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Every other week, we e-mail Sea Tech e-News subscribers a summary of the latest and most important government and industry news in the marine market. We will also feature the latest product releases, information on new hires and promotions, and a calendar of ocean-related meetings and workshops.

The frequency of the e-newsletter gives subscribers a steady stream of information edited down to what matters most. We'll also occasionally feature selected magazine content in the e-newsletter before you'd get the issue in the mail.

Sea Tech e-News is free and you can cancel at any time. If you have feedback, suggestions or content you'd like for us to include in the newsletter (such as meetings and breaking news), please e-mail us at enews@sea-technology.com. For information about advertising in Sea Tech e-News, contact our advertising staff at seatechads@sea-technology.com.

Privacy Policy

Sea Technology magazine values your privacy. Our privacy policy is simple: We will never sell, distribute or share your e-mail address or contact information.


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