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June 2011 Issue

Four–Port Branching Unit Completes Testing
TE SubCom (Morristown, New Jersey) announced in early May that it successfully completed testing of its new four–port branching unit (BU), making it the first undersea communications supplier to offer the solution.

An upgrade from the standard three–port BU, the four–port BU is capable of handling three separate power paths and enables alternative powering configurations. In testing, SubCom integrated two four–port BUs with a variety of armored and unarmored cables as part of separate systems. The company said it completed two comprehensive sea trials in shallow water and deep water and confirmed the successful deployment, seabed placement and recovery of the four–port BUs using standard shipboard equipment. For more information, visit www.subcom.com.

Raytheon's Underwater Acoustic System Completes Successful Run at ICEX 2011
In a U.S. Navy exercise far north of the Arctic Circle, Raytheon Co.'s (Waltham, Massachusetts) DeepSiren underwater acoustic communication system was successfully operated, providing on–demand tactical mission and emergency response information to submarines operating below the Arctic ice, Raytheon said. The system operated during the Navy's ICEX 2011 exercise in March. DeepSiren operates like a text messaging system, supplying submarines with information in a short message format.

"Raytheon DeepSiren enables operational commanders anywhere in the world to quickly send tactical messages to a submarine operating at speed and depth—even under Arctic ice," said Steve Moynahan, a senior engineer from Raytheon Network Centric Systems.

Raytheon plans to conduct DeepSiren at–sea trials with German and French navies later this year, and the Canadian navy plans to conduct an at–sea evaluation of the system. For more information, visit www.raytheon.com.

CSA Establishes Research Fleet in Gulf of Mexico
Partnering with Bordelon Marine Inc. (Lockport, Louisiana), CSA International Inc. (Stuart, Florida) has developed a fleet of offshore environmental and oceanographic survey vessels ranging from a 110–foot vessel to 170–foot vessel with dynamic positioning, CSA announced in May.

The fleet is based at CSA's marine base in Houma, Louisiana, which is staffed with logistics and technical personnel capable of mobilizing and maintaining the fleet and its array of equipment. The vessels have a wide range of capabilities, CSA said, including water column profiling and current measurement; water and sediment sampling; hull– and pole–mounted acoustic profiling systems, including multibeam sonars; deep–tow systems; deepwater and shallow ROV operations; plankton sampling systems; and wet lab and sample storage. For more information, visit www.csaintl.com.

ABS Grants BIRNS Inc. Product Design Assessment Certification for its Penetrator Line
BIRNS Inc. (Oxnard, California) has received American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) Product Design Assessment Certification for its lines of penetrators. This certification process included testing and review by the national organization, and resulted in ABS preapproving all design, drawing and test procedures for BIRNS electrical penetrators and cable assemblies for underwater vehicles, systems and hyperbaric facilities for use on a variety of ABS–class vessels. For more information, visi www.birns.com.

GE Completes Acquisition of John Wood Group's Well Support Division
GE Oil & Gas (Florence, Italy) announced April 26 that it completed the acquisition of John Wood Group PLC's (Aberdeen, Scotland) Well Support Division for $2.8 billion.

The Well Support Division, which has more than 3,800 employees globally and operates approximately 20 manufacturing centers worldwide, is comprised of three business platforms: electric submersible pumps, pressure control (surface wellheads and trees) and logging services. For more information, visit www.ge-energy.com.

LYYN Adds Inverted Lyynification, Other Features to Hawk System Units
LYYN AB (Lund, Sweden) announced in April a new video enhancement feature and other upgrades for its Hawk System units with Hawk board field–programmable gate array software versions after March 6 and controller software versions after March 18.

The first feature is an inverted lyynification window, which will lyynify the edges of the video, rather than the center, a feature useful for in–pipe inspection. All Hawk System units shipped after April 1 will include this functionality. The second feature offers an adjusted lyynification scale for values seven and eight. LYYN Hawk Systems delivered after January 2011 can be upgraded, and the company is offering the upgrade for free until June 30. For more information, visit www.lyyn.com.

