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June 2012 Issue

NOAA Approves Boatracs System for HMS Fisheries
Boatracs Inc. (San Diego, California) received in May type approval from NOAA for its vessel monitoring system, the Fishing Mobile Communication Terminal GPS (FMCTG), for use by Atlantic highly migratory species (HMS) permit holders in the Gulf of Mexico.

Recent updates to the National Marine Fisheries Service rules require an increased number of HMS commercial fishermen to install and operate communications systems for position reporting, as well as communicating gear onboard and target species. The FMCTG is one of the first systems of its kind approved by NOAA, Boatracs said.

SeeByte Delivers SeeTrack Military to EdgeTech
EdgeTech ordered 15 software licences of SeeByte's (Edinburgh, Scotland) SeeTrack Military for its littoral mine countermeasure sonar system, SeeByte said in May.

The mine and underwater improvised explosive device hunting system is based on EdgeTech's side scan sonar technologies. The purchase includes SeeTrack Military, a mission-planning, monitoring and post-processing tool, and additional modules for automatic target recognition (ATR) and a performance analysis and training tool (PATT).

The ATR module will be used to detect specific regions in side scan sonar data that potentially correspond to an object previously learned by the system. The PATT allows users to add synthetic, but highly realistic, images of objects to real mission data, providing a clear understanding of the actual performance of the MCM system and sensors in use.

Falcon ROV Delivered to Global Diving & Salvage
Global Diving & Salvage Inc. (Seattle, Washington) acquired in late April a Saab Seaeye (Fareham, England) Falcon ROV. The Falcon, depth-rated to 1,000 feet, will be outfitted with manipulator, high-resolution color and black-and-white cameras, sonar and a digital altimeter.

In addition to the Falcon, Global Diving & Salvage owns a Saab Seaeye Cougar XT, a Spectra DS 4, two Teledyne Benthos (North Falmouth, Massachusetts) Stingrays, two VideoRay (Phoenixville, Pennsylvania) Pro 3 XEs and an Inuktun (Nanaimo, Canada) Versatrax 150 pipe crawler.

RHOTHETA, MetOcean Partner to Develop Oceanographic Radio Direction Systems
RHOTHETA USA Inc. (Price, Utah) and MetOcean Data Systems (Dartmouth, Canada) entered into an agreement to support requirements for recovery of underwater assets and oceanographic equipment in May.

Under the agreement, RHOTHETA will add the frequencies of operation and modulation parameters of the NOVATECH beacons into the RT-500-M series, while MetOcean will make the necessary changes to guarantee compatibility of the NOVATECH beacons with RHOTHETA's Doppler processing of the beacons' RF signal.

The two companies recently received an order from a marine system integrator in California.

BlueView, SeaTrepid to Provide Offshore And Onshore Field Operations Support
BlueView Technologies (Seattle, Washington) and SeaTrepid International (Robert, Louisiana) have partnered to deliver offshore and onshore operations support for BlueView's 2D and 3D underwater imaging and measurement products.

BlueView's field support service group will train and certify SeaTrepid technicians on all operational aspects of its BV5000 3D mechanical scanning systems and its 2D multibeam imaging sonar. SeaTrepid technicians will be available through BlueView's field support service group to provide customers with in-field deployment and operational support for applications such as oil spill response, diver support, pipeline survey, marine construction, and structure and facility inspections. SeaTrepid will provide underwater project support services, including project planning, in-field BlueView equipment support, 3D point cloud processing and generation of report deliverables.

The first project under this agreement was successfully completed, assisting Oceaneering (Hanover, Maryland) with a jack-up leg scour monitoring project in the North Sea.

United Maritime Group to Sell US United Bulk Terminal to Oiltanking Holding Americas
United Maritime Group LLC (Tampa, Florida) agreed in May to sell its subsidiary U.S. United Bulk Terminal LLC (Davant, Louisiana) to Bulk Handling USA Inc., an affiliate of Oiltanking Holding Americas Inc. (Houston, Texas).

The transaction is expected to close in the second quarter of 2012, subject to receipt of applicable regulatory approvals and other closing conditions. United Bulk Terminal was acquired by United Maritime Group four years ago.

