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2016: OCT | NOV | DEC
2017: FEB

October 24-28—Arctic Technology Conference, St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. 703-997-6701, aanderson@sname.org or www.arctictechnologyconference.org.

October 24-28—Asian Wave and Tidal Energy Conference, Singapore. awtec@ntu.edu.sg or www.awtec.asia.

October 24-28—International Conference on Renewable Energies Offshore, Lisbon, Portugal. c.guedes.soares@centec.tecnico.ulisboa.pt or www.centec.tecnico.ulisboa.pt/renew2016/index.aspx.

October 25-26—Offshore Energy, Amsterdam, Netherlands. +31 (0)10 20 92 600 or pmu@navingo.com or http://offshore-energy.biz.

October 25-27—Unmanned Systems Defense, Arlington, Virginia. lvoss@auvsi.org or www.auvsi.org.

October 26-28—Aquatech Mexico, Mexico City, Mexico. monica.aviles@ejkrause.com or www.aquatechtrade.com/en/mexico.

October 27-28—International Workshop on Marine Technology – Martech, Barcelona, Spain. www.martech-workshop.org.

October 30-November 5—SNAME Maritime Convention, Bellevue, Washington. 703-997-6701, aanderson@sname.org or www.sname.org/snameoldd/events-sname.

November 1-3—CLEAN GULF, Tampa, Florida. 713-343-1880 or www.cleangulf.org.

November 1-5—SNAME Maritime Convention, Bellevue, Washington. 703-997-6701 or aanderson@sname.org.

November 2-3—Production of Renewable Ocean Energy for Small, Non Grid Connected Applications, Portsmouth, New Hampshire. 202-717-8705 ext. 104 or www.mtsociety.org/Conferences/oceanenergy2016.aspx.

November 3-4—Marine Renewables Canada, Halifax, Canada. 902-717-0716, amanda@marinerenewables.ca or www.marinerenewables.ca/marine-renewables-canada-2016-annual-conference.

November 6-9—IEEE OES AUV, Tokyo, Japan. info@auv2016.org or www.auv2016.org.

November 6-10—International Water Conference, San Antonio, Texas. 412-261-0710, eswp@eswp.com or https://eswp.com/water/overview.

November 7-10—North Sea Open Science Conference, Ostend, Belgium. northsea2016@biodiversity.be or www.northseaconference.be/en.

November 7-12—PLOCAN Glider School, Gran Canaria, Spain. +34 928 134 414 ext. 425, carlos.barrera@plocan.eu or www.plocan.eu.

November 8-9—Ocean Energy Europe, Brussels, Belgium. a.parsons@oceanenergyeurope.eu or www.oceanenergy-europe.eu/oee-2016.

November 10-13—BLUE Ocean Film Festival & Conservation Summit, St. Petersburg/Tampa, Florida. 727-388-6682 or www.blueoceanfilmfestival.org.

November 14-16—International Petroleum Technology Conference, Bangkok, Thailand. www.iptcnet.org/2016/index.php.

November 29-December 1—Seawork Asia, Shanghai, China. +44 1329 825335, glorenz@mercatormedia.com or www.seaworkasia.com.

November 30-December 2—Sustainable Ocean Summit, Rotterdam, Netherlands. 808-277-9008, paul.holthus@oceancouncil.org or www.oceancouncil.org.

December 6-8, 2016—SonarWiz Annual Training, Seattle, Washington, USA. http://www.chesapeaketech.com/newsandevents/events.php.


February 14-16—Oceanology International North America, San Diego, California. jonathan.heastie@reedexpo.co.uk or www.oceanologyinternationalnorthamerica.com.

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