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Product 1 picture - April 2009 Issue
Electric Work-Class ROV
Jaguar offers dual-redundancy with self-diagnostics, easy configuration and re-configuration and simple piloting and operation, according to the company. With identical twin independent circuits installed, if one half completely shuts down, the vehicle remains operational and able to complete vital tasks. Failed system switchover is completely automated. Saab Seaeye Ltd.
Product 2 picture - April 2009 Issue
In-Situ Miniature Fluorimeters
The UniLux and TriLux can detect chlorophyll-a, phycocyanin or phycoerythrin for algae monitoring. UniLux can also find rhodamine or fluorescein for dye-tracing applications, while TriLux also detects turbidity. Chelsea Technologies Group Ltd.
Product 3 picture - April 2009 Issue
Manipulator Arm for Mini ROVs
This compact arm can be attached to most small ROVs. It can be mounted to the vehicle for horizontal opening and closing of the claw or for vertical opening and closing. The fingers of the claw open to nearly 1.5 in. The 2.25-in.-diameter arm attaches to the undercarriage. JW Fishers Mfg. Inc.

Gulf of Mexico Pipeline Database
SextantNet provides the user with 24/7 online access anywhere in the world to receive position data and other information pertaining to pipelines, platforms, wrecks and obstructions, fairways, active leases, federal blocks, federal/state boundaries and U.S. Coast Guard districts in the Gulf. Sextant Navigation Services LLC.

Pressure/Depth Sensors/Recorders
TD301 and TD303 have a 0.01 percent accuracy at 0.0001 dbar resolution. They are applicable to ROVs, temperature/depth profiles, autonomous recordings, bathymeters and towed systems. SAIV A/S.

3D Forward-Looking Sonar
The FS-3DT Bistatic sonar mounts the transmitter and receiver in separate form factor modules. Separation of the modules can be horizontal or vertical. For example, with a catamaran, one module could be placed in each hull. FarSounder Inc.

Reusable Epoxy Application Tools
Brand 800-810 application tools allow users to apply epoxy coatings. Their thin polyurethane foam covering allows users to control epoxy film thickness, avoid drips and apply a smoother coating. West System.

Internal Navigation System
Orion INS has been specifically designed for the hydrographic survey, offshore construction and ROV operations markets. It incorporates 3 single-axis-ring laser elements and 3 accelerometers. It is available as a 3,000 or 6,000-m rated subsea unit. Teledyne TSS Ltd.

Broadband Multibeam Echo Sounder
SONIC 2022, a 5th-generation multibeam architecture, networks modules and embeds the processor/controller in the sonar head. Operational in the 200 to 400-kHz frequency band, the user has flexibility in trading off resolution and range and controlling interference from other active acoustic systems. R2Sonic LLC.

Signal Generator
APSIN6000 is a portable signal generator with signal purity (phase noise between 128 dBc/Hz at 1 GHz, 20 kHz offset, harmonics greater than -40 dBc). It has 0.001-Hz resolution from 9 kHz up to 6.4 GHz. Saelig Co. Inc.

Eco-Friendly Boat Hull Cleaning

SodaBlasting uses a special formulation of nontoxic sodium bicarbonate to remove paint and marine growth from boat bottoms without harming the gelcoat. In the SodaBlasting process, a nondestructive stream under high pressure is used to strip the antifoulant paint and open the blister. Then to prepare the surface for repair and repainting, the affected area around the blister is feathered by split-second, swirled 'micro-blasting.' SodaBlast Systems LLC.

Receiver/Coupler Lock System
Universal Receiver and Coupler Lock Set is the only keyed-alike lock set that fits every standard sized receiver (Class II, III and IV) and every coupler width from 1/2 in. to 3 3/8 in. The receiver lock, with 5/8-in. and 1/2-in.-diameter pins, features a new ball bearing design. DuraSafe Inc.

Propulsion Engine
The L6125H diesel engine features an electronically controlled high-pressure common-rail fuel system. The engine is based on the heavy-duty Komatsu industrial engine block and is custom marinized. The L6125H reaches a high output rating of 470 hp at 2,300 rpm. Northern Lights/Lugger.

No-Solvent Oil-in-Water Analysis
TD-500D eliminates the health and safety hazards of transporting, handling and disposing of solvents commonly used for oil-in-water analysis. It measures all oils, including heavy crudes to condensates up to 50' API and refined diesel-range oil, lube oil and heavy fuel oil. Turner Designs Hydrocarbon Instruments.

CO2 Pressure Monitoring System
Anchored to a buoy, these sensors measure the partial pressure of CO2 in the ocean and atmosphere. They are engineered to last approximately twice as long as conventional systems. MBARI originally designed the system. Battelle Memorial Institute.

Buoyancy Modules
The FireBall Series is specifically engineered to provide a cost-effective modular solution, according to the company. It is made for use in numerous applications, including pipe laying/umbilical installations, general trim buoyancy, surface buoys, tow out buoys and drilling. Trelleborg Offshore.

Obstacle Avoidance Sonar Heads
The 1171 Series of sonar heads has been developed to meet requirements for both shallow and deep-ocean applications. As well as a choice of operating frequencies, the new sonar heads feature faster scanning rates, improved range resolution and sharper images in a more compact, lighter housing. Kongsberg Maritime Ltd.

Active Pipeline Tracking Capability
AutoTracker was developed as a part of the SeeTrack Offshore product line, which can be integrated into a Gavia payload, allowing the AUV to autonomously track pipelines using the input of the onboard side scan sonar to maintain a constant offset from the pipe. In addition, AutoTracker includes advanced search routines that enable it to recover the track after unexpected pipeline burial. SeeByte Ltd.

Soft Shackles
Softies', lightweight replacements for steel shackles made from Dyneema' UHMWPE line, feature a lanyard for easy opening, a slip ring for extra security and a self-tightening, spliced loop connection. They have two standard sizes (2,000 lbs.-f SWL and 4,000 lbs.-f SWL), but custom sizes are available. Colligo Marine LLC.

Military/Marine Computer
The MDU PC series is a modular assembly (with 15-in., 19-in. and 20-in. displays) designed for military and rugged commercial marine markets. The computer features a range of processing from Celeron M to Core 2 Duo Mobile up to 4 GB RAM and compact flash up to 32 GB. The LCD features full dimming capability, with sunlight-readable and LED backlit options. Comark Corp.


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