on the inflow of the sample to halve the settling time, low-noise electronics and a medical-grade peristaltic pump with simple service access. RBR Ltd.

Project Simulator
The V1.5 project simulator uses 2D survey tools for ROV pilot training and mission planning. The simulator allows users to create their own real-time subsea scenarios and test them across in-office engineering workstations, ROV training consoles and offshore ROV systems fitted with integrated simulators. VMAX Technologies Inc.

Toxic Gas Detection System
The EvrSafe Gas Detection System is able to detect and measure a variety of toxic gases, including CO, nitrogen dioxide, hydrocarbons, LPG, butane and smoke. If the presence of a hazardous gas is discovered, the system will alert crew and passengers via audio and visual alarms before it reaches problematic levels. Sea-Fire Marine.

Protective Marine Paint
Sikkens Cetol' Marine with Next Wave Technology has weathering properties and is flexible, allowing for the natural expansion and contraction of wood which prevents cracking. It is also micro-porous, allowing moisture to escape from the wood. International Paint LLC.

Safety Tow Float and Pinger
The Safety Tow Float and Pinger enables vehicle recovery from typical hazards that AUV operators face. In the event the vehicle becomes trapped underwater, a programmable buoyancy airbag is activated to pull it to the surface. OceanServer Technology Inc.

Wireless Cable Spool
FreeWheel integrates into an existing Wi-Fi network. It can also connect directly to any PC with Wi-Fi capability. With a built-in GPS, transceiver and power source, it eliminates cables and power connections, saving sensor setup times and freeing up space on the deck and in the cabin. Marine Magnetics Corp.

Miniature Echo Sounder
The Mini Sounder is a portable, entry-level system for shallow to mid-depth surveys. It is a single-channel system that the user can configure to any frequency between 24 and 210 kHz, enabling use in water depths from 15 cm up to 1,000 m (transducer dependent). Knudsen Engineering Ltd.

Integrated Multibeam/Motion Sensor
The ES3-M integrates features from the previous ES3 multibeam sonar system with Teledyne TSS's DMS line of motion sensors. This sensor system has virtually no fixed offsets (roll and pitch) between the two central components of a hydrographic multibeam system. Teledyne Odom Hydrographic Inc.


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