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Featured Books—June 2016 Issue

Hidden History of Maritime New Jersey

By Capt. Stephen D. Nagiewicz
Paperback. 176 pp. Arcadia Publishing. $15.91

An estimated 3,000 shipwrecks lie off the coast of New Jersey, but these cold waters hold more mysteries than sunken hulls. Ancient arrowheads found on the shoreline of Sandy Hook reveal Native American settlement before the land was flooded by melting glaciers. In 1854, 240 passengers of the New Era clipper ship met their fate off Deal Beach. In 1957, nobody knows what happened to two hydrogen bombs the United States Air Force lost near Atlantic City. Lessons from such tragic wrecks and dangerous mis-steps urged the development of safer ships. U.S. Coast Guard Capt. Nagiewicz uncovers curious tales of storms, heroism and oddities from New Jersey’s maritime past.

Listening in the Ocean: Modern Acoustics and Signal Processing

Edited by Whitlow W. L. Au and Marc O. Lammers
Hardcover. 416 pp. Springer. $149.00

This title brings to light the discoveries and insights into the lives of many marine species made possible over the last decade by passive acoustic recorders (PARs). Pop-ups, ARF, HARP, EAR, Bprobe, C-POD Atag, and Dtag are the acronyms of some of the many PARs that have changed our understanding of how marine animals live and strive in the ocean. Various types of PARs are used by different investigators in different areas of the world. Listening in the Ocean summarizes important discoveries, providing both a valuable resource for researchers and enjoyable reading for nonprofessionals interested in marine life.

Raging Sea: Undertow Trilogy Book 2

By Michael Buckley
Hardcover. 368 pp. HMH Books for Young Readers. $12.01

In the first book of Michael Buckley’s Undertow trilogy, the Alpha, an underwater warrior species, arrives and the world is never the same. At the start of the second book, most of south Brooklyn is in ruins and the nation is terrified. Nearly everyone that protagonist Lyric Walker loves is either missing or presumed dead, including the mesmerizing Alpha prince Fathom. It turns out the Alpha might not be the enemy after all, and it’s up to Lyric to unite the Alpha before the second wave of a cataclysmic invasion wipes out mankind for good.

The Mathews Men: Seven Brothers And the War Against Hitler’s U-Boats

By William Geroux
Hardcover. 400 pp. Viking. $16.27

Mathews County, Virginia, is a remote outpost on the Chesapeake Bay with little to offer except unspoiled scenery—but it sent an unusually large concentration of sea captains to fight in World War II. The Mathews Men tells that heroic story through the experiences of one extraordinary family whose seven sons (and their neighbors), U.S. merchant mariners, suddenly found themselves squarely in the cross-hairs of the U-boats bearing down on the coastal United States in 1942.

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