SeaSense Opens R&D Facility in Florida
SeaSense (Newport, Tennessee) announced in April the opening of a new research and design (R&D) facility in Bonita Springs, Florida. In addition to a new R&D department, it also houses a quality control testing center, which will expand product testing. The R&D operation will develop new technologies for the marine and trailer industries. For more information, visit www.seasense.com.

Rajant Proposes Broadband Network for Wireless Access Across the Gulf Coast
Rajant Corp. (Malvern, Pennsylvania) has proposed a broadband wireless network for the Gulf of Mexico that would cover the area from Brownsville, Texas, to the Florida panhandle. Rajant announced the network, named GULFMESH, in April and said it would be based on Rajant's BreadCrumb nodes and InstaMesh software.

Oil platforms, commercial and private ships, U.S. Coast Guard and military boats as well as helicopters would connect to the mesh network, enabling Wi–Fi access, ship–to–shore communications and the ability to remotely view, monitor and control a range of Internet–protocol devices. For more information, visit www.rajant.com.

ITT Analytics' AADI, UNC Chapel Hill Partner to Monitor Oil and Gas Releases in the Gulf
ITT Analytics (Woburn, Massachusetts) announced its AADI brand has teamed up with the University of North Carolina (UNC) at Chapel Hill to develop two new multisensor arrays to detect light hydrocarbons and oxygen depletion associated with oil and gas releases.

This research will help monitor long–term effects of water contamination and its threat to coral reef and other coastal ecosystems, ITT Analytics said. The multisensor arrays are built on AADI's multiparameter SEAGUARD platform. For more information, visit www.ittanalytics.com.

BMT Scientific Marine Services Launches ROV–Serviceable Subsea Strain Sensor Assembly
BMT Scientific Marine Services (Houston, Texas) launched in April a fully–qualified ROV–serviceable subsea strain sensor assembly to monitor the structural integrity of subsea structures.

By designing a special ROV tool and alignment cage for sensor removal or installation, BMT has developed its existing diver–serviceable sensor into an ROV–serviceable one. The tool for handling the sensor connects to the cage, which is bolted to the riser or subsea structure and provides the necessary alignment. The design is compatible with an ROV equipped with one five–function and one seven–function manipulator. As long as the failed sensor is replaced in the presence of at least three functioning sensors, the absolute tension is preserved during and after the operation. For more information, visit www.scimar.com.

Bollinger Launches First–in–Class Sentinel Cutter
Bollinger Shipyards Inc. (Lockport, Louisiana) announced in April the successful launch of the first–in–class U.S. Coast Guard Sentinel–class fast response cutter, Bernard C. Webber, from its Lockport facility.

The 154–foot–long Sentinel–class cutter is capable of speeds in excess of 28 knots and will be armed with one stabilized remotely–operated 25 mm chain gun and four crew–served .50–caliber machine guns. The cutters are designed to operate independently for five days at sea, accommodating a 23–member crew. For more information, visit www.bollingershipyards.com.

Biodegradable Hydraulic Fluid Approved by Blohm + Voss Industries' Stabilizer Group
Terresolve Technologies (Mentor, Ohio) announced in May its readily biodegradable hydraulic fluid, EnviroLogic 3068, passed the requirements of the Blohm + Voss Indus?tries' Stabilizer Group (Hamburg, Germany) and won approval from the German shipping manufacturer.

Both dry and with 5 percent water added, the hydraulic fluid met conditions for the three stabilizer types that cover the vast majority of marine applications performing at zero, slow and high speeds, Blohm + Voss said. For more information, visit www.terresolve.com.

Datawave International Merges with R&R System Solutions LLC
Datawave International LLC (Sterling, Virginia) merged on May 12 with R&R System Solutions LLC (Sterling). J.A. "Jack" Runfola has been appointed president of R&R System Solutions.

"The merger brings a new dimension for both companies combining Datawave's experience and reputation in submarine telecommunication systems with R&R's capabilities in alternative energy, environmental systems, subsea engineering, quality control processing and product management," Datawave International wrote in a press release. For more information, visit www.datawaveinternational.com.


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