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Product 1 picture - February 2009 Issue
Electric Driven Gas Booster Packages
This booster technology compresses breathing air, argon, helium, nitrogen, oxygen and all other dry, noncorrosive gases up to 6,000 psi (oxygen limited to 4,500 psi) from as low as 50 psi. It maximizes the use of gas in storage cylinders, resulting in an increase in the number of complete fills per storage cylinder, and reduces fill times by eliminating the need to cascade storage cylinders. Hydraulics International Inc.
Product 2 picture - February 2009 Issue
LED Tactical Flashlight
Top Gun P.I. has a 200 lumen output with a projection distance of up to 300 ft., a beam convergence of 15° fixed and a 6,000-K color temperature. Run time is 4 hr. using a rechargeable lithium-ion 2,200-mAh battery. The Top Gun P.I. measures 5.5 inches long and weighs 3 ounces. AE Light.
Product 3 picture - February 2009 Issue
Subsea Flowmeter
V-Cone Subsea Flowmeter is intended for use in subsea production environments. It relies on an advanced differential pressure flow sensor designed with built-in flow conditioning to achieve an accuracy of 0.5 percent with a repeatability of 0.1 percent. It operates over a flow range of 10 to 1. McCrometer Inc.

HD SDI Matrix Routing Switcher
Model 2444 features remote capability and simple front panel operation. It features a built-in customizable Web page that allows for remote operation while remaining operating system independent. Model 2444 is capable of switching SMPTE 292M and SMPTE 259M from any of the four inputs to any of its four outputs. Sensoray.

Digital Side Scan Sonar
System 3000H combines the capabilities of the System 3000 side scan sonar with the capabilities of the Model 3900 search and recovery system. L-3 Klein Associates Inc.

Dry-Mate Connector
Originally developed to meet the needs of ROV manufacturers and their equipment suppliers, the CS-MS series offers a standard aluminum shell with dual O-rings and is designed to accommodate a standard oil-filled hose. It is currently available in 2 sizes with 3 to 10 contact configurations. SEA CON® Group.

Wobble Stator Pumps
This stator has increased elastic properties versus previous stator designs, which improve volumetric efficiencies and longevity by reducing slip and friction at higher pressures. Geometries of the rotor and stator have also been adjusted to improve mechanical efficiency. seepex Inc.

Wireless Boat Security System
The BoatNanny™ is a portable remote boat alarm system that can be installed in less than 30 minutes. The complete package includes a base station, remote sensor with float switch, batteries, AC power adapter, DC power cable, cell phone antenna and mounting hardware. Paradox Marine.

Portable Sodar
PA0 sodar remotely measures a vertical profile of wind speed, direction and thermal stratification. Intended for use studying wind energy, it consumes 2.1 A of power at 12 VDC and can be powered up by solar panels or a car battery. REMTECH.

Coarse and Fine Bubble Aerator
This aeration system uses the Tideflex® TFA coarse bubble diffuser to provide rapid mixing while the Tubeflex Fine Bubble Air Diffuser provides the fine bubble supplement. This combination increases transfer efficiency due to the entrainment in higher velocity loops created by the TFA. Tideflex Technologies.

DP Software Package
Verify DPx operates in conjunction with LD3 integrated mobile units and comes as standard within a compact, 15-inch touch screen panel PC. It can also be supplied to run on customers' own hardware. Veripos.

Coil Cleaner Concentrate

GreenClean Coil Cleaner™, designed for cleaning dirty condenser and evaporator coils, does not harm any of the metals commonly found in these systems, including copper-nickel. A nonacidic blend of biodegradable organic salts, GreenClean Coil Cleaner is specifically formulated to replace fuming acidic solutions found in most coil cleaning products. TRAC Ecological Marine Products.

Software SATCOM E-mail Solution
Customers use the GlobeRydex software either through the public hub environment, a service where ships connect to a shoreside hub managed by the company, or a private hub configuration, where the shoreside server is kept and maintained at the customer's premises. GlobeWireless.

Antifouling Product
SeaMate is a TBT-free antifouling agent in full compliance with the IMO rules for ships, which began to be fully enforced January 1. This hydrolysing silyl acrylate antifouling product enables vessels sailing between 12 to 26 knots to reduce fuel consumption and carbon emissions. Jotun A/S.

Tide Recorder
Model TD304, which features an integrated temperature sensor, has a pressure/ depth accuracy of 0.001 percent and a resolution of 0.001 dbar. It also features long-term stability sensors, a high memory capacity and yearlong battery capacity. SAIV A/S.

Wet Environment Jack Plate
Rated for a maximum 250-hp motor (maximum weight of 650 lb.), the Power Jack Plate will help boost acceleration, speed and fuel economy. It features an advanced sleek design with an extra heavy-duty extruded marine alloy aluminum frame. Pow'r Tran.

Bulk Handling System
With capacity increases of up to 75 percent available, this hopper and blow pump system offers an alternative to a conventional bulk tank system for offshore supply vessels. Cargo is received and stored in a hopper, whereas discharge is performed by a blow pump using compressed air. MacGREGOR Group.

CFD Codes Suite
2DYNAFS© and 3DYNAFS© are a suite of boundary element method-based CFD codes designed for the simulation of unsteady incompressible fluid flows in the presence of free surfaces. Dynaflow Inc.

OnboardWireless Network
Crewsafe® is a wireless safety network with a man overboard safety technology that provides employee safety and security through crew location monitoring and by automatically initiating a network-wide alert to all personnel within seconds of an incident occurring. Mobilarm Ltd.

Small Sound Level Meter
The NL-27 is a 4-inch compact meter used for noise measurements. It can measure fast or slow maximum, equivalent and peak sound levels. Stored data are retrievable by computer. Scantek Inc.


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