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April 2011 Issue

Global Diving & Salvage Inc. Responds to Tsunami Damage in California
Global Diving & Salvage Inc. (Seattle, Washington) was contracted in March by the U.S. Coast Guard to respond to damage inflicted to Crescent City, California, by the eight-foot tsunami tidal surges generated by the 9.0-magnitude earthquake near Japan.

The aftereffects of the tsunami affected several areas along the U.S. West Coast, causing damage to marine facilities and vessels, Global said. The company was tasked to assist with the removal of fuel, lubricants and other pollution threats from several stricken vessels that were sunk or severely damaged during the event. Global mobilized diving and pollution mitigation equipment from its two California offices to complete the work. For more information, visit www.gdiving.com.

C-Nav GNSS System Chosen For Osiris Projects Vessel
C-Nav (Lafayette, Louisiana) has been selected to provide a global navigation satellite system (GNSS) for Osiris Projects' (Bromborough, England) latest newbuild survey vessel, the SV Bibby Tethra, C-Nav announced in February.

C-Nav will provide the vessel's primary GNSS positioning system and integrate it with a survey and navigation suite. The vessel will be fitted with a C-Nav 3050 real-time kinematic GNSS receiver and a C-NaviGator II remote control and display unit. The Bibby Tethra is three times larger than the company's existing flagship vessel, the SV Chartwell, and will be used for coastal marine survey work. For more information, visit www.cnavgnss.com.

Marinette Marine Breaks Ground On Littoral Combat Ship Facility
Marinette Marine Corp. broke ground in March on a new panel-line fabrication building to support construction of the U.S. Navy's littoral combat ship (LCS) as part of a five-year, $100 million plan by the shipyard's parent company, Fincantieri (Trieste, Italy), to modernize its U.S. shipbuilding operations.

The new building will improve the first stage of LCS construction, Marinette Marine said, and will decrease ship module travel distance throughout the LCS construction process. The company said the building will feature automation to increase efficiency and provide the capacity for storage of steel and other raw materials. For more information, visit www.marinettemarine.com.

JOC Exchange Signs First Two Companies For Service to Sell Container Slot Capacity
JOC Exchange (Denver, Colorado) signed in February the first two companies for its recently launched online service designed to automate the buying and selling of available spot market container slots.

The Containership Co. (Lysaker, Norway) and JMC Global LLC (The Woodlands, Texas) will each use JOC Exchange's first two services. The first service, Private Label Exchange, allows a single owner of containerized freight slots to sell its slots to invited customers.

The second service, Carrier to Market Exchange, which is set to launch this quarter, allows multiple ocean carriers to post available container slots and pricing and to sell to a vetted community of purchasing nonvessel operating common carriers and freight forwarders. All postings and changes to postings will be instantly available to buyers around the world. For more information, visit www.jocexchange.com.

Aqua Lung Acquires G2000SS Inc., Adds Gorski Diving Helmet to Product Line
Aqua Lung (Vista, California) announced in March the acquisition of G2000SS Inc., the manufacturer of the Gorski diving helmet. The helmet, introduced to the commercial diving market in 2003, will be added to the Aqua Lung product line.

The helmet design was pioneered by G2000SS owner Les Gorski, who will now work full time at Aqua Lung to coordinate the manufacturing and sales of the helmet. He will also assist with development of new products for the commercial diving industry. For more information visit, www.aqualung.com.

Woods Hole Group Opens New Office in Brazil
Woods Hole Group Inc. (Falmouth, Massachusetts) announced in February the opening of an office in the suburbs of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The Brazilian facility is the company's fifth office. Andre Vitta will be managing the office under the guidance of Robert Catalano, vice president of science operations for Woods Hole.

Woods Hole said the facility will support the offshore oil and gas industry, port development agencies and the coastal engineering needs in the Brazilian marketplace. In Brazil, Woods Hole Group will operate as Woods Hole Group do Brasil Ltda, Servicios em Oceanografia. For more information, visit www.whgrp.com.