Oiltanking Holding Americas is a subsidiary of Oiltanking GmbH (Hamburg, Germany), which is a subsidiary of petroleum company Marquard & Bahls AG (Hamburg).

RV Sea Scout Begins Survey Work in Gulf
Sea Scout, a research vessel delivered to C & C Technologies Inc. (Lafayette, Louisiana) by All American Marine (Bellingham, Washington) last March, began its first project in May, conducting nautical chart update surveys in the Gulf of Mexico for NOAA. After completing this project, Sea Scout will perform other charting, geophysical or AUV-related work in the region.

The Sea Scout carries a Kongsberg (Kongsberg, Norway) High Precision Acoustic Positioning system and a Kongsberg Hugin AUV, and has two transducer pods integrated into the hulls. The main deployable sonar strut is located aft of the superstructure and deploys through a large moon pool located on centerline. Two additional struts are located in the sponsons and deploy through 17-inch watertight valves in the hulls.

Sea Scout's catamaran design marks a shift for C & C, which typically operates steel monohull vessels. The catamaran design's seakeeping ability allows the survey team to operate in rougher seas.

SEACOR Selects Kongsberg Systems for DP3 Boats
SEACOR Marine LLC (Houma, Louisiana) has chosen Kongsberg Maritime Inc. (Houston, Texas) to supply dynamic positioning systems for two new 190-foot CrewZer-class Crew boats (also known as fast supply vessels).

Kongsberg will install the Kongsberg K-Pos DP3 system, integrated with proprietary position reference and environmental sensor systems. SEACOR Lynx and SEACOR Leopard are under construction at Gulfcraft Shipyard in Franklin, Louisiana, and are scheduled for delivery in the first half of 2013. The SEACOR Lynx and SEACOR Leopard will be the first crew boats to operate using an American Bureau of Shipping-class DP3 system.

Cargotec Opens Service Center in Houston
Cargotec (Helsinki, Finland) has established a new offshore service center in Houston, Texas, which provides repair, upgrades and systems modernizations for rigs, vessels and platform operators, the company announced in May.

The center has a hydraulic test bed for repairing winches, hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic pumps and motors, valves and swing drive units. It can also support blow out preventer crane upgrades, pipe handling cranes and racking systems, tensioning cylinders, as well as active heave-compensated knuckle boom cranes, davits and module-handling systems.

Lloyd's Register Buys WEST Engineering Services
Lloyd's Register (London, England) acquired in May subsea system firm WEST Engineering Services (Houston, Texas). WEST Engineering Services will be part of Lloyd's Register Group, combining with Lloyd's Register's Modu'Spec Group (Serooskerke, Netherlands) and other members to offer technical services to owners and operators of offshore drilling rigs.

Michael Montgomery, owner and founder of WEST, will retire as president and will be retained by Lloyd's Register as an adviser. Paul Huber, president of Lloyd's Register Americas Inc., will become the president of WEST, while Duco de Haan will remain CEO and managing director of the ModuSpec Group. WEST's employees will be colocated with ModuSpec USA in Lloyd's Register America's headquarters in Houston. Over time, the two companies are expected to integrate and form a single entity, Lloyd's said.

GMC, Horton Wison Form Venture Company, Receive Contract for Shallow-Water Buoyant Tower
GMC Ltd. (Heathrow, England) and Horton Wison Deepwater (Houston, Texas) confirmed in May their joint venture established to design and supply buoyant towers for shallow-water fields in water depths up to 700 feet. The buoy is designed to allow hydrocarbon storage and eliminate separate shallow-water drilling units, the companies said.

The CX-15 shallow-water tower is scheduled for installation in the third quarter of 2012 and will be the first application of this design. The CX-15 platform will be located about 1 mile from the existing CX-11 platform in the Corvina field offshore Peru, with both platforms interconnected via a series of subsea pipelines. The platform is designed for 12,200 barrels of oil per day, a gas compression capacity of 12.8 million standard cubic feet per day, and produced water handling and injection capacity of 3,500 barrels per day. A total of 24 drill slots will be available.


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