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November 26-28—Marintec Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia. +852 2516 1678, winnie.chu@ubm.com or www.marintecindonesia.com.

December 2-4—CLEAN GULF, San Antonio, Texas. 713-343-1876, careyb@tradefairgroup.com or www.cleangulf.org.

December 3-5—International WorkBoat Show, New Orleans, Louisiana. 207-842-5508, customerservice@divcom.com or www.workboatshow.com.

December 3-6—Marintec China, Shanghai, China. +852 2516 1678, winnie.chu@ubm.com or www.marintecchina.com.

December 9-11—SonarWiz Training, St. Petersburg, Florida. 650-967-2045, info@chesapeaketech.com or http://bit.ly/1wzqA2I

January 5-8—HYPACK 2015, San Antonio, Texas. 860-635-1500, sales@hypack.com or https://secure.hypack.com/hypack/2015/default.aspx.

January 6-8—HYPACK 2015 Hydrographic Training, San Antonio, Texas. 860-635-1500, brittany@hypack.com or www.hypack.com.

February 3-5—Euromaritime 2015, Paris, France. +33 (0)1 56 59 15 10 sabrina.jonas@euromaritime.fr or http://www.euromaritime.fr/en.

February 4-5—Naval Future Force: Science & Technology (S&T) Expo, Washington, D.C. 703-836-6727, mhuling@navalengineers.org or www.NavalFutureForce.org.

March 17-19—Decommissioning & Abandonment Summit 2015, Houston, Texas. +44 (0) 207 375 7204, rmcmanus@decomworld.com or http://www.decomworld.com/decommissioning/.

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