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Products - January 2008 Issue
Underwater LED Light
The LED Multi-SeaLite®, rated to 6,000 m, utilizes reflectors and driver circuitry to complement 18 bright LEDs. Drawing 45 W of power, it produces more light than a 250 W halogen lamp, projecting more than 2,500 lumens into the water. Blue and green LEDs are available to increase ocean penetration or reduce apparent backscatter, as the single colors closely match the maximum transmittance window of seawater. DeepSea Power & Light Inc.
Products - January 2008 Issue
Personnel Transfer Capsule
The TORO™ can carry up to 4 passengers, protecting them from side impact and heavy landings in crane transfers, and is buoyant and able to right itself. Designed to be used without a need for seatbelts, the seating is also arranged to permit fast loading and unloading. It fits into a standard shipping container. Reflex Marine Ltd.
Products - January 2008 Issue
Bow Thrusters
DP 1 Model V2-20 NS Vortex dual prop stainless steel bow thrusters provide calculated movement. The counter-rotating propeller design provides up to 40 percent more thrust with the same tunnel size and input power. Western Marine Electronics.

Ergonomic Marine Seats
These seats provide anatomically correct, comfortable positioning and passive restraint for the functional marine environment. Lightweight and corrosion-proof materials are integrated with multifunction adjustments. STIDD Systems Inc.

Fire-Resistant Sleeve
SMAC sleeving protects cables in temperatures from -65° to 500° F. Designed for the MD series of fire suppression systems, the discharge cable provides single-direction or bidirectional installation options for simplified mounting. Available in 1-in. increments from 6 to 75 in., it includes a pull handle, escutcheon plate, safety pin and tie. Sea-Fire Marine.

Tank Monitor System
Smartswitch TM-4000 enables users to monitor and control up to 4 tanks. The display provides visual indication of tank level, seacock position and pump status. It offers 2 display modes and shows measurements in liters, gallons and percentages. All tank names can be programmed in from the control without additional software. Raritan Engineering Co. Inc.

Self-Contained Marine Lantern
The SolaLED lantern meets 4-nautical-mile visual range requirements in all IALA-approved colors and is naturally capable of operating with standard IALA flash characters. It features external power up and test control to avoid opening the housing and both wide and narrow vertical divergence lens options. Tideland Signal Corp.

Electronic Marine Barometer
This unit shows current pressure and an expanded history of any changes occurring in the previous 48 h, accurately detecting pressure to within '0.5 hPa. It also features an alarm to signal abrupt pressure changes, a gale warning system and has an average battery life of 1 year. Weems & Plath.

Bird Deterrent for Boats
The Solar Repeller solar-powered unit has a 5-ft. rod that spins continuously to ward off birds to prevent them from causing damage to boat surfaces. Rechargeable batteries provide auxillary power. Bird-B-Gone Inc.

Navigation System
The Sea-Cross CX100 gathers all navigation information onto a large color screen, fully integrating data from GPS, radar, wind meters and all other NMEA indicators. The system has an SRT of 2 s for both course and position updates to achieve better navigation at high speeds. CA Clase (UK) Ltd.

Satellite Phone
The 9555 handset is around 30 percent smaller and lighter than the 9505A, features a menu-driven interface and an internally stowed antenna and is water and shock resistant. Iridium Satellite LLC.

Pod Drive Systems
The lightweight, electric steering ZF Zeus 3500 and 3800 Pod drive propulsion systems are specifically designed for the company's diesel engines in the 400 to 575-hp range. A cockpit-mounted joystick enables 1-handed control, and for twin installations, each drive moves independently. Yanmar Marine USA Corp.

Each SmartPilot X-Series configuration is comprised of 3 components: control heads in a variety of options, a course computer equipped with a built-in rate gyro sensor that monitors vessel yaw and drive units available in several options to accommodate various steering system types and vessel displacements. Raymarine Inc.

Data Loggers
Model SP425 multifeature digital display temperature and humidity data loggers feature a start-stop button, options to display current or minimum/maximum temperature and humidity, a replaceable battery and USB-enabled triple-speed data downloading. A temperature-only model is also available. The Dickson Co.

Gel Pigments for Epoxies
These pigments are available in dark brown, tile red, white, black and bright yellow. One qt. of pigment will color 1.5 to 3 gal. of epoxy. Progressive Epoxy Polymers Inc.

Emergency VHF Antenna
To mount the 9-in. 5910 Emergency Stowable Whip when needed, a boat owner slides the antenna's storage tube into the included mounting clip. Once fully assembled, the antenna is 16 in. long. The system includes 20 ft. of RG-174 mini coax cable and a PL-259 connector. Shakespeare Electronic Products Group.

Stainless Steel Ball Valves
Sub-miniature ball valves are available in several configurations, including the MBV-1010-303 and the MBVT-1010-303. The valves are corrosion resistant and roughly the size of a postage stamp. Beswick Engineering Co. Inc.

Insertion Turbine Flow Meter
Turbo-Bar™ can accommodate pipelines from 3 to 80 in. in diameter, resulting in savings of up to 80 percent for 23-in. lines compared to full-bore flow meters. Pressure drop is typically 10 times less than an orifice plate flow meter. EMCO Flow Systems.

Shore Power Cordsets
These 30 A cordsets are available with an optional Powersmart LED indicator system on both ends to indicate when power is present at the cable. They are available in 2 colors and come with a 5-year warranty. They have a universal fit with all other brands. Furrion.



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