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2014: AUG | SEPT | OCT | NOV

August 3-7—International Congress on the Biology of Fish, Edinburgh, Scotland. +44 (0) 131 451, m.hartl@hw.ac.uk or http://icbf2014.sls.hw.ac.uk/index.htm.

August 12-14—Marintec South America, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. +852 2516 1678, winnie.chu@ubm.com or http://marintecsa.com.br.

August 22-24—Recirculating Aquaculture, Roanoke, Virginia. 540-553-1455, aquaconf@gmail.com or www.recircaqua.com/icra.html.

August 25-29—Symposium on GIS/Spatial Analyses in Fishery and Aquatic Sciences, Tampa, Florida. 81-49-242-9262, fish-gis@world.odn.ne.jp or http://bit.ly/2bQw3e4.

September 3-5—Oi China, Intex, Shanghai, China. +86 10 5933 9082, judy.zhang@reedexpo.com.cn or www.oichina.com.cn.

September 14-18—Near Surface Geophysics, Athens, Greece. +31 88 995 5055, nearsurface@eage.org, or www.eage.org/events/nearsurface-2014.

September 9-12—Shipbuilding, Machinery & Marine Technology, Hamburg Germany. +91 120 4557709, manoj@ertpl.com or http://smm-ham burg.com.

September 14-18—Near Surface Geophysics, Athens, Greece. +31 88 995 5055, nearsurface@eage.org or www.eage.org/events/nearsurface-2014.

September 14-19—OCEANS`14 MTS/IEEE St. Johnís Newfoundland, St. Johnís, Canada. 709-740-5842, info@oceans14mtsieeestjohns.org or www.oceans14mtsieeestjohns.org.

September 15-19—Hydroid REMUS 100 Training, Pocasset, Massachusetts. 508-296-6162, kforrester@hydroid.com or http://bit.ly/1fkdJK8.

September 23-25—Sonar Training Seminar, New Bedford, Massachusetts. 508-291-0057, amy.larose@edgetech.com or www.edgetech.com.

September 30-October 2—SHIPPINGInsight, Stamford, Connecticut. 757-451-0602, jrhodes@rhodescomm.com or www.shippinginsight.com.

October 1-2—Blue Green Sustainability Symposium, Bremerton, Washington. 703-836-6727, jpierce@navalengineers.org or www.navalengineers.org/BlueGreen2014.

October 6-10—Hydroid REMUS 100 Training, Dorset, England. 508-296-6162 or http://bit.ly/1fkdJK8.

October 7-9—PiE, Esbjerg, Denmark. 866-212-2226, oam@macartney.com or http://bit.ly/1bpGBRM.

October 7-10—Offshore Marintec Russia, Saint-Petersburg, Russia. +852 2516 1678, winnie.chu@ubm.com or www.offshoremarintec-russia.com.

October 8Ė11—NMEA International Marine Electronics Conference & Expo, Fort Myers, Florida. 410-975-9425 or www.nmea.org.

October 12-16—SOPE PACOMS, Shanghai, China. 650-254-1871 or www.isope.org.

October 13-17—Sea Tech Week, Brest, France. +33 (0)2 98 33 52 49 or www.seatechweek-brest.org.

October 14-16—Deep Offshore Technology, Aberdeen, Scotland. 713-963-6217, davidp@pennwell.com or www.deepoffshoretechnology.com.

October 28-29—Offshore Energy Exhibition & Conference, Amsterdam, Netherlands. +31 10 209 2600, pmu@navingo.com or www.offshoreenergy.biz.

November 1-5—Coastal and Estuarine Habitat Restoration, Washington, D.C. 206-624-9100 or www.estuaries.org/conference.

November 3-9—BLUE Ocean Film Festival & Conservation Summit, St. Petersburg, Florida. cs@blueoceanfilmfestival.org or www.blueoceanfilmfestival.org.

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