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2018: JAN | FEB

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Windfarm Apparel and Equipment
Marine drysuits and diving gear are available for use in offshore, commercial, military and rescue activities, including SOLAS-approved transit suits and twin-chamber 275N life jackets, harnesses, helmets, lighting, footwear, waterproof socks, thermal garments and dry bags. Northern Diver.
Rugged Handheld Device
The Nautiz X9 Android handheld can be used as a mobile computer, data collector or field controller. It has a quad-core processor, optional high-speed 2D imager, rear- and front-facing cameras, a 1.3-GHz processor with 2-GB RAM, 16-GB flash and a 4,800-mAh battery. Waterproof and dust-tight, it has been tested to MIL-STD-810G certification. Handheld.

iXblue Phins C3 Integration
A new navigation module for the Gavia AUV incorporates the iXblue Phins Compact C3 with a Teledyne RDI 1,200-kHz Workhorse to offer 0.3% CEP50 distance-traveled navigation accuracy in a compact module. Teledyne Gavia.

Tidal Prediction Software
ADMIRALTY Total Tide provides accurate tidal height and tidal stream predictions for more than 7,000 ports and 3,000 tidal streams. Version 18 provides frequent data and ADMIRALTY e-Nautical Publications updates. United Kingdom Hydrographic Office.

Port Virtualization Technology
Eltima Port Virtualization Technology allows remote access to vessel equipment. It can be added to the core of specific shipping equipment and redirect any number of serial devices over TCP/IP or UDP networks. Eltima Software.

Eco-Friendly Hull Cleaning
HullWiper uses high-pressure seawater instead of brushes or abrasives to minimize damage to anti-fouling coatings. Removed residues are collected in a waste unit on the ROV to reduce cross-pollination of waters. HullWiper.

Ice and Oil Detecting Radars
The FICE100 hybrid ice radar detects the structure of ice out to a 3 nm radius and locates rifts, clean ice and channels to determine iceabreaker routes. The FOIL200 oil radar uses raw data from the X7 processor to identify oil spills and create an image with up to 100 radar antenna scans. Furuno.

Biocide Mapping
TraxBio maps biocidal surfactants in oil and gas systems using the chemicals’ propensity to form micelles, clusters of surfactants. Nanoscale clusters of the biocide chemical can be detected using the TraxBio chemical mapping tool, aiding decisions about how much biocide to dose and alerting of potential biofouling risks. LUX Assure.

Synthetic Beam Bathymetry
The Hydro-2F multifrequency synthetic beam bathymetric and seafloor sonar provides 200-kHz precision bathymetry and narrow-beam, low-frequency bathymetry, as well as acoustic backscatter data. It provides depth data overlayed with GPS position and satellite photographs and can generate an augmented reality video and paper chart. Unabara.

Fleet Compliance Portal
FleetManager enables access to live ship management and tracking data on a centralized portal with environmental, piracy and regulatory overlays. It links with the PassageManager e-navigation platform in real time. ChartCo.

Battery Analyzers
Models BA6010 and BA6011 analyzers provide auxiliary measurement parameters including inductance, capacitance, dissipation factor, impedance, reactance and phase angle in degrees and radians. Both work with battery chemistries that are responsive to a 1-kHz AC stimulus signal. B&K Precision.

Magnetometer Detection System
The Proton 5 system includes a 200-ft.-depth-rated towfish, 150 ft. of Kevlar tow cable and a topside control box. There is also an optional altimeter, USB data output and Tracker 3 mapping software. JW Fishers Mfg.

Enhanced Current Profiling
The Sentinel V acoustic Doppler current profiler supports data rates up to 16 Hz. It has an option for bottom tracking and utilities software to interface with the existing VMDAS program and simplify vessel-mounted data applications. Teledyne RD Instruments.

Broadband Marine Antenna
The 6500-WB broadband antenna has a wind rating of 125 mph and operating temperature range of –67° to 160° F. It has a nominal impedance of 50 ohm and an input power rating of 100 watts continuous with a 3-dB gain. Its polarization pattern is vertical (omnidirectional). Shakespeare Co. LLC.

Professional Navigation Software
TZ Professional combines a variety of navigational data into an integrated interface. Version 3.3 offers Furuno DFF3D multibeam sonar compatibility, FLIR M200 compatibility, Marport trawl positioning integration, marks and objects database optimization and import of OLEX tracks and marks. Timezero.

Electronic Instrument Connector
Air Link facilitates connection of electronic devices such as anemometers and GPS chartplotters. Air Link now supports temperature readings and has Wi-Fi, so users can send wired NMEA 0183 data to mobile devices. SailTimer Inc.

Real-Time 3D Sonar
Echoscope4G Surface enables vision, mapping and measurement in real time for shallow-water operations to 20-m depth. The sonar is available in single, dual and XD triple models with three independent frequency and 3D volumes. Coda Octopus Group Inc.

Cable Detection System
The HydroPACT 660 pipe tracking system works with small ROVs using a 1,200 mm x 600 mm coil. The system operates to 3,000-m depth with 24 VDC or 110 VAC power and either a vessel-mounted PC or a rack-mounted computer. Teledyne TSS.

Ultrasonic Anti-Fouling System
Soni8 uses ultrasonic anti-fouling technology to prevent marine organisms from colonizing solid surfaces that are exposed to raw seawater. It has one panel, eight transducers and eight independent and programmable outputs. PYI Inc.

Anchor Pole Lights
NaviLED 360 anchor pole mount lamps use multivolt 9- to 33-VDC electronics, and they are approved to a range of 2 nm. The circuitry provides reverse polarity, spike and overvoltage during instances of severe voltage fluctuations and low battery operation. Hella Marine Inc.

2018: JAN | FEB

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