Sea-Bird to Provide CTD Instruments for OOI
The Consortium for Ocean Leadership has selected Sea-Bird Electronics Inc. (Bellevue, Washington) to provide conductivity, temperature and depth (CTD) instruments for the Ocean Observatories Initiative (OOI).

The OOI, a project funded by the NSF, is planned as a networked infrastructure of science-driven sensor systems to measure the physical, chemical, geological and biological variables in the ocean and seafloor.

Under a $3 million, three-year contract with an additional one-year option, Sea-Bird Electronics will provide the CTD instruments necessary to support the scientific measurement objectives of the OOI. For more information, visit www.seabird.com.

Oceaneering to Buy Norse Cutting & Abandonment
Oceaneering International Inc. (Houston, Texas) announced in March that it has entered into an agreement to acquire Tananger, Norway-based Norse Cutting & Abandonment AS, for approximately $60 million. The purchase was expected to close by March 31.

Norse Cutting and Abandonment generated total revenues of approximately $56 million in 2010, split almost evenly between the North Sea and the Gulf of Mexico. For more information, visit www.oceaneering.com.

Lockheed Achieves Design Milestone For U.S. Navy Surface Ship Electronic Defense
Lockheed Martin Corp. (Bethesda, Maryland) had a successful critical design review for an electronic warfare system upgrade designed to defend U.S. Navy surface ships from anti-ship missile threats, Lockheed announced in March.

Under the Surface Electronic Warfare Improvement Program (SEWIP), the Navy is upgrading the AN/SLQ-32 electronic warfare system currently installed on aircraft carriers, cruisers, destroyers and other U.S. warships.

Lockheed Martin's modular solution for SEWIP Block 2 is based on its own integrated common electronics warfare system demonstrator. This approach uses commercial-off-the-shelf electronics, Lockheed said, and provides the Navy with the latest surface ship electronic warfare capabilities, as well as enhanced flexibility to upgrade the technology to address emerging threats. For more information, visit www.lockheedmartin.com.

DeepSea Power & Light Introduces Lumen Reporting Program
DeepSea Power & Light (San Diego, California) introduced in February its "TRUE LUMENS" reporting program for its underwater lights, which it said will provide more accurate data.

Explaining the need for the program, DeepSea said underwater light manufacturers often repeat the light output data published by the manufacturers when specifying the light output of their own light assembly, which does not take into account several factors, including reflector performance or light absorption by a pressure window. DeepSea said that in their own testing, they found that some of their competitor's light output claims were 70 to 90 percent above measured values. DeepSea said it sent competitor's lights to an independent laboratory, which found similar results.

DeepSea said to ensure that users have an honest idea of what to expect from the output of its SeaLite Sphere lights, for the next three months DeepSea will supply a TRUE LUMENS report, which is based on measurements from an integrating sphere manufactured by SphereOptics and calibrated to standards traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

DeepSea is encouraging all underwater light manufacturers to begin the practice of measuring optical output of a sample of each of their designs so users have a better idea of what to expect in the field.

To help start this, DeepSea said it will offer a free TRUE LUMENS measurement and report to any competitor or user of underwater lights of any kind who sends a light to DeepSea and requests a TRUE LUMENS report over the next three months. For more information, visit www.deepsea.com.

Oceanic Research and Recovery Enters Joint Venture With Deep Marine Salvage
Oceanic Research and Recovery Inc. (Peoria, Illinois) announced in March that it had entered into a joint venture agreement with Nevis, West Indies-based Deep Marine Salvage (DMS), which is comprised of an international team of deepwater marine contractors.

Both companies will work together to locate and recover cargo from shipwrecks internationally located in deep water. Under the terms of the agreement, any cargo recovered will be divided between the companies on a 50-50 basis. For more information, visit www.orrvweb.com.